Corrugated Raised Beds a Review

Corrugated Raised Beds a Review

A question that is often asked at garden centres, hardware stores and garden nurseries, would galvanize or corrugated iron be suitable for raised bed gardens. The answer is an astounding and qualified yes. The idea of having corrugated raised beds is a very practical and efficient method for constructing our raised beds and have proven themselves to be an unequivical success. There are a number of reasons as to why we might use this material in the Corrugated metal raised bedsconstruction of our bed frames. The cost is considerably reduced compared to an expensive bed made from cedar or prepared wood that we might purchase at the hardware store. These are so quick and easy to prepare and assemble, so much so, garden centres and hardware stockists have decided to stock a lot more of these due to the demand and also their versatility and durability.

Corrugated raised beds now come in a  flatpack mode, just like their timber or lumber counterparts and are easily asssembled for the beginner or unexperienced gardener, that might like to start their vegetable growing journey with one of these. This diy method is becomming so popular, just like everything else in our lives, we are looking for the easiest and most efficient systems possible which will make our lives easier for us.


Corrugated raised beds a review;


As we can see from the above image, all the parts and sections come prepacked and ready for easy assembly. There is a set of easy to follow instructions  included and all we need to make this a functioning raised bed is a screwdriver and adjustable wrench. This corrugated raised bed would be easily assembled in about an hour, so its possible to recieve this and have it fully planted on the same day. Naturally these steel corrugated bed frames come in different sizes, shapes and the particular bed that we would consider would  perhaps be dependent on the amount of planting we were considering. The above steel bed frame measures 40″ x 40″ x 10″ and retails at just under $90.


Corrugated raised beds


Corrugated raised beds, pros and cons;


The advantages of raised garden beds have been well documented, both here on this website and any other forum that we wish to look at. That said, the same would apply to the corrugated version, in that they both serve the same fundamental purpose. There are a number of extra benefits that we could outline like the versatility of this corrugated frame, ie, this can be moved or relocated at any stage, without too much trouble or effort. The timber raised beds are normally staked down into the ground with corner posts for stability, so that may take some extra effort and time if we were deciding to move these to a different area of our back garden. On the other hand, the corrugated bed can be dismantled in a matter of minutes and repositioned or relocated.

Some other notable benefits of the corrugated raised bed would be the longetivity that this material brings to the equation, in that the corrugated steel is powder coated with non evasive or non toxic coating which means they will last for decades. They are also safe to use when growing vegetables, as this is a question that is often asked about these container raised beds. In the above image, we can see that these corrugated steel raised beds make a fantastic display and are graciously aesthetically pleasing. Picture if we can for a moment, a row of say three or four of these garden containers, neatly placed outside in our backyards or backgardens and look what that would do for us in terms of adding value to our houses.


corrugated raised beds

Self-made corrugated raised beds;


In the off chance that we had some household maintenance skills ourselves, then the thought of making these corrugated raised beds would seem like a really worthwhile project. In the above image, we can see how simple and easy this exercise may be, provided we have some general maintenance skills. This is a homemade project and from acorrugated sheets functional perspective, this raised bed container ticks all the boxes. It is a spacious 4ft x 8ft , which are the ideal dimensions for a raised garden bed. The depth is 18″, again which is ideal for deep rooted vegetables. The minimum cost of this exercise would be approx $40 – 50, which looks like a real bargain and great value for money.

The materials required for this task are first and foremost three sheets of corrugated metal. These sheets are retailed at different lengths like 8′, 10′, 12ft and so on. For our needs just three 8ft sheets would be perfect. Simply ask the customer attendent at the hardware store to cut one of the sheets in half. These in turn would do the ends of the raised bed and the other 2 sheets would be used for the sides. Along with those we would need approx eight x 8ft lengths of  2″ x 3″ lumber which would make the rectange frames, onto which we would bolt or nail the corrugated sheets. Finally we would need some 2″ screws or nails to attach the corrugated metal sheets to the wooden timber frames. After we have assembled all the four sides, it’s just a case of putting the frame together to make the raised bed and we are done.


In summary;


The above review of corrugated raised beds was just to offer an overview of something different,for constructing raised beds. When we mention the raised bed word, we automatically see these as being made from lumber, wood or timber. However, we have other choices for making these and as we can see the alternative makes for a functional viable option. As ever, please remember that we are social here at and would love for people to drop by and say hello. If you have any questions in relation to any of the above, feel free to contact us via the comments section down below. If you would prefer to contact us directly, you can do so through email here at:

8 thoughts on “Corrugated Raised Beds a Review

  1. I like the look of the Demeter corrugated steel raised beds. They would look good in any environment even a small backyard in the city. I also like the portability and long-life of the steel versus cedar. Do you know if the ‘flat-packs’ come in colored galvanized steel? Also, what do you think is a good size and depth for an herb garden?

    1. Hi there lauren,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading the post on corrugated raised beds a review, its warmly welcomed and very much appreciated. I agree totally with your initial assessment, in that these raised bed containers would make for an awesome sight and also will last for years.

      They are so versatile and sturdy, so much so, its very easy to manage and re-locate them id one wished.

      As for what colours these rcorrugated raised beds would come in, we would have to check online for our preferred color or check with our local stockists. They mainly come in standard galvanise colour, which is silver. They also come in either cream or blue, which make these raised beds stand out as decorative and appealing. For raised beds for a herb garden, I would safely suggest that a 4ft x 4ft x10″deep, would suffice for this exercise.

      Thanks again for stopping by,Happy gardening,

      Cheers           PB.

  2. Hi there,

    I found this information to be great! I did a garden this year for the first time after my brain surgery! It was exhilarating!

    In my old yard, I did have a few raised beds but said if I ever did do a garden again, I would try somethign different but it would be a raised bed. I just think it is simple to take care of.

    I cant wait until I can construct this!


    1. Hi there Tammy,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering positive comment feedback on the Corrugated raised beds review post, it’s greatly appreciated.

      I totally agree with you that corrugated or galvalize raised beds are a great idea and are very simple to construct and also very easy to maintain. They are so versatile as you suggest and the beauty about these is if you are not happy with where they are located, its very easy to relocate them.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Best wishes to you going forward,

      Cheers   PB

  3. I have been using raised beds for my garden over the past 4 years. I enjoy not having to weed as much. I like the corrugated raised beds. I think I will change to them when my the wood rots and needs to be changed. I like the long narow beds. I did not find a link for them. Do you know where I might find them?



    1. Hi there Dave,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on Corrugated raised beds a review, its greatly appreciated.

      I totally agree with you that raised beds will certaily make less work for us in the garden and they create such an organised and tidy appearence, I would suggest that anyone who has started gardening using this system, would find it hard to go back to the old mathods of row, drill or open ground gardening.

      As for the corrugated raised bed frames that you have mentioned, here are two links that will redirect you to two resellers that I have associations with.

      Option 1

      Option 2

      Thanks again and thanks also for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Best wishes to you in the New Year,

      Cheers   Phil Browne

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