Cheap Raised Beds

Cheap Raised Beds

We don’t need a large budget, when starting out on our raised bed gardening adventure, as this project will always be a work in progress. We can treat this like any other business starting out and that is to start small and work our way upwards. Lets look at a few ways of achieving this task without breaking the bank. Firstly lets ask ourselves what we want from our outdoor raised garden beds and if its just something say we are doing as a hobby, then there is little point in spending big bucks on this exercise.

If on the other hand we are going to be doing this on a continuous basis, then our raised beds may have to be a bit sturdier and robust in order to endure and give us longetivity for our gardening purposes. If we live in rural or suburban areas and we find that we have a lot of room to work with, a great idea people use a lot and that is to start out their raised beds with whatever they have at their disposal, ie, large stones or rocks, old disposed tyres, industrial barrels, pallets , wine boxes, canvas sacks etc etc.

Raised beds from stone;

We have often seen on our travels how people have lovely attractive stone rockeries up against a fense, or up against the dwelling house or as a standalone feature in their backyards or backgardens. These undertakings are not very difficult to achieve and those who did these were probably not that particular about how the finished construction looked aesthetically. They were not worried about how straight or parrallel the walls looked, their only concern was that the end result was functional and served its purpose. So if we have a backgarden with a sturdy fence all round, select one corner, that gets the most sunshine and straightaway we have two sides to our raised garden bed. If we could get our hands on disposed builders rubble, surely we could find material that would makeup the other two sides and we are ready to go. Old cinder or concrete blocks are very useful for a project of this undertaking and will be found at any building site or hardware store.




Making raised beds from pallets.

To construct a raised bed from pallets is another option that is often used, which can be completed in a very short space of time and again is a very useful idea to begin with. How often have we seen industrial or commercial pallets discarded around industrial estates or outside  warehouses, eventually causing litter and becomming a general eyesore to the envoirnment. The pallets may have been put aside for a variety of reasons such as, a competitors name or stamp embossed on them, one of the boards on the pallet broken, or they may not be the right size etc etc, and the owners would be only too glad to have someone take them off their hands. All we need now is a hacksaw to cut through the frame of the pallet, we then have a selection of lengths of timber approx 4ft in length, which will make a square raised bed, for little or no expense. Now all we need is to nail or screw these lathes together, any short lengths of timber will make corner-posts and we have another bed frame which did’nt cost the earth to build.


Raised beds from tyres;

This is not recommended especially if we are thinking of planting and growing vegetables and the main reason is that some elements of the tyre begin to leech into the soil after time. However some people still use this system, but they line the insides of the tyres with a waterproof membrane fabric which will prevent seepage and create another type of raised bed. By stacking the tyres , say two high will give us a nice deep container of soil that will work well for deep-rooted vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes or any of the root-vegetables like carrots, parsnips or some types of brassicas.

This system has many advantages and some of these are; it is quick and inexpensive to create, if we use a tractor or truck tyre that will give us a very sturdy construction, build these car tyres four high and that will be very beneficial to people with mobility issues (no kneeling or bending ) and there are many other benefits to this system. We can use our own creativity and ingenuity to come up with other ideas to make use of this type of gardening that would enhance or improve the appearance of our backyard or garden. I have often seen these tyres painted in bright colours, then planted with all varieties of flowers  and this makes for a great spectacle.




Other ideas for raised beds;

Using whatever we have at our disposal like old wine boxes, half barells, canvas jute sacks or whatever we have that will hold some soil together and create an envoirnment that will enable us to plant either vegetables, crops, flowers or whatever we desire to grow. A stroll through our local garden centre, a  quick browse online or just to observe what other people are using in their windows or gardens, that should give us several reasons to become creative and invent our own raised bed gardening system. Small inexpensive raised bed frames are always available for purchase online, which can always serve us as a solution to this issue. I hope this post has been useful and beneficial and that you found some inspiration from the above ideas. If you have any questions or comments to make feel free to use the comments box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy gardening to all.

Cheers……..Philip Browne.

” The greatest fine art of the future will be

the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.

– Abraham Lincoln. “





2 thoughts on “Cheap Raised Beds

  1. Great site, I built a couple of raised beds a few years ago I wished I would have found this site then.

    Question: Do you think adding cold boxes to my existing raised beds or building a small greenhouse. What would you do? It’s for growing peppers most likely.

    Great like and keep up the good work!!

    1. Hi there, Gareth

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad that you liked the post. The question you posed could be answered in two ways, basically. Depending on where you live, the climate etc etc. I would suggest that you build a cold frame seperately from the beds. That way you can transfer the baby plants into the raised bed when they are hardened-off and able to be planted outdoors. I have attached some info on the cold-frames for your information.

      Heres hoping that this info. was useful,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers…Phil Browne.

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