My name is Phil and I grew up on a farm so right from an early age I was involved in gardening of some shape or    other. Along with the main responsibilities of running a beef and dairy farm, my father always grew vegetables for the house and a family of seven. He grew vegetables of all descriptions and sizes and it was such a  labour of love to be involved with him, as he planted, grew, tilled and later harvested everything that was needed for the kitchen. I watched and helped him as he meticulously and carefully prepared the soil, fertilised it with farmyard manure, before planting every vegetable that you could think of. He grew potatoes, swedes, parsnips, cauliflowers, radishes, onionsets, lettuces and many more, each of them tasting just as nice as the next. So it was only natural that I would follow suit and become involved in gardening at some stage.

That was back then so what has changed now….?


Well we have become more reliant on the supermarket store and the vegetable aisle to provide for our needs. The problem is when we have mass production on a grand scale, the probability of poor quality produce comes into the equation. So what can we do about this , I hear you ask…. well if we want change to happen, we have got to be that person to make that change.

By having raised beds in our backyard or backgarden gives all of us an opportunity of growing and providing for all of our needs on that front. Whatever we want for the kitchen table can be provided for with a small investment in a raised bed. Regardless of whether we want to grow vegetables, plants, flowers or grasses, the raised bed system is a great concept to become involved with.

Why raised beds I hear you say…


Well there are many reasons. Primarily, you are very much in control of that 8ft x 4ft space and it is very easy to manage and maintain, compared to the open ground system. If built to a good standard of workmanship, then it looks aesthetically pleasing to the beholder. Should we wish to have more than one raised bed, we can become particular and a little fussy about where we want  to locate these beds.  After our first experience of creating and constructing these, it’s a bit like cycling a bike, ( we never look back ) we will have no trouble in building our second and subsequent raised beds later on.

My passion is to educate and teach people about the wonderful concept and opportunity of building and creating  our own raised beds. Who would’nt  enjoy that outdoor gardening experience, the thrill and satisfaction of growing your own produce, the fresh air and everything else that nature gives us. I trust that this information is helpful, educational and worthwhile, heres hoping that you enjoy the experience and thank you for visiting our site.

Cheers and happy gardening

Phil Browne

Founder and creator of;     Buildingraisedbeds.com