Custom Made Raised Garden Beds

Custom Made Raised Garden Beds

The fact that we can now get our raised garden beds made to specific measurements is an added bonus for some gardeners, which means that we can locate our bed frames in any particular area of our backgarden or backyard. We can also get them made to suit our patios, decking area, balconies or any other areas that we may wish to have our raised bed gardens. Most hardware stores will have certain sizes and shapes of raised beds for sale, but those standard sizes or shapes may not be to our liking. However that issue is easily resolved by contracting a good tradesperson or carpenter. The cost will be somewhat a bit more than usual, but that is to be expected as we are looking for something that will suit our needs and something that will probably have to fit into somewhere unusual.

Previously, we wrote about these custom made raised garden beds, which can be constructed from different materials, like timber or wood, concrete or cinder blocks or even solid concrete and again the price of these will be substantially more than the norm. The other great idea of having our raised beds custom made is we can also install irrigation systems or at least have them plummed and ready for this purpose and this will save us some time and expense. Depending on where we live, I know for example that some of the raised beds have to be fitted with some chicken wire to prevent moles, gophers and other wildlife pests from burrowing into our bed frames. It would be little cumbersome and troublesome to install this pest proofing, after we have planted-up our raised beds, I have no doubt, so this is another issue to take into account.

Custom raised bed No. 1




Custom Made Cedar Beds


Lets look at the above image for a moment, as this will give us a good idea of what we are talking about when we say… custom made. It has very attractive appearance, finished to a very high degree of workmanship and all the added extras give this example a real professional end result. There are edging boards all around the top of the frame, the centre and sides of this raised bed has extra support reinforcements attached for added strength and the four corners have been finished off with some extra uprights for more support and stability. It looks like something that we could nearly have inside our home, such is the detail and excellent standard of this raised bed frame. Cost wise we are looking at approx $250 or upwards, not forgetting that this structure is made from mature cedar and is the standard 8ft x 4ft and is also 18 inches in height, which makes for extra sturdiness and gives us great growing potential.


Custom raised bed No. 2



On the above image we are going to look at something completely different to what our general idea of a raised bed looks like. This is obviously a permanent structure, is built with concrete blocks and mortar, and then rendered all over, both inside and outside, to give this bed a completed appearance. The colour is a rustic brown and blends in well in a gardening envoirnment. When the construction of this project was being planned, a lot of consideration was given to the extra bells and whistles that were to be part of this process, mainly the option of covering this custom raised bed with polythene, as you can see the plastic hoops which facilitate such an idea are already in place, we can also see that it has an irrigation system has been set up and we will also notice that immediate area around the bed itself is covered in gravel stone, which makes working these raised beds much more comfortable and will cater for wheelchair users also. The other important observation to factor in is, that all sides of this construction are easily accessible and will make working on this project a lot more enjoyable.



Custom raised bed No. 3


Our next example is something completely different once again, this time around we are looking at raised bed gardening on a large scale as we can see from the length and heights of these frames. They measure 4ft in width and are a staggering 16ft in length. These dimensions show that once again they have been constructed with volume and yield returns in mind, the height of these custom made frames would also suggest that we are looking at growing some really deep rooted plants and or vegetables. Once these raised beds have been filled with soil and are fully planted with growing vegetables, the advantages of this system are numerous and will give astounding results for the owners. Again, as we can see these raised beds are custom made, they are situated in an open and sunny location and the area immediately underfoot is solid and makes working on and around these beds a pleasure.

The main issues to consider here when looking at custom raised garden beds is the cost and expense of making and constructing these systems. They are considerably more expensive that the standard raised beds that we have looked at previously, but the end result will have been worth it, if our budget allowed for a project of this nature. Should you have any questions or queries on this subject, please use the commnets box down under and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers and best wishes…..Phil Browne.



“I love my garden, and I love working in it.

To potter with green growing things,

watching each day to see the dear,

new sprouts come up,

is like taking a hand in creation, I think.

Just now my garden is like faith

– the substance of things hoped for.”

― L.M. Montgomery



8 thoughts on “Custom Made Raised Garden Beds

  1. Wow this came at a perfect time as I am considering to get into gardening very soon. It seems like the raised garden beds are very ideal for people living in the concrete jungle lol. I really love the ones made with concrete blocks as they seem to give off a better look. Thank for the insight into gardening.

    1. Hi there

      Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you100 %, raised beds make a great statement and will definitely make life easier, for sure. Best of luck on your new adventures in the gardening world and you are definitely starting at a good time….Spring is just upon us and I hope you will enjoy the experience.

      Cheers and best wishes

      Phil Browne

  2. Hi, Philip,
    I’m glad I read your article. I have been interested in starting a vegetable garden for some time now, but I don’t know the first thing about it. I have a large space in my backyard that I was thinking of doing the planting on, but it’s extremely overgrown with weeds. Someone suggested that I weed whack them and buy beds, but I don’t like that the pre-made beds are low, making it hard for someone with back issues to do any gardening. That’s why I was happy to come across your article and find that you can have them custom made. I particularly liked the raised bed #3; it looks high enough for easing planting and your suggestion of covering the outside area in gravel stone, will enable my daughter to join me in her wheelchair.

    Thank you for writing the article, I look forward to reading the others, and I welcome any advice you might have.

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering great feedback comments, very much appreciated. I am glad that you liked this post and it gave you inspiration to begin your own gardening. I agree with you on choice #3, that is a favourite of a lot of people and it will definitely make life easier for us. This will eleminate the need to kneel or bend while attendind or weeding our raised bed. It is a solid structure and will hold a lot of soil, which will yield some great results when we have planted-up all our veggies. My advise would be to hire a tradesperson and they will be very qualified to advise you where to locate this structure. They may be able to build the raised bed for you also, if desired. The area surrounding the raised bed should then be finished off with a layer of gravel as you say, this would enable wheelchair success for your daughter. I’m sure she would enjoy the experience as much as we do and hopefully she will.

      As for the weeds…the area immediately within the raised bed frame would have to be cleared of weeds, otherwise they may be a problem later on. If you have a lot of room out in your back yard, I would advise you to locate your bed in a sunny open position as raised beds generally need approx 6-8 hrs of sunlight per day.

      Here’s hoping this information is useful to you on your gardening adventures.

      Best wishes and thanks for dropping by

      Cheers..Phil Browne.

      1. Thank you for replying and for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. I will continue to read your blog for more great ideas. Wish me luck that I don’t kill off too many veggies.

        Best regards

  3. Thanks for sharing these garden bed designs. I like the first option if putting the beds in a highly visible area. They look nice.

    I am not so sure about option 2 for me personally. I don’t think I would want a permanent structure like that.

    Option 3 looks nice for deep rooting vegetables like you mentioned. I think I will build a couple for my back yard for things like carrots and potatoes to see how it goes.

    Thanks again.

    – Jason

    1. Hi there Jason

      Mnay thanks for website feedback comments, these are very much appreciated. I agree with you on your choices. The permanent block structure is different to say the least, again I suppose its horses for courses, some people like these and others , not so. thats the beauty of raised bed gardening… we can pick and choose in lots of ways. We can decide the size, shape, depth and also where in the garden to locate these bed frames. We have endless choices when it comes to this type of above ground gardening.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening and best wishes

      Cheers ………Phil Browne

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