Awesome Raised Bed Gardens

Awesome Raised Bed Gardens

If we look today at peoples back and front gardens as we drive to work or during a leisurely drive through the countryside, we will see some great examples of how people are constantly renewing and upgrading their garden’s appearance and styles. They are continuously adding and designing their gardens, to look better and better, but especially if these gardens are seen or visible to the public. They have enormous pride in their own homes, and they are forever striving to have it looking the best throughout the year.

With that in mind the same or similar concept and approach is being adapted by people especially gardeners who are using raised bed gardens. Not alone is it good enough for some people to have raised garden beds, but they want these gardening systems to be top of the range and have them so, that they become a real focal point of interest in their gardens. They see these raised beds as enhancing accessories and architecturally improving their homes. Needless to say these raised beds are finished to a high standard and are professionally installed by qualified contractors, in most cases. We will examine and review a few of these technically designed raised bed systems and look at how they would improve and enhance our back yards or backgardens. These are so well fabricated and constructed, that they would look awesome on our front lawns, such is their appeal and style.



Raised bed review # 1;


This is a fantastic example of a well designed and installed raised bed system, no expense was spared and as we can see the end result is awesome. There are several raised beds in this garden, some are parallel in layout, while others are nicely aligned to the large ones, to give a very contemperary, stylish and professional design. The end result is an example of how with a little imiganation and creativity, we can improve our gardens appearance and have a garden that’s to die for. When this raised bed system is planted and growing as per above image, it really stands out as a focal point and will get people talking. The raised bed frames are nicely surrounded by paving bricks, which make a nice walk way all around and which really complement the beds and the overall concept. The cost for a system like this would be in the order of $5000 upwards. Unless we were very qualified tradespeople who had a great eye for detail, we would struggle to complete a project like this ourselves. So the labour cost is obviously factored into the overall price.



Raised bed review # 2;


This is a raised bed which is specifically built for aesthetics and for garden enhancement, rather than for growing vegetables or crops. It will accomodate perhaps a few varieties of salads or herbs, just to create a little bit of variety in the planting. It is again designed with appeal in mind and when fully assembled, makes another stunning display. Its essentially a tiered raised bed, ie, a garden over a garden, with its cone shaped and oval compartments, its a very intriguing and interesting take on raised garden beds. This raised bed is available for purchase online and comes with a detailed set of instructions on how to assemble. It will have a series of designs and formations listed in the instructions, primarily as the corner ends are adjustable and flexible. The sides just slot into the corner brackets and will open or close, to give whatever formation one desires, much like a hinge does.



Raised bed review #3;


This is a very clever designed set of raised beds and the end result is a great example of what is achievable with a great degree of planning and expertise wood working craft. One would struggle to achieve a concept like this without the aid of a master carpenter or wood turner. These raised beds are a great idea of how we can make a great focal point in our gardens, the main thrust of this exercise being design and landscaping ideals all rolled into one. We have several square footage of garden space for our vegetables or flowers and the design and layout of the four corner beds nicely lead us into the centre circled bed. The end result is a great example of clever layout and formation, with easy access to all parts of this raised bed system. The area surrounding these bed frames is nicely covered with a layer of hardcore, which will make working and maintaining these a pleasurable experience.



Raised bed review # 4;


The concept of a raised bed garden is still evident in this example on show here, but with a noticable twist. The idea here is primarily aesthetics once again, but the end result is still just a great example of how we can use our imagination to give a great finish and professional look to our garden. The heavy duty timber planks layered on top of one another compliments the existing timber fence. The centre piece seat really offsets the whole concept and breaks-up the design a little and fits nicely into the garden without being very obtrusive. In this example we are looking at a graden bed for flowers and plants and it and makes a real statement in this patio decking, with its simple straight forward design.

To summarise;


What we have just reviewed above is raised bed gardening on a professional level, well at least the bed frame designs. These examples will set us back a lot of money, but if its appearance, design, style, aesthetics and looks we are striving to achieve, then these examples have it in spades. As attractive as they appear to most, they will have to be constructed by professional and qualified trades people and this is where the cost accumulates. The labor costs will definitely add to the whole exercise, but the end results will last for a lifetime and give us years of ejoyment. Once again I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you would like to offer opinion or commnet, please use the box down below nad we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers………………Phil Browne.


” I want it said of me by those who knew me best,

that I always plucked a thistle

and planted a flower where

I thought a flower would grow “.

— Abraham Lincoln.


6 thoughts on “Awesome Raised Bed Gardens

  1. Great post on raised beds. I have built some in the past but the were never as eye appealing as the ones you talk about. The reason pros do it because it is what they do . They don’t do something else and build raise beds they just go and build the raised bed. I would love to have any of the ones you reviewed.

    1. Hi there Chappy,

      Many thanks for dropping by and offering feedback comments, very much appreciated. Yes I agree with you 100%, these examples of raised beds look fantastic and they really are eyecatching. They look very appealing when installed and fully planted-up. We would probably manage to install or erect a basic raised bed by ourselves, but for these examples we would definitely need professional help.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Best wishes and happy gardening,

      Cheers……………..Phil Browne

  2. I really like the idea of having a raised bed garden in the front yard. I am relatively new to gardening in general. I figured that a raised bed would be a good place to start.
    Are their any benefits that a raised bed would have for somebody new that’s just trying out their green thumb as opposed to the standard? or is it purely aesthetic?

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for dropping by. There are some great adavantages to starting out with raised beds for your initial gardening adventures. The raised bed system will make life really easy for beginners. You are only gardening with the space within the bed frame, so ite very easy to control and to maintain also. The idea of raised beds as a garden accessory is also a possibility. Once we have found a nice location and area for the beds in our front and back gardens and once its set-up and planted, it will always make our gardens more appealing.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Happy gardening

      Cheers…..Phil Browne

  3. So cool! I’m thinking about creating a raised garden bed this summer. I see some really great ideas here. These garden beds can be sort of like a work of art, all while benefiting from homegrown produce or whatever you decide to grow. I’m definitely inspired. I plan to start with something small and hopefully expand at some point. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hi there Valval,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering feedback comments, they are very much appreciated. Yes, for sure, raised beds look very appealing and really set off our gardens when fully erected and installed. They are really neat and tidy, they reduce the gardening maintenance and they produce excellent results. Once we start with raised beds, we will be motivated to keep going and become self-reliant for our gardening needs.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers…………Phil Browne

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