Best Garden Tools for Kids

Best Garden Tools for Kids

For those of us that are adults and have children or grandchildren, we ourselves, have all experienced being out and about in all sorts of weather. Those weather conditions ranged from hot to cold, wet to dry, windy to calm and so on. How times have changed in the past say, 10 – 20 years, where children and schoolkids are concerned. If there is any trace of rain or cold weather on the horizon, I suspect that the children of today will hardly venture out in these conditions, whatsoever. Instead, they will more than likely be wrapped up in warm clothes indoors, their focus  and attention will be on some type of digital device, unfortunately. Now, there is nothing wrong with looking at TV, as long as it’s in moderation. However, that don’t seem to be the norm and as of today, there exists a culture of buying our children all types of electronic digital play toys like, ipads, game consoles, mobile phones, a tv for the kids bedroom etc etc.

The other alarming issue coming swiftly down the tracks, is the serious issue of obesity amongst our schoolchildren. There are a number of factors which, according to child phychologists and expert groups, are contributing to these serious issues. These issues that they are mainly concerned with are, the lack of exercise and the other being fast food.  We don’t need to be an expert ourselves to work out that, children who play outside in all sorts of weather, will be stronger, more creative, more adaptable and ultimately healthier that those that constantly sit inside and watch tv or reguraly play video games. It would help greatly, if we ourselves had an outside garden, flowerbed or raised beds, which would in turn, entice our children to be involved outside with our own outdoor activities.


Garden tools for kids

Best Garden Tools for Kids;


In this post we are going to look at the best garden tools for kids, how much they cost and the enjoyment and fun that children will get from these gardening tools and implements. These toys or tools don’t have to cost the earth, but nevertheless, the investment will be seriously worthwhile. An investment in our kids education is almost compulsory today, as it’s seen as the way to go, but before that a small purchase in garden tools for our kids will pay us dividends. As we know, ourselves as parents are our childrens first teachers, so we create a fun, enjoyable track for them to follow on. They will enjoy hours and hours of creativity, exploration and general fun outside in our backgardens and backyards, with these garden tools.


Wheelbarrow,  garden tools and kneepad;


The above image of a wheelbarrow, tools and knee pad are the ideal starting garden implements for kids that would like to be busy outside in our own gardens and or back yards. These will give them hours and hours of enjoyment and they really make a good choice for kids toys, something that will make a difference to their lives going forward. It allows them to be creative, busy, industrious and at the same time living a healthy lifestyle outside in the fresh air. Their lungs and circulatory systems will benefit from this type of fun, their muscles, bones, limbs and all other aspects of their body will develop much better from this type of activity. Not only will their physical development improve, but also their mental attitude will gain from being out and about in the great outdoors. Cost $49.99.


4 Piece kids garden tool set;


This kid-sized set of sturdy tools lets little ones garden and be very industrious, just like the grown-ups. Each metal tool is attached to a solid wood handle so that kids can really dig in and become more inventive and see some real results of their endeavour. It will be a step-up from the first set of garden tools that we previewed earlier on in this article. The age group that would benefit most from this set of garden tools are the 5-6 year old and upwards. Its a small transition upwards from the toddler age group and in essence, they look very like our own adult gardening tools that we use ourselves.  4 Pce set, $19.00.

Toddler beach/garden set;


For the toddlers in our lives, there is a great compendum set of tools, moulds, toys and buckets that will keep them entertained for hours. For this set, a sand-pit or something similar would be a great play area for our toddlers to make use of these toys. These are all made from durable plastic and are very colorful, which adds to the childrens enjoymant, as they are naturally drawn to strong colours. Its always better to purchase a set of tools or in the above case a set of toy tools, as this method is by far cheaper than buying the tools individually or seperately. One item which did not feature in the above lists is a watering bucket or cannister. This particular kids garden accessory will also keep children amused for hours on end, as they love to be pottering about in the muck and dirt, which is an activity that just draws children like a magnet. Toddler beach set cost, $ 14.95.


Final thoughts;


I hope that the above information will be useful and informative for parents that are looking for ideas and thoughts Kids gardeningof how they could keep their children amused, withut breaking the bank. Its something different from the mainstream toys and entertainment that we buy for our kids today. It will help in their physical and mental development as they go forward and the time spent in the outdoors, will reward them as they develop and grow up towards adulthood.

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6 thoughts on “Best Garden Tools for Kids

  1. I’ve had my daughter outdoors gardening since she was 1. She absolutely loves it. I haven’t got her her own little gardening tools yet though. These are a great selection that I would consider buying for her age. She’s two now. I do find that we are spending more time indoors due to the weather. But I’m from Southern California where t he weather is chilly but not extreme or snowy, and so I’m wondering what plants would be good to plant during this winter time? Are there any plants that do well indoors?

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering positive feedbck comments re; best garden tools for kids. It’s greatly appreciated. I see that you and your daughter like the outdoors and being out and about in the garden, its a great playground for herself and she will be all the healthier for that experience, going forward.

      As for what plants are best for growing in your climate, I would suggest that you contact your local garden centre, as perhpas what I recommend may not be suitable. The climate will always dictate what is safe to grow in your area. Turning to the indoor plants, I wrote a post on this topic some weeks ago, which you can readily  read here.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers   PB

  2. Wow, you have made a good website. It has a lot of good information for kids like me. It would be a little more helpful I have my little younger cousins they are usually not good at it when I tell them how to do it.But actually, I looked at this website and I showed them and tried to explain properly then they start to get it.Thank you for the great information Phil.
    Thanks for Helping
    Have a good time

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post about the best garden tools for kids, it’s greatly appreciated.

      I totally agree with you, in that when they are small, that is the best time to get them out and about and interested in gardening. They can have great fun and enjoyment, pottering around with the garden soil. They will get plenty fresh air and it’s a really safe envoirnment for them to be in,.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers   Phil Browne

  3. Hi Phil I enjoyed your site. This article brought back some good memories. When I was growing up my dad always had a garden and my brother and I loved to help him with it. We didn’t have any great tools to work with so it is nice to see they are now available for our future gardeners. Nothing is more satisfying than planting something and then harvesting it. I remember I planted pumpkins one year and I had a fairly big one coming along. Then one night someone smashed it. I was devastated.
    I no longer plant pumpkins but I do like to plant a little garden every year. It is a great activity to get your kids involved in.

    1. Hi there Maureen,

      Many thanks for reading the best garden tools for kids and offering positive feedback comments, its greatly appreciated.I can identify totally with what it was like to be growing up when we were young and the fun we had outside.

      I grew up on a farm and it was awesome, we could come and go as we wished and we always had a garden, so that was good fun also. I guess that is where I got my green thumb, so to speak.

      Thanks again for dropping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers     Phil Browne

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