Best Wood Chipper Shredder

Best Wood Chipper Shredder

The idea of having a wood chipper for all of our heavy duty shredding is perhaps a garden accessory that is necessary, especially if we have several trees that need trimming every year. We may have a leave shredder for our garden waste, but that device would not be strong enough for tree limbs or branches. In some countries it is against the law to have boundary trees or hedges encroaching onto our nextdoor neighbours and let’s face it, that is one issue that we don’t wish to be dealing with. In suburban areas it may be ok and may not present those problems, but in urban or built up locations, that would not be good practice to have ongoing wranglings with our neighbours over tall trees effecting their sunlight or damaging their boundary fences.

Trees grow upwards and outwards as is their natural inclination and after a few years, we may realise that they have gotten out of control somewhat. It is very easy to keep them in check, if we keep them pruned and managed from an early stage. However the trimmings or branches that we may have cut down will prove difficult to dispose of efficiently and in such a manner as they don’t become a nuisance or safety hazard in our backyards. The best wood chipper shredder for these jobs is preferably the gas operated types as these can be moved and located to wherever our work is situated in the garden. The issue with the electrical type is that we may be somewhat restricted as to how far down the garden we can go due to the length of the cables and extension cables.

Electrical wood chip shredders;


Like we have just discussed, these machines will be adequate for the very small jobs that don’t entail shredding large branches or great amounts of tree trimmings or large shrub prunings. It will be ideal for the small tasks and is quite efficient for light twigs, but not much more. Branches of 1″ or more would block this shredder and also a heavy work load would  burn out the motor in a short space of time. So essentially this garden shredder would be ideal for light hedge trimmings, shrub prunings and light tree twigs. This device would not be suitable for leave or pine needle shredding  as this material would just pass through this shredder without being shredded or mulched into compost. We have recently written a post on how to dispose of garden waste, which can be read here.

Gas or petrol wood chipper shredders;


Now, we are getting into the serious heavy duty work and this shredder will make light work of all or most of all our tree limbings and branches. Its a gas operated machine, so that gives us more flexibility in that we can bring this shredder to where we are working which is a great advantage. Its mounted on wheels, has a carry handle and is very portable for our shredding and wood chipper exercises. This wood chipper will shred branches of up to 3″ in width, so from that point of view, it’s a heavy duty shredder. As we can see from the image above, it’s very compact and stylish for the type of work that this does. The hopper or feeder bucket stands at 34″, which is an ideal working height, so material can be easily fed through this chipper. For the very thick branches, there is a limb chute into which we can feed these with minimal effort.

The benefit of this wood chipper is incalculable, especially if we have considerable chipping and wood shredding to carry out on a yearly or twice yearly basis. Normally once a year would be sufficient for this exercise as tree growth is slow, however certain types of large hedges may be required to be cut more than once a year. These are specifically leyandii or golden leyandii, both of which incidentally, are prone to having mention in court cases because of over encroachment to our neighbours. This wood chipper will reduce our work pile down to 1⁄16th of what we had originally which is considerable and renders our garden branches into organic mulch or compost if left for longer periods. This particular model that we have in the above image also comes with a collection bag at the bottom, which collects the shredded wood chippings for easy disposal onto our vegetable raised beds, gardens or flower beds.


Cost of wood chipper shredders;


As we know or may not know the gas or petrol wood chippers are considerably more expensive than the electrical models. The gas model being that more robust, more powerful and definitely more adaptable than the electric model in that we are slightly restricted by the movement and placement of the cables and extension cables. We can source wood chippings for our backyards the electrical models for approx $100 or upwards from most or all garden stores, hardware outlets or online. The gas wood chipper would retail at these outlets also and pricewise would be starting from $500 upwards. Obviously considerably more expensive, but as we can see they do a lot more than their electrical counterparts.

The other alternative is to consider renting or hiring one of these for a day. This may be more suitable to some people who may not see the purchasing of one of these as a viable option. They may not have the demand or work load for one of these, but would like to dispose of their tree branches and hedge trimmings in a safe and manageable fashion and thus use the chippings as mulchings for their own purposes in their backyards or back gardens. The hire costs for the petrol or gas model would be approx $100 per day and the electrical type could be hired for $50.

On a different note, these have mechanically propelled moving parts, ie, blades and grinders, that travel at high speeds, so therefore great care should be observed when operating any of these machines. I hope that this information is useful and informative and if you would like to comment on any aspect of the above, please do so, via the comments section down under. We will endeavour to reply as soon as is possible.



6 thoughts on “Best Wood Chipper Shredder

  1. Great and informative article on wood chippers! I don’t live in an urban area, but on two sides of our lot our neighbors have trees. Usually I use a chainsaw to cut up the tree and use the wood to burn in our wood furnace. However, there is the thing with the limbs and I think a wood chipper would be a great thing for us to have. We also have a garden which we can use the wood chips for.

    Do you know of some other ways we could use the wood chips around the house other than for our garden?

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post. I agree with you that wood chippers are a very useful machine, especially like you said if we had a lot of tree branches and limbs to dispose of. The chainsaw is ideal for the heavy limbs, but there are always light branches left over, so the wood chipper would come in handy for these.

      Wood chips will be great for raised beds, flower beds, vegetable gardens in between the plants and so on. They are a great idea for preventing weeds in our gardens, help to retain the moisture in our raised beds and gardens and also keep the soil cool in the summertime.

      As for using these wood chips in any other area, I am not sure. If we had a series of raised beds in our backyards, they are a useful groundcover to use in between the bed frames, where we would be walking. They would save our footewear from getting dirty, etc.

      Many thanks again for dropping by,

      Cheers  Phil Browne

  2. Thank you for this review of wood chipper shredders. It’s been a few years since I’ve helped use one of these, but I do remember thinking the gas powered ones were far more useful than the electric ones for the work we had to do at the time. In my own yard, the electric one would likely be fine as I don’t tend to have too many large branches, but just general small brush.

    After having recently trimmed a bunch of bushes in the yard, I wish we owned one now.

    I wonder if you know just how long chipped wood needs to sit before it can be used on a garden or if it can be used right away?

    And do you know about maintenance for one of the gas powered chippers. Are they pretty easy to maintain?

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post. I too like you, was impressed by the usefulness of the gas powered wood chipper, in that it is very portable and non-restricted compared to the electrical type. They are avery useful machine and the work they will do in the space of a few hours will repay our investment in no time at all.

      The wood chips don’t need to sit for any length od time whatsoever, in fact the sooner we use them the better. As they are fresh from the chipper, laying them down our gardens rightaway will allow them to set-in quicker and form a good layer of mulch.

      As for the maintenance on these gas wood chippers, it all depends on how often we would be using them. As they are a propelled driven mechanism, its always safer to have a qualified mechanic or technician do the servicing on these machines.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne

  3. Great review of the best wood chipper you recommend. Have you done a comparison with other brands and decided this to be the best? I like the idea of a gas powered chipper. We have 10 acres of woods and my husband cuts down a few trees every summer to supply us with wood for our wood stoves and fireplace. The gas powered chipper would be perfect for him.

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I have only done a review on the recommended gas type and electricl wood chippers, as I hope to do a seperate review on both at a later time.

      The purpose of this article was to give people a flavour of what is our there, in terms of wood chippers in general.

      The gas powered wood chipper is ideal as it is very mobile and can be shifted to where ever we happen to be working in the backgarden as against the electrical type, which we are somewhat restricted in its portability.

      Thanks again for stopping by and happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne

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