Designs for Raised Beds

Designs for Raised Beds

On this subject we will look at the various plans, shapes and designs for raised beds. I might add here before we go any further and that is, to keep our designs simple and practical,  as this makes life a lot easier for us when it comes to assembling these raised garden beds. Lets take a step back here for a moment, try to visualise what a raised garden bed frame looks like, (time to get the creative juices flowing) we ourselves can be the greatest designers for starters to build and bring this concept to whatever conclusion we desire. Make a mental picture of what or how you would like your raised bed design to look like, then on a sheet of paper, sketch a few drawings of what came to mind, and if you’re happy…lets go.


Ideas and designs;


Satisfied with what you have thought of and designed, lets go ahead and bring all of this together. A raised bed frame is basically four lengths of timber, nailed or screwed together to form either a square or rectangular shape, which is not difficult to construct. It is now time to put our theories and ideas into practice. Imagine the satisfaction of planning and designing your own raised beds and how proud you could be to showcase them to your family, neighbours and friends.

When all of this is constructed, the bed is filled with soil and the planting is complete, arrange an evening barbeque and invite some neighbours over to showcase your handywork. Who knows – you may be asked for some advice and eventually you could become an expert authority on raised garden bed designs. We previously wrote a review on raised beds and what are the most practical and easiest to use or purchase online.



Raised bed designs and ideas



Steps to remember;


If we have an existing structure of say a garage or boundary wall, this would be a great place to start the raised bed. Construct the bed adjacent or parallel to these wall fixtures and you can expand out from there. If there is a water source nearby, this would be of great asistance to us when it comes to watering the beds, when planted. The location of your raised beds is always paramount, ie, always position these in a sunny position and if at all possible position the longest part of the frame design facing southwards. The reason for this, is we will be able to get the most benefits  of the sun. By locating the raised beds along a wall gives us part shelter, which will assist greatly during the growing season. If this option is not available to us, we need to consider a shady and also a sunny spot, where the raised bed is not too exposed to the wind but nevertheless, positioned to take advantage of the sun.

Different designs;

The most common of designs is the standard rectangle raised bed frame which nearly always measures approx 4ft x 8ft. For starters we could divide that into two equal parts, leaving us with a 4ft x 4ft box type structure. Imagine positioning say 6 to 8 of these along the back wall of your garden, then plant a variety of vegetables or flowers in each giving you an assortment of colour, choice and or produce. Leave at least a space of approx. 2ft-3ft or more between each of the  beds, this allows for walking room, space to wheel a barrow or push the lawnmower if of course, we decide to have grass margain surrounding the raised beds. A good idea is also to put down a nice decorative layer of coloured stone between the raised beds. This makes the whole concept and design a lot more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Taking action;


Nothing can be more rewarding to us than making a plan and deciding to carry out  that idea to the end . As we go forward and be creative, ideas will come to mind during construction of your raised beds, always keep an open mind. Never say to ourselves that we are done and job complete, because we always want to be evolving and in part to be experimenting with the sizes, frames and designs of raised bed frames. To design and build your own raised bed is the ultimate. As you drive to town or take a trip out into the countryside, always be observant, see what bed frame ideas other people have come up with.  Adopt or change to suit if necessary. There is an unending supply of plans and designs available to us on the internet, so we should never be short on ideas, plans or designs. I hope and trust this information is beneficial and useful. if you would like to add to the conversation, please do via the comments box down under.

6 thoughts on “Designs for Raised Beds

  1. Getting my garden in shape is one of my New Year’s resolutions, and you have some great tips here. Are these relatively easy to construct if you’re not really a builder? Also, would you say the positioning in relation to the sun is important? I like the pictures you’ve shown, maybe because I like things to look ordered! You’ve given me great inspiration to think about this in more detail for my own garden.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comments and site feedback. To construct a raised bed frame is not difficult. Its basically four lengths of timber nailed, screwed or bolted together. Builders blocks or bricks arranged nicely to give a rectangular or square shape would also suffice. Most experts say to orientate the long part of your raised bed, east to west, as this enables it to take advantage of the sun and its benefits. Hoping the information was beneficial to you,

      Thanks again for your kind comments, happy gardening,


  2. Hi Phil
    What a great website and the pages are well-organized. I like the photos you’ve used as well. I thought you could add some images on your “Covering Raised Beds” page to show what you have explained. That would really help someone like me who is thinking about having raised beds in our garden but have never done it before.

    Also, I thought you could add an image (a simple hand drawing) of a sectional view (view from the side) of what goes into a typical raised bed (for example, compost at the bottom, sand, soil, etc, etc).

    Another very minor comment is to insert space between the end of paragraphs and the sub-headings (those in green color) on some pages. Just minor aesthetics.

    It’s a great site and I’ll look forward to visiting again when the time comes for us to build our own raised beds!

    1. Hi there Ayako,

      Thank you for your comments and website feedback. I do need to address some pages on this website, for sure. It is still a work in progress and I know that I have to look at certain pages and add some media images here and there. I have taken all of your comments and advise on board and I will be looking at them as soon as possible. I appreciate your appraisal and thank you for your comments. Wishing you the very best and have a great 2017,

      Thanks again,


  3. Hi there Phil. Great article. I am searching for ideas and you have given me some good projects to think about.
    I have good plans at the beginning of the year, but as time goes on my garden begins to look scrappy and overgrown.
    I think it needs some raised beds to keep it in shape and define where it should be.
    I am recently retired and last summer I had intended to organise it thoroughly, but in the end it escaped from me. I am going to try harder this year. Starting planning now. Thanks again, Chris

    1. Hi there Chris,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and give some site feedback on same. I agree with you 100% that Raised Beds do give an extra appeal and focus to a garden in need of attention. It certainly makes life easier and we can definitely organise a lot of issues around these bed frames. Best wishes in your retirement and happy gardening. Thanks again for you comments.


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