Accessories for Raised Beds

Accessories for Raised Beds

Accessory  #1 Irrigation system;

There are a number of great garden accessories that we will look at, which will enhance our gardening experience and make it a more pleasurable and exciting journey for us on our gardening journey. The first of these items we will look at is a proper irrigation system. If this is set up properly, we can have this running on an automatic basis, which we can control and regulate easily, the water flow to our raised garden beds. Some plants require more watering than others so we have to be careful when planting out these in the springtime. Tomatoes for example require a lot more water than say lettuces or onions so we need to look carefully at what we plant in the same beds. When we have this accessory installed in our raised garden beds and have been running trials as to what is the correct level of watering to use, this of course, is all dependent on where we live and what type of climate we have,  only then will we know what the right amounts are.



Accessory  #2 Raised bed covers;

The next item on the agenda is a cover for our raised garden beds and we have a number of options which we can look at. The main material used in this situation is a plastic/polythene membrane cover. This again is available for purchase online or at your local garden centre, and when assembled gives our raised beds a number of advantages, depending on how particular or exact we are as gardeners. These types of cover on our raised beds now have the same great effect as a greenhouse or glasshouse.  By having these in place, they will retain moisture and enhance the growing conditions, ultimately giving a superior yield over time. If assembled strategically, it can be tilted upwards during the day, allowing  fresh air to enter and circulate, they then can then be closed at night to protect from frosts and pests.

Accessory #3 Cold frame covers;

A lot of people use their raised beds as a cold frame facility, which is a clever system where seedlings and young plants are placed inside these frames, the seedling plants are fooled into thinking that the climate is warming-up a little and thus begin to sprout some more. It is a system that is used quite often in cold climates, especially where summer can be late arriving and when it does, these plants are ready for outside planting. It gives the seedlings a head start and creates a little advantage for us for later-on into the season. Basically it is a plastic frame, which is placed over the raised bed, again giving us a greenhouse effect. Like above we can tilt this cover upwards during the day and close down at night. The idea is to harden out our baby plants and seedlings ie. to gradually get them used to the outdoor conditions.

Accessory #4 Insect net covers;

Other accessories which are available for purchase are butterfly and  insect net covers. This is a problem which a lot of gardeners endure during the summer growing season and if it is not treated effectively, can be detrimental to our produce yield. Butterflies are colourful and attractive by nature, but as prospective gardeners , do not be fooled by their elegance and beauty because these critters can devestate a garden in a matter of weeks. As you know these butterflies lay eggs, the eggs hatch into caterpillars and you know what happens after that phase…you don’t need me to go into the details. These covers are available for purchase over the internet as well as advice on how best to approach these concerns. Prevention is always better that the cure.

Accessory #5 Raised bed trellis;

The last accessory which we will look at is a garden bed trellis frame.  Once again this is a very basic item to construct, but is very important to some gardeners. It is used mainly to assist with climbing plants, shrubs and flowers. Some examples of these are: runner beans, tomatoes, cucumber, climbing roses, clematis and sweet pea flowers. A great idea for these uses is, to position our raised bed up against a south facing wall. Attach the trellis to the wall and train the plants up the trellis frame as they mature. The wall captures and retains the heat of the sun, which then benefits the plants throughout the night. This enhances growth, production and yield returns greatly and this system is just another clever way of taking advantages of the facilities that we can use to our benefit.

Happy gardening to all,

Cheers………Phil Browne.


” Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul

Luther Burbank “



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