Explained Myths on Raised Bed Gardens

Explained Myths on Raised Bed Gardens

There is a misconception abroad that raised bed gardens are more trouble than they are worth and that the whole exercise of gardening in this manner is not worth considering. Well nothing could be further from the truth. So let’s explain away that myth and put those rumours to bed straight away. The concept of raised bed gardening is really taking hold in such serious strides and as we write this post, people are getting more and more interested inraised garden beds this system of gardening. There are so many positives and benefits to be had from this type of backyard gardening, the truth is we could be here for months, putting forward our case for them.

We and others have written so much about the advantages of raised bed gardening, there are countless videos, books and websites explaining how easy they make our gardening today, compared to how difficult and complicated it used to be. If proof was ever needed to debunk these myths, do a simple Google search for ‘Raised Bed Gardens’ and see what comes up….. I have carried out that and the search results shows how much interest there is at present. Explained myths on raised bed gardens is not just not to prove what we did previously or heretofore was incorrect or wrong, but more about how we are advancing in this line of gardening, just as we are advancing in every other facet of our daily lives.


Raised bed gardens


The idea of raised bed gardening;


For starters, there are so many benefits and advantages to raised bed gardening, it’s hard to know where to start. Lets look at the raised bed garden frame in it’s simplicity and we can immediately see how organised, efficient and practical this method of gardening brings to the table. Afterall this bed frame is just four timber or wooden planks nailed or screwed together to form a square or rectangle, placed on the ground and filled with topsoil. Plant some vegetables and crops in this and we are done. The tidy appearance and organisation to our backyards is immediately evident and clear for all to see. After using these for some time, the idea would to be add some more of these and expand our gardening methods in this fashion. Principally, we would have different varieties of vegetables in each bed, just like we would grow them in an open or in-ground lot or patch prior to this idea.


Raised bed maintenance;


Remember how much back-breaking digging and forking we used to do with our open gardens and after a few days, if we were lucky, the ground may have dried out enough to begin our planting. With the raised beds system, we have almost completely eliminated the bulk of this hard work and our raised beds dry out a lot earlier than the open garden, thus enabling much earlier sowing of our seeds. All in all, I would suggest that, we have gotten rid of 70 – 80% of the work that was required with the open ground gardening and this extra free time can be dedicated to perfecting working with raised beds. The fact that raised beds are also higher off the ground, substantially reduces the need to stoop, bend or kneel, so therefore this fact has be seriously appreciated and welcomed.


Raised garden beds explained


Raised beds are too expensive:


Another myth that needs to be addressed is that gardening with raised beds is considered to be very expensive and not worth the trouble. Again nothing could be further from the truth and the fact is that whatever we would spend on purchasing or constructing our own raised bed frames would be a really good investment. We would easily see a return on this outlay in our first year and it’s also worth mentioning that we could easily construct these by ourselves, if we had some handy everyday maintenance skills. An initial investment of approx $50 would see us up and running for starters, afterwards, we just build and expand year after year as we so wished. The other fact worth noting is that we have to purchase these as a once off only and that raised bed frame would last us for decades. The more expensive the purchase obviously, the better the raised bed product and the longer it would last us.



Raised beds need a lot of watering;


Raised beds require watering, for sure, but not as much as we may think that they need. The great advantage and unseen benefits are, that when it rains, the rainwater is absorbed into the soil within the raised bed frame and is trapped inside essentially. Whereas in a ground , row or furrow garden, the rainfall runs off or in some cases depending on the soil, it may lodge and can make the garden waterlogged. The advantage with raised beds on this issue is we can moderate, dictate and improve the soil to our heart’s content, thus ensuring that we do not have these issues to contend with. The other advantage of having a raised bed for our vegetables is when the veggies start to show and have grown to a height of approx 4 – 6″, we can mulch them. This is a system where we scatter mulching leaves or compost on the top of the bed in between the plants and this idea prevents the water or moisture in the soil from evaporating.


In conclusion;


Hopefully we have explained  the myths on raised bed gardens and as we can see they are just misconceptions to say the least. In effect raised bed gardening is a far simpler and more advanced method of gardening, which makes working with these more interesting and definitely more exciting. With proper planning and preperation, we could make our backyards and backgardens a joy to work in, by adding raised beds. As we have explained above, they are very easy to work with and have numerous and countless advantages, so much so, we have not even scratched the surface in respect of evaluating their worth and benefits.

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7 thoughts on “Explained Myths on Raised Bed Gardens

  1. I was considering a raised bed veggie garden this year, and I may try and use other materials besides wood – like repurpose some items.
    Are there objects that are more commonly used for raised beds you are aware of that I can keep an eye out for?
    Also, I was wondering about perennials in the winter maybe getting too cold. Should I keep them out of raised bed?
    Great website. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi there James,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering some thoughtful comments on ‘Explained myths on raised bed gardens’, its very welcomed.

      The idea of raised beds is really taking hold and a lot of people are really embracing this system of gardening. As you have indicated in your comments, there are a lot of other ways that you could make your raised beds with. I have done a post on different materials that we could use for the construction of raised beds, like pallets, old tyres etc etc. and you can read all about those ideas here.

      As for growing perienniels in your area, that possibility would all depend on how cold your climate gets in the winter time. If it gets very very cold, not a lot would grow in these conditions.

      Many thanks again for dropping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne.

  2. This is a great article! I keep wanting to do raised beds myself, but haven’t done it yet. I know it would help my gardening efforts because the soil I have is hard-packed clay and very hard to work with. It would be nice to start with new, clean soil.
    What do you suggest for actually getting the dirt home if I don’t own a truck?

    1. Hi there Megan,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am gald that you like the post and that you have gotten some important and helpful information for your gardening plans. With what you have described your soil being of clay texture and hard to work with, raised beds would definitely make gardening much easier and a lot more manageable.

      As for getting the soil home, if you do not have transport, I would suggest you call into your local garden centre or perhaps your local hardware store, as they would be able to offer you some helpful solutions.

      Hope that helps, happy gardening,

      Cheers PB

  3. Thank you for making this site. My father and I tried to build a raised bed, and he put fencing on the bottom of his so it sagged real bad. The ones here show them on the ground so you just have to fill them up with dirt. I am going to build me one so I don’t have to bend so far down to weed it. They look so beautiful.

    1. Hi there Mike,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am gald that you liked what you read and that hopefully the info will be of some assistance to you going forward.

      Yes I agree with you 100%. if you build them correctly, they will definitely make life easier and more comfortable, for sure.

      The raised bed system was a great invention, it looks so simple to implement and as you rightly pointed out, it eliminates all the bending, stooping and stretching.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers   PB

  4. Thank you for making this site. My father and I tried to build a raised bed, and he put fencing on the bottom of his so it sagged real bad. The ones here show them on the ground so you just have to fill them up with dirt. I am going to build me one so I don’t have to bend so far down to weed it. They look so beautiful.

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