Best Garden Kneelers for Raised Beds

Best Garden Kneelers for Raised Beds

One of the most used accessories that we as gardeners will use or require would be a garden kneeler, especially if we do a lot of ground gardening with our hands. If we are using raised beds, then stooping or kneeling is not as problematic as say, tending to a ground level garden. The raised garden beds will give that extra height comfort and its just one of the advantages of gardening in this manner. Gardening by it’s nature, requires a lot of tending to, whether its digging, cultivating or planting, so its important that we have a nice degree of health and safety adherence, in order to prevent injuries or doing ourselves any harm. In this post we are going to look at the best  garden kneelers for raised beds, how efficient and useful they are and also the cost of some of these.

These garden kneelers come in many shapes and sizes, some can be used as seating while attending to our gardens, while others then are a type of devise that allows us to kneel and has support handles that will assist us in getting upright from our kneeling position.  There are also wheel or mobile seats that allows to move to and fro, while attending to our gardening chores. So once again, the technology has evolved, even a simple task of weeding a garden is catered for, with innovative and great ideas. It is a really important accessory to have in our garden shed or garage and whether we are young and fit as a fiddle, or we may be on in years and have some  joint pains and aches, either way, we will still use these kneeling devises.


Garden swivel scoot 1


Low rider swivel scoot;


How about that for a title of a garden kneeler, a garden low rider swivel scoot, if you don’t mind. This devise is really a Garden swivel scootgreat invention and is a very strong, sturdy, seating devise, as it allows us to move up and down while doing our gardening chores with the greatest of ease. It allows us to stretch and lean forward, without the fear of straining or causing ourselves any unwanted injury. The seat swivels 360° and is also adjustable up or down to suit our ideal posture. Its frame is made from steel which is powdercoated and the wheels are non-pneumatic, solid rubber, so no maintenance required with this devise. It also has a carrying handle for convenience and storage.

Click here for; Low Rider Swivel Scoot

If we have a long garden border or raised  garden beds to attend to, which require a few hours maintenance every week, then this swivel scoot would be a great addition to our gardening tools. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs, so that suggests it is a very robust rigid unit and will take the vargaries of the rough and tumble of gardening in it’s stride. Pricewise, coming in at $40, it is well worth the money and would be agreat investment, especially if we have a good size garden to attend to. It certainly lives up to its title description.

Folding bench and kneeling stool;


In this example we have a very different type of garden kneeler and this is known in gradening circles as a 2 in 1 seater. This devise will do either as a seater or a kneeler and is also a very strong sturdy frame. For sitting while attending to our gardening jobs, we will use it as it is shown in the above image. For kneeling then we just turn upside down and it becomes a garden kneeler. The strong sides to this devise allows us to lean on while attempting to stand upright after our kneeling chores. It has strong comfortable padding on both sides of the seat and the frame is made from tubular steel piping, which will endure for years and years.

The weight capacity of this garden kneeler for raised beds is 330 lbs and that will stand up to a lot of wear and tare. The sides of this garden seater fold inwards, when finished and it then can be stored away neatly in our garage or garden shed. There is also a graden pouch attached to the sides and this will hold some of our gardening implements like our hand-forks or garden trowels.  This low to ground seater is ideal for all ages and standing at 20″ tall, and width wise its 24″, so therefore it is an ideal garden accessory for this purpose. Cost for this devise, including tool pouch $45.



Garden kneeling pad;


Away from the hi-tech gadgets that we have looked at above and lets come back down to earth – so to speak. This ordinary foam pad is another option and has been used for a variety of uses from gardening to yoga. Would you believe that painters, plummers, mechanics and other trades people use this pad as an assistant in their daily working lives. This pad has been used as cushion for bathing kids, as an exercise mat, for sports events and many many more uses but not forgetting gardeners. It brings an element of comfort while we are weeding or attending to our vegetables, as it adds to the experience, saving our clothes from the dirt, but most importantly….protecting our knees. The mat itself measures 18″ x 11″ and has a thickness depth of almost 2″, so it will easily accomodate all of our kneeling while attending to our gardens.

The garden kneeler is fabricated with high density, non-recycled material that will last for many many years. This kneeling mat will not break down, tear or compress over time and it’s designed to withstand everyday impacts from stones and rough ground when being used outdoors. This type of material ensures the mat kneeler is easy to clean and it dries quickly. It’s lightweight enough to take it anywhere and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry. At $18, it is very inexpensive and great value for this multi-purpose kneeling mat. In this post we have looked at the best garden kneelers for raised beds and these are garden accessories that we will require sooner rather than later.

I trust that you have found this information on garden kneeling mats for raised beds and gardens very useful and informative. As usual, we are a very social bunch at and if you would like to get in contact with us, or join in the conversation, please do via the comments box down below.

Happy gardening to all.

Cheers    Phil Browne.


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like life itself “.

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  1. I loved your article, it was very insightful and a very interesting read, I’m definitely going to share this on my Facebook page

    Ever since I was a kid I loved gardening because I find its such a great way to escape your troubles and it is always very satisfying to see all your hard work pay off

    This has definitely helped me out

    Thanks again


    1. Hi there Finn,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, I am truly grateful. I trust that the information was useful and beneficial and that you found this post interesting.

      I would definitely have to agree with you that gardening is a great escape, it’s a great place to chillout and relax.

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      Happy gardening,

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  2. Hey there

    Thanks for the great post!
    My Pop is 79 years old and he is finding it very hard to keep maintaining his gardens because he has a bad back.
    I really like the idea of the kneeling pad because it allows him to get down low without bending over for long periods of time. The swivel scoot is pretty cool too! I can see him pushing all the great grand kids around on this!
    Thanks again for the information

    1. Hi there Hailey,

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading this gardening kneelers post. These are great devices for sure and will offer great comfort in the course of our gardening chores. They are super cool and will make a huge difference to a lot of people, for sure.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Best wishes,

      Cheers       Phil Browne

  3. Hello Phil,

    These are the coolest things I have ever seen! My knees are not in very good shape and these are wonderful tools for me to use in my garden. I am very tall as well so they will help with many other tasks outside of gardening. Fabulous!


    1. Hi there Angela,

      Many thanks for stopping by reading this post. I agree with you 100%, these are great gardening accessories and will offer a great degree of comfort. They are really cool and functional and they definitely look the part.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers     Phil Browne

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