Best Gardening Tools for Raised Beds

Best Gardening Tools for Raised Beds

Traditionally the only tools we ever used when out gardening were a spade and fork, which were used for the heavy digging, then we used a rake to smooth out the beds before planting. After that we had a little garden trowel and that was used when we were ready to begin planting the seedlings. For years that was about the sum of all the gardening equiptment that gardeners had and they made the most of what they had back then. The spade was used to dig and turn the sod as it was known and the fork then broke up the soil to make it pliable and suitable for planting. It was then raked in order to make the ground level and remove the stones and any unwanted clumps of brush or tufts of grass.

Today its so different and for our benefit we have every type of implement that one could imagine from little hand weeders to the technically designed garden claw pro. Yes I kid you not, the latter being a multi purpose garden type of hoe/grab which removes difficult weeds and is also long handled, which will assist some people who may find bending and kneeling a little difficult, when attending to their gardens. We will look at some of the most important garden tools that will make our gardening chores a lot easier and we will also look at prices and which are the best value for money.




Best tools for beginners; ( 3 pce. shovel , fork and spade );


If we are just starting out on our raised bed adventures, unfortunately somethings have’nt changed, we will still need the old reliables like the garden spade and fork, I am specifically talking about the long-handled types and when purchasing these, it would be a good idea to purchase a set ( which comes cheaper ) of these and also ensure they are sturdy and robust and will endure over time. In the above image there is a set of three, which are just the right set for starting out on our raised bed adventures. The spade on the right, is for heavy digging and turning the soil, the spade on the left for lighter digging or for planting shrubs and the fork then is for forking, mixing-in, say some compost and mulch. This set is made from stainless steel and have oak handles, which with some good care will last for ages. There is little or no maintenance required for these tools, only clean after use and store indoors from the elements. They are stylish, lightweight and will cater for most or all of our gardening requirements.



3 Piece Ergonomic Garden Set;


Along with the standard spade and fork set we will also need a miniture version of these, which are used for planting seedlings, weeding and general garden maintenance. These again are made from steel and are rustproof, they are nice to hold and to handle and will make gardening at ground level more enjoyable. They have bright coloured handles, for easy to spot and are easily stored away, via hang holes. In this 3 piece set we have a large trowel shovel for digging large holes, the narrow head trowel is for used for digging holes for planting our seedling crops and lastly the miniture fork can be used for weeding, breaking up the soil and general maintenance.


Garden Rake;


This garden rake is another necessary part of our gardening equiptment, especially used for evening out the surface before planting. We would also use this  for loosening up the soil and for spreading the soil across our raised beds. The 4ft handle makes using this implement an easy task and can easily stretch across most raised beds without the risk of injuring ourselves from over-stretching. The steel frame is sturdy and rust proof, the handle is sleek and makes working with this garden tool a pleasure.



Garden Weeding Hoe;


The garden hoe is the other piece of equiptment to complete our gardening set of implements, which we need to complete all of our horticultural duties. This hoe has a strong steel blade and will make weeding our raised beds or gardens that much easier. With its long hardwood sturdy handle, we will have greater control when using this tool and with the 10″ cushioned grip, will combine to give a rewarding experience when weeding and maintaining our garden.


To summarise;


We have outlined above the best gardning tools for starting-out on our raised bed adventures. We have kept the selection to a minimum for beginners and these will cater for all of our needs for say the first few years. The main pieces of equiptment are the large spade, shovel and fork. These will help us greatly in getting our raised beds ready for planting and sowing. They are the tools of our trade, so to speak and will make gardening a labor of love. Initially, when preparing the raised beds from scratch, is when most of the heavy lifting and digging is required. Once our bed frames are in place and ready for planting, the following years are less strenuous and less labour intensive. Each year afterwards, all we need do is loosen-up the soil, mix in some new topsoil, compost or farmyard manure and then fork into the existing soil, which will enrich the raised bed, which is a task that’s not overly diffficult.

As we go forward, we will always be adding to our collection of gardening tools, like a pruners, a secateurs, garden handsaw, mini rakes and so on. We will pick these up any time we are in a garden centre or hardware store and piece by piece we will eventually have a collection of gardening tools for every occasion.  The great advantage with these implements is, that they can be bought with extra long handles for those people who may find it difficult to kneel or bend, while attending to their gardening chores

I trust that this information is useful, practical and beneficial to all those young and not so young gardening enthusiasts. As always we are social and would welcome any comments, questions or queries in the comments box down below and if so we will endeavour to reply to all as soon as possible.

Happy gardening and best wishes to all

Cheers…Phil Browne.


“In the garden, birds sing, bees hum

and the flowers and butterflies bewitch me.

Every bug and beetle, petal and leaf

grants peace to me in the present moment.

As I tread upon emerald blades

that gently sway below crystal skies,

 the garden unveils to me

the philosophy of life.”

― Amelia Dashwood


7 thoughts on “Best Gardening Tools for Raised Beds

  1. Phil,
    good information. I end up helping my wife put together her garden every spring. There are two tools you have shown here that were not on are list. The fork and garden spade. I could have really used those this spring. I WILL be adding them to my tool shed. Thanks so much for the information. I look forward to learning more.

    1. Hi there Mark,
      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post. I am glad that it was informative and useful to you. Yes, raised beds make life easier for us in the garden and reduces some of the hard work, although not all of it. We still have a little digging and forking to do, to get the beds ready for planting in the spring. This is where the spade and fork comes in handy, but the great thing about this exercise is we only have to do it in the springtime, which we will gladly do.
      Thanks again for stopping by
      Best wishes on your gardening adventures,
      Cheers……Phil Browne

  2. I am beginning my gardening project and there is so much to learn. I went out and bought all these gardening tools, and have come to find out I would have saved a bunch of money had I bought them as a set. I bookmarked your site, if I had read it before I went out shopping for my gardening tools, I would have saved a lot of money. I like the idea of hanging the tools up as your picture shows, too. Great ideas. Thanks!

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for reading this article and offering kind comments. I wish you the very best of luck on your new adventures out in the garden. Unfortunately there is a little hard work in preparing the garden for planting and that is why we need these tools, but thankfully we only need them at the beginning, but they are very useful for this exercise.

      Thanks again for stopping by and happy gardening to you always

      Cheers…Phil Browne

  3. Very inspiring. It made me miss my home in Pennsylvania. Good photos and well written. Lots of information for people to bookmark and go back to read. My aunt and uncle had a raised bed garden in the city and they got good yields and tasty vegetables. Lots to freeze for long term usage. A peaceful back yard for sure.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for dropping by and I am glad that you liked this post. Yes I agree with you that raised beds will make a great difference to our gardening methods as you have rightly pointed out with that of your aunt and uncle. They make gardening so easy and much more enjoyable, that’s for sure.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening

      Cheers……Phil Browne

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