We have all heard the saying, when the question was asked;  ‘when is the best time to plant a tree’ ? and the answer raised bed gardeningcame….twenty years ago, and the next best time – right now.  It is about taking action because it is never too late to start thinking about constructing or building  your own raised beds. Not a great deal of effort is required, but when complete, the results will leave you amazed and greatly surprised. Contemplating raised beds is an idea that a lot of young and not so young beginner gardeners are looking at and are very keen to start their own garden journies, using this method.

A frame of 8ft x 4ft, is probably the most widely used size, with a dept of approx 10 -12 “.  Whether it is early or late in the year, we can start at any time. The concept is very simple, select a good sunny location and then begin building. Hundreds of plans and  various designs are available online, or the frames for  raised beds can be purchased over the internet. If we are anyway useful with a hammer and saw, we can absolutely, do it ourselves.



Time to make a start;


Perhaps now more than ever, it is the time to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient at growing our own produce. People are  becoming more and more concerned about where our produce comes from and the many air-miles it has travelled. The carbon footprint is also a concern with many people. The other worries that people raise very often are, what was used in the growing of these foodstuffs, meaning what pesticides and what types of chemicals were used. Was it farmyard organic manure or was it artificial fertilisers  that were used – the problem is we will never know because it is not always stated on the packaging or wrappers.  We can now overcome and allay all these fears by planting, growing and harvesting our own vegetables in our own garden beds.



Contemplating raised beds

Begin our gardening journey;


If it is late fall then this is an ideal time to plant some kale and certain types of cabbages that will provide for us later on during the late-winter and early spring. These brassicas are sturdy, hardy and will survive most or all severe frosts.  If the time you are constructing the raised garden bed frame is spring then this time is also ideal. As soon as the frame is in place we can begin. No time is too early and neither is any time too late. Depending on what one wishes to plant, how particular or exact we are as gardeners, this raised bed concept of gardening is very simple indeed. If it is flowers and some shrubs we are planting, then we need to concentrate on a good quality soil mix. If on the other hand we are sewing vegetables and salad plants we need to be more precise and exact. Ask at your local garden centre for advice on what mix of soil, types of compost and organic fertiliser to use. If by chance you are living in the countryside, ask your local farmer for some farmyard manure as this is by far the best type of mix and by far the safest to use for your raised garden beds.


Going forward from here;


Remember that the first raised garden bed mix is paramount as this will serve us for years and years to come. We can always add more raised beds in time, if and when ever the need arises. Location of the raised bed is very important in terms of availing of the benefits of the sun. A good sunny area is ideal and always position on a level surface for the purpose of drainage. We can always set up a sprinkler watering system or alternatively we can do the watering manually. The whole concept of assembling and constructing raised garden beds should not be seen as a hurdle or a challenge, but more as an investment in our own and our families future.

Happy Gardening to all who try and succeed.

Cheers Phil Browne.

” Gardening is cheaper than therapy

and you get tomatoes “.

~Author Unknown


  1. Oh, I love this idea! I have a garden on the side of my house but the space is limited. I never thought of raised beds, but this is a wonderful idea! I live in Texas, so I can pretty much grow stuff all year long. I just put some 1 X 6 wood out in the ally way for someone to grab. I am going to take to the side and store it until I can make these raised beds. I love it!

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks again for your time and effort in offering feedback comments. I think after reading this page , that you will be motivated to build your own raised bed. Its not a big challenge to undertake…but you’ll be pleasently surprised by the results. Given the climate conditions that you mentioned, I think it would be an overwhelming success, I have no doubt.

      Best wishes to you,


    2. Hi there,
      Thanks again for your comments re. ‘Contemplating Raised beds. I’m glad you like the idea. I appreciate your time and effort for stopping by, reading this article and for making these comments. Best wishes to you in your gardening challenges and I hope you have a great 2017,

  2. I am considering raised beds. When using liners is there concern regarding any chemicals from the fabric leeching into the soil?

    1. Hi there Karen,
      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its warmly appreciated. I hope that you found some value in the course of your reading same.
      The answer to your question is no. Nowadays, there are rolls of liner fabric available at all garden centers, hardware stockists and most nursery outlets. If you inquire at the point and time of purchase, you will find the fabric is specially produced with raised beds in mind and especially raised beds that might be vegetable producing.
      So therefore, the fabric is made from mineral and root extract, that will not be anyway harmful to the soil. It might be a good idea to state or ask for that particular material as you would like to be totally satisfied that it is the correct type.
      Many thanks for stopping by,
      Happy gardening.
      Phil Browne

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