Building a Raised Bed against a Fence

Building a Raised Bed against a Fence

Building a raised bed against a fence is a great idea, for a number of reasons. The primary reason, I would see here is the convenience and organisational aspect of this idea. The location or placement of a raised bed against a fence, would give us shelter, the fence would also come in handy for attaching a trellis to if we decided to grow some of the climbing veggies and it would also serve as one side of the raised bed frame. This idea would also work in the case of a boundary wall or an outside wall of our house, garage or residence. There are no hard or fast rules as to where we should locate our locate our raised beds, just a little bit of imagination or creativity will tell us. The only observation that I would make is, that the raised garden bed placement is in a sunny location, if possible.

As long as the placement of our raised beds are not intrusive or obstructive to our everyday concerns, then anywhere like we have mentioned above will be good, and if it looks good where we wish to place it, then go for it. The issue of having the soil directly up against the walls or fences will be entirely our own decision. Some people would prefer to leave a little gap or space between the raised bed frame and the wall. If the fence is a picket fence or has been recently treated with weathering formula or stain, then its safer to leave a small gap and have the raised bed complete, ie, have a complete rectangle frame for the raised bed.



Locating the raised bed against  a fence;


As we can see from the video above, wheteher we leave a gap, or place the side of the raised bed up against the fence, will be a call that we will have to make ourselves. Its totally our decision, what we decide to do eventually. If its a boundary fence and we have neighbours at the other side, as a show of respect, I would complete the raised bed in full, ie construct the 4 sides completely. That way there will never be any issues with obstruction or soil material leeching though the fence into our neighbours. We want to keep our neighbours happy at all times, I suspect.  However if the fence is not a boundary and just perimeter, I would go ahead and locate our raised beds up against this, maybe a layer of waterproof heavy duty membrane between the soil and the fence would suffice. The possibilities and choices are endless.


Locating the raised bed against a wall.


This is a slightly different scenario, but nevertheless, we need to observe due care and diligence, just as we Raised beds against a fencementioned above. The decisions are our own call once again and before we construct the raised beds, just take a minute or so to weigh up the pros and cons. A solid concrete block wall willl give us a sturdy option for placing the raised bed against. More often than not these walls are rendered or plastered, so we have the choice to either butt the raised beds directly up against the wall, leave a gap or use the wall as one side of the raised bed frame. There are for and against these choices and our own judgement or circumstances will decide. Creating a buffer or buffer zone is what it’s known as in the construction industry and I guess we could take a leaf from their book, afterall they are the experts.


Raised beds outside our houses;


How often have we seen raised beds made from stone, or wood and they would be located up against our own residential outside walls. They would have been placed there more as an aesthetics and decor choice rather that as convenience, ie, they may have been used as flower beds. However, we could have a situation where we may have a large outside patio or decking and this space could also accomodate raised beds. The same situation would apply here as did the bounday walls or fences, in that we could have the raised beds directly up against our outside walls or leave a gap.


raised beds against a wall


If we would like to have our raised beds close to our houses for say, convenience purposes, then I would suggest we get professional help or assistance with this project. The reason is simply, pure aesthetics, as I suspect, we would like to have these raised beds against our outside walls looking professional and decorative. A local carpenter or contractor would give us some great tips ideas as to how best, we should approach this project. They would have fantastic ideas on this subject and depending on the layout and design of our outside patios, porches or deckings, they would have a solution and lots of ideas as to how we would approach this concern.


Raised beds against our house


In conclusion;


We have covered several possibilities that we could use for building a raised bed against a fence, wall, garden shed, garage or even our own house. Our circumstances and budget will dictate what is best for our needs. Indeed, if we have any practical maintenance skills, we could easily complete these projects by ourselves. The outside raised beds are pretty straightforward in the main, however, the raised beds that we would like to construct against our properties, would require some expertise and professional advise or assistance. Should we hire a contractor to do this work, it would become a win win solution for all. The end result would add to the apppearance, value, aesthetics and much much more in terms of style, creativity and so on.

I trust that this information is informative and helpful for those wishing to build raised beds against a fence or walls. If you would like to join in the conversation, please do so, via the comments section down under. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us directly, you can email us at;

6 thoughts on “Building a Raised Bed against a Fence

  1. Very informative and inspiring article on building raised beds against a fence (or similar structure). I would love to put together a raised bed like this for next spring. If building from scratch, would you suggest using cedar or redwood? I love the smell of cedar and it works well for my mini garden boxes, but is redwood more weather-resistant? Thank you for the useful info!

    1. Hi there Ciara,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering positive comments on building a raised bed against a fence, its warmly welcomed. I am glad that you liked what you read in this article and hopefully, down the line, it will come in useful as a guide or reference, with which to work from.

      In response to your question as to which type of wood would be best for your raised beds, its totally up to yourself and I would go with either, to be honest.

      They both are long lasting and durable and would be ideal for this project. If cedar is your thing then go with that as you are familiar with it already and you are using it for other growing jobs, then why not. Redwood is more durable than cedar, but may prove a little more expensive to buy and sometimes not all lumber suppliers stock this wood.

      If you already have mini-garden boxes on the go, might I say that you have the idea of a raised bed already as the boxes are pretty much a smaller version of a raised bed.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne

  2. Absolutely wonderful idea, using what you have. I never had the forethought to place a raised bed beside any other structure. I always had them in the middle of the years and was fumbling with a way to string up my string beans. You sir have opened up my eyes to a whole new way of gardening and will now be reconfiguring to have a garden that works for me and not me working to it. Thank you again for the great tips.

    1. Hi there Mary.

      I appreciate you taking your time out to read this post on building a raised bed against a fence, its warmly welcomed.

      I am glad that this post was useful and beneficial and I can see that you already have gotten some tips and ideas for next years planting. Yes, I totally agree with you, that locating a raised bed beside a structure of some sort, would ultimately be beneficial in some shape or form.

      I guess that that is the versatility and flexibility that raised beds bring to the equation, they are so useful in ways that we do not realise.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening.

      Cheers PB

  3. The one thing that I have always loved about raised beds is the ability to be able to reach everything in the garden without too much strain and stress. For that reason depending on the size of the raised bed would determine whether I would put it up to a fence or a wall.
    The other reason that I like raised beds is that they do extend the gardening season since the soil does tend to warm up better in a raised bed allowing you to plant a bit earlier.

    1. Hi there Maureen,

      Many thanks for dropping by and offering positive comments on building raised beds against a fence, its warmly welcomed. You are totally correct when you say that raised beds gives the gardener a better and more enjoyable experience, compared to the open ground or row gardening method that we used previously.

      I also agree with your assertion that we have an exteneded growing season, due to the soil in the raised beds warming-up a tad earlier than it would in the ground. Raised beds definitely bring a whole lot of benefits and advantages, that make gardening less stressful and eliminates a lot of unwanted work and preperation.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne

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