Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

Today, there are many benefits of raised bed gardening, so much so, a lot or most of the advantages have at this stage already, been tried, tested and proven. The horticultural experts and scientists have not, as of yet, listed or accounted for all of the positive features and are still doing trials and research as to exactly how good the benefits of raised bed gardening are. People themselves who are using or have used these raised bed gardens in the past will swear by this system or method today and would find it very difficult to go back to the old, open or in-ground method of gardening.

The well used open plan backgarden as we knew it served its purpose very well back then, however, it was very labor intensive and had its own share of problems. We are all very familiar with what maintenance we had to do every fall or every spring and that was mainly to dig, dig and keep digging. This is no longer the case, the soil in the raised beds does not compact or harden over the winter months, and its so easy now to work and till the soil with a fork or spade, as a result. When we look out from our living room, kitchen or sitting room, or enter our backyard or backgarden, we now see a well defined, elegant structure, that brings a sense of order and authority to our backyards or backgardens.




Good soil structure and aeration;


Just like we mentioned above, the soil does not compact as tightly as it did previously, mainly due to no-one walking over the garden and if we had heavy rain, the excess rainwater easily spilled over the sides or dissipated easily, due to the raised bed structure and the excellent drainage capabilities of this system. While the excess rain will always drain away, the soil, nevertheless is never washed away in heavy downpours which is a bonus, as it is retained within the frame structure.  All of those issues combine to protect and retain the quality and integrity of the soil within the beds and thus makes life much easier for us going forward. The excellent aeration of the soil that comes from this type of gardening will easily be seen later on, in the great yield returns and the simplicity that comes from using these raised beds.




Better root spread;


We wrote previously in an earlier post about the preperation and construction of raised beds, specifically the importance of digging the hard ground within the frame itself, before filling the beds with good quality soil. The reasons for this are, firstly, we enable the two soil mixtures to integrate easily and secondly, when we commence the planting, the roots of these crops will easily reach down for the nutrients they require without meeting any resistance from unbroken ground or soil. This will serve to benefit our vegetables  in the long run and is one of the great benefits of this type of gardening, given the minimising of compaction and the ease with which the roots will spread out and reach downwards.


Less maintenance;


If we have ever used this type of gardening we will see immediately the ease with which we can get around and attend to the needs of these garden beds and the less stressful the task is to maintain these beds. It is so easy to walk around to any side of these, our shoes have less muck and dirt, weeding is not a big headache any more and the accessability is a bonus. No great amount of stretching, stooping or bending and we thus immediately see the advantages of this raised bed gardening system. Its always advisable that we plant fairly generously in the bed, that factor will reduce the weeds ability to grow and get a foothold and as a result the plants have less competition, which augers well for a better yield or harvest.




Greater harvest yields;


When initially setting out on our outdoor gardening adventures, it’s important to prepare and plan in advance, in order to achieve significant yields and retuns for all of our hard work. The raised bed gardening system itself, will give us a lot of advantages and extra benefits and this factor alone will be a big help in our endeavours. That said, the raised beds will still need attention and care, especially towards the upkeep and soil enhancement. If we do that, we should be guaranteed a bounty of harvest and a season of satisfaction for all of the work during the year.

Raised beds in our backyardThe well known advantages of using the raised bed system are well documented, as we speak and one of these is the greater return of harvest, in addition to the extra growing period throughout the year that this system allows. If we have enriched the soil as explained earlier, then we are almost certain to have a bumper return and superior healthier crops. Another extra benefit of raised beds is, we can plant much earlier that we did previously, due to the fact that the soil warms up a lot earlier and that will extend the growing period beyond the normal season, so all of these factors should result in a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I trust that this information is useful and helpful in our endeavour to succeed at vegetable gardening, using the raised bed system. If you would like to contact us here at, please do so via the comments section down below. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us directly via email, you may do so here

5 thoughts on “Benefits of Raised Bed Gardening

  1. Hi Philip,
    What good advice for garden beds. I am hopless at growing fresh vegetables and have only been successful in the past with tomatoes and parsley. But eventually they dry up and probably for reasons you stated. My husband is a handy man. I might just get hinm to build a couple of these, and will just have to search out a spot in our yard to put them. Good stuff!

  2. Hi Philip,
    What good advice for garden beds. I am hopless at growing fresh vegetables and have only been successful in the past with tomatoes and parsley. But eventually they dry up and probably for reasons you stated. My husband is a handy man. I might just get hinm to build a couple of these, and will just have to search out a spot in our yard to put them. Good stuff!

    1. Hi there Sharon,
      Many thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. You have been doing some planting and at least have made a start, so well done. We all started at the beginning and possibly made some errors along the way, that’s where we learned how to master the art of gardening…just keep going and you will be succcessful, I have no doubt. When your husband will have the raised beds assembled for you, that will make life so much easier.
      Thanks again
      Happy gardening
      Cheers…….Phil Browne

  3. Good Tutorial dear Philip. This post its not only a tutorial on how to grow your own vegetables in your own garden, its a “sign”that say that we don’t need to go in supermarkets to buy the vegetables whats genetic modified, we can grow our healthy ones in our homes.

    P.S: The quote is amazing at the end of the post!

    Thank you for writing this! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi there William,

      Many thanks for your kind comments. I am glad that you like the post and you got some information from same. Yes I agree with you that if we put our minds to any task or challenge we can accomplish things. I hope you are motivated by this post to grow a garden of your own some time. Also glad you like the quotes ..

      Best of luck to you

      Happy gardening


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