Bird Feeders for Gardens

Bird Feeders for Gardens

Whether we think this is a good idea or bad, the fact is, that having birds in our backyards is good for our gardens. Possibly not everyone will agree with this sentiment, but evidence shows that there is more of an argument for having them there than not. Lets face it, it’s very difficult to prevent them from entering our gardens, a bit like slugs and other critters that increases our stress levels from time to time. However their presence will be very welcomed, when we look at the advantages that they can bring and also, how beneficial they can be to a vegetable garden. Setting up bird feeders for gardens is not overly difficult and once we have this task completed, we will really enjoy their company.

It is only natural to have wild birds about in a gardening envoirnment and anywhere there is a possibility that insects and other pests might be, the chances are that the birds know about these also. The fruit growers and certain vegetable growers are not best pleased with their company, but there are methods of deterring them from our berries and tomatoes, especially. Soft fruit nets are available online or at most garden centres and are really inexpensive to purchase. Its very easy to apply or place these nets over the fruit and vegetable bearing shrubs, in fact the branches of these will help to hold up the nets, so no frame building as such is required.



Many advantages of bird feeders;


Lets start with the appeal of watching birds feed at one of our feeders and look at their sheer agility as they scramble to get a hold and also deal with the competition that they have from time to time. Believe it or not there is a pecking order (pardon the pun) within the bird family and if we sit and watch them for a while it becomes clear to see who’s who in that group. That said, when the dominant bird has had their fill of nuts and seeds, the others then move in. The beauty of the mesh feeders is that most of the birds can feed simultaneously and there is never much squabbling or fighting within their group.





Important advantages of wild birds;


Pest control is a big bonus that wild birds can bring to our back gardens or raised beds and its a far better option than say, having to use chemical or insecticide sprays to eliminate these. As we know birds have terrific eyesight and can spot these tiny insects and aphids from a distance and will devour these at a glance. They also eat insects, beetles, slugs and so on, all of which are a natural food sourse for them. In their quest for garden morsels, these wild birds will also do a little digging  and foraging in our garden plots or raised beds and also helps with a little aeration of our soil. They will also eat some weed seeds from time to time and in effect they are helping with our landscaping  and maintenance chores.


Bird species conservation;


Without deliberately doing this exercise, we are in a sense, greatly helping in the conservation of a lot of bird species and this will be very welcomed by most commentators and especially the wild life departments in our countries. Having a strong bird population in our area is also a great sign of the air quality and as we may be aware, unfortunately, these birds are no longer populating inner cities and towns because of envoirnmental pollution, smog and vehicle exhaust emissions.




Kids educational activities;


This is another great idea for children to get involved with and is being highly recommended as a great educational activity and pastime. There are several wild bird forums online, that they could sign up to and help with monitoring and counting of certain species. They could also be assigned little jobs like ensuring the feeders are washed now and again and also help with topping up these with bird nuts and seed. Like most children of today, they more than likely have mobile phones and they could use these to take photos and images, make an online album and use the internet to identify the different bird families and species. Indeed we adults, could do worse than taking part in this exercise and along with our children benefiting from this activity, we would also learn a great deal about these wild birds.


Birdwatching as a hobby;


Watching wild birds or interacting with them, listening to birdsong and taking the time to work outdoors in our backyards or backgardens can help relieve stress and promote well-being within ourselves. Time outdoors can also ensure backyard birdwatchers have an adequate supply of fresh air and this is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Like we mentioned above, there is a great pastime to be made by watching and photographing these wildbirds. In the springtime, we can observe their behaviour in their mating rituals, watch them building their nests and also watch them feeding their chicks. When the birds are rearing their broods, our gardens get a good going over in their ongoing search for grubs, worms and insects etc etc.


Most popular birds;


Depending on where we live these species will differ greatly. In the US and Canada, for instance, we can exect to see: sparrows, goldfinch, greenfinch, blue tits, chickadeee, cardinals, woodpeckers, robins, starlings and others like blackbirds, doves and  bluejays and grackles. Whereas in Europe, we can expect to see some similar species like sparrows, robins, blackbirds, thrush, bluetits, finches, goldfinch, doves, and starlings.

In summary;


Like I said at the top, wildbirds are not everyone’s cup of tea, and definitely not on some gardeners list of favourites, but that said, I think we need to accomodate and embrace them as much as we can. The costs of nuts and bird seed will not make or break us, but the joy and entertainment that they will bring will compensate and reward us for hours on end. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and if you would like to comment, please feel free to do so down below.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers    Phil Browne.


” To forget how to dig the earth

and to tend the soil

is to forget ourselves “.

~Mahatma Gandhi.

8 thoughts on “Bird Feeders for Gardens

  1. After reading this, I see how birds can be important to having them in the garden.

    I like the idea of having kids get involved in helping out with bird feeding. It gives them a reason to spend some time outdoors and help them learn more about why birds are important. Having them take pictures on their phones is also useful to them because kids are more into technology now than ever before.

    I do also find it relaxing being outside hearing the birds chirp. It is a good way to take a break from any stressful events going on.
    Every now and then I will put a video up on the tv with birds chirping when I am bored.

    My question is, do you have a favorite bird in particular? My personal favorite is the Hummingbird.

    1. Hi there Arie,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading through this post on the bird feeders. I am glad that you also like the idea of having wild birds in your back garden. They really can make a great spectacle from time to time.

      I thoroughly agree with you about having the kids take some photographs of these birds and getting them interested in this outdoor activity. It sure would get them outdoors more often and it also would make a great pastime for them. This leisurely occupation would keep them very busy over the holidays.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have hummingbirds where I live, but my favourite would have to be the Goldfinch. These are a very colourful bird and if you feed them regurarly during the winter time…they tend to hang around, which is great.

      Cheers and best wishes

      Phil Browne

  2. I love the wild birds! And it so much enjoys to have them around.
    Here in Iceland, they are always welcome, both in the city and everywhere. In the winter time, my mother gives them, like so many Icelanders do, because they count on us human in bad weather.
    About the net, to clean the bird feeders, do you need to take it off? And if so, is it easy to do it?

    1. Hi there Johann,

      Many thanks for stopping by and looking at this post, its greatly appreciated. I am glad that you agree with my sentiments on having wild birds in our back yards and backgardens. Its great to see them and hear them chirping, especially in the springtime.

      I totally enjoy them jostling with each other at the feeders and food stations, I could watch them all day long.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Best wishes,

      Cheers     Phil Browne

  3. I love this post. My husband and I just bought a house and this is one of the first things we put up in our yard. My kids are 3 and 1 and they absolutely love to watch the birds coming to the feeder. I like the idea of having them help with the upkeep!

    1. Hi there lauren,
      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s greatly appreciated. I am glad that you are a bird lover and as you say this is a great way to get the kids involved, they will really enjoy the activity that comes with looking after wild birds.
      Thanks again for dropping by,
      Best wishes,
      Cheers Phil Browne.

  4. This is a lovely website Phil and I agree with all you say in this article about bird feeders for gardens.

    Birds do so much for our environment. Wherever we are in the world, we need birds. The sound of birds with their early morning songs is delightful, as well as in the late afternoon.

    It is currently winter where I live. The wild birds have been chatting away and it sounded as though they had something to plan before darkness falls.

    My wish is for everybody to have bird feeders to provide for the wild birds in their locality. Of course I know that would not happen due to the fact that not everybody is a bird lover. But if everyone who has a liking for birds and understands the needs of birds, were to place at least two bird feeds in their garden, what a difference that would make to bird life.

    Thank you Phil for the opportunity to contribute to your site and the life of birds, by leaving this comment. I will return and read more of your articles.

    1. Hi there Valerie,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on the bird feeders and birds in general. I am glad that you liked this post and the fact that you are also a bird lover. I can see your passion for birds being expressed all over these comments.

      Yes, its great to interact in as much as we can with these great creatures, it’s a pleasure as you say to listen to them sing from the trees, especially earlier in the morning.

      it would’nt cost a lot to purchase a feeder and fill them with nuts and birdseed. The pay-off would be great in terms of observing them feed and flutter about, for sure.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening

      Cheers  Phil Browne

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