Galvanized Raised Beds

Galvanized Raised Beds

Another great idea for making raised beds is with sheets of galvanised or corrugated iron. These galvanise sheets come in various lengths, and are available from any hardware store and are very easy to construct and assemble into a square or rectangle frame, which will serve us equally well as another method for making our raised beds. Cost wise, they are not that expensive and to make a raised bed frame from this material and we only need 3 sheets, 2 sheets for the sides and cut the other into halves which will make the ends of the bed frame. These lengths of corrugated sheeting are nailed to a timber frame which has the same measurements and then butt-up all four frames together and secure with nails or long screws and we are done.

Lets look at purchasing some 8ft sheets from the hardware store and see how this will give us a standard 8ft x 4ft raised bed, which is probably the most commonly used in terms of size and dimensions. Width wise, the sheets are approx  2½ – 3ft and when completed, this will be a good size framed raised bed for very little effort and little expense. Some hardware stores have different lengths, ie, they stock lengths from 10ft upwards and if so these will suffice as well. We will have just a larger sized raised bed frame, if thats the  sizes we have to work with.


Galvanized raised beds costs #1


As we mentioned this structure does’nt cost the earth and is easily within most peoples budget. If we have this material lying around at home  in our backyards or backgardens, then that is a bonus and all we need is a few lengths of wood in order to make the frames. Any type of wood willl sufice as we will be using the timber frame on the outside of this structured bed frame. We don’t need expensive cedar, oak or anything like that, while ordinary white deal or fir will be sufficient for this exercise. We are good to give these a waterproofing coat without fear of plant or food contamination, as we have just mentioned the wood frame is on the outside.  With these sheets coming in at $2 per ft. approx. this sized galavanised bed ( including wood ) will set us back about $100.


Galvanized raised beds costs #2

The above galvanized raised bed is a very basic frame and is also a lot smaller that the normal 8 x 4. This measures a slightly smaller 36″ x 18″ x 17″H, which will cater for a smaller family, again depending on what we are growing. Its made from galvanised steel and is sturdy, rustproof and weather resistant. Like other models that we have looked at this too is  portable and we can move or locate at any stage. This model comes as a flatpack, includes easy assembly instructions and one other feature it has is a centre cross brace, to offer further strength to this container. Cost wise, just a platry $60, will see us home with this one and this also includes free shipping.


Galvanized raised bed costs #3

We now have a different bed frame in the above example, but does the same job for us as ever. Dimensions are again very small, so this container would be ideal for a herb garden or salad patch. Its a little more stylish than the others, have four corner posts in the offering for extra strength and this again can be purchased online and will be delivered as a flatpack which includes assembly instructions, as per normal. Dimensions are 3ft x 3ft x 8″H, which is pretty compact, but nevertheless makes a freat focal point and will add to the appearance of any back or front garden. This raised bed can also be used for flowers if desired and would also enhance any home or garden.


Galvanized raised bed costs #4

This stylish attractive container is a real showpiece galvanised raised bed garden example and will also add to the appearance of any backgarden. There are some great standout features that come with this model, including a waterproof liner, easy to assemble structure, lightweight yet very sturdy and again may be located at any area or part of our garden. This raised bed would also go well on balconies, patios, or front/back decks and would make a great roof garden, such is its versatility. This container bed frame’s dimensions are 4ft x 3 x 1ftH and will again not only cater for the small planting items like herbs and salads, but it will easily accomodate some larger vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, leeks and onions because of the extra depth. At $60, this galvanised raised bed is well worth the price, because of what this example brings to the table in terms of robustness, stylish design,  capacity for planting, light to handle and finally so easy to assemble.


Galvanized raised bed costs #5



For this example we have here more of an elevated raised bed container, but this  item is made from corrugated iron. These containers are approx 18″ in height and will cater for a lot or most of our vegetables . The  modular design is somewhat different to the other models in that the ends are rounded and its a lot more sturdier that the other examples we have looked at above. They measure approx 6-7ft  in length and are 2ft wide and have cross braces as well. They are essentially made from corrugated steel to give that outdoor garden appearance, but are coated on the outside with a weatherproof plastic coating. With that said these are constructed, with just aesthetics and appeal in mind, but all of this adds to the price.

This is easily assembled, the parts or sides come with predrilled holes, which are then secured together with butterfly bolts, so no tools are required for this modular raised bed. Coming in at $200, they are slightly a bit more expensive that the others. Again they are well made, will endure and have that sturdy look about them and also, they have a plastic edging on top which really sets them apart from the rest. These are also available for purchase online and comes with assembly instructions included, plus free shipping.

I trust once again that you have found this post informative and if so we would love to hear from you via the comments box down at the bottom, we will reply to all your queries as soon as possible.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers….Phil Browne.


“It’s exciting to see things coming up again,

 plants that you’ve had

twenty or thirty years.

It’s like seeing an old friend.”

― Tasha Tudor


8 thoughts on “Galvanized Raised Beds

  1. Hi Phil, nice to see your Website. I like gardening and I have done it always in the old manner. Raised beds have many advantages for the gardener. And you show that the costs can be low. Great to see how you show some methods that is easy and cheap to DIY.
    I am interested to know what is the difference in harvesting. I mean how much quantity we can harvest of crop in this system in accordance with the traditional system. Do you have some facts about this difference? Regards, Jan

    1. Hi there jan

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering feedback. I agree with you that raised bed gardening is cheap and inexpensive, as I have previously explained. The idea that we will have a greater yield comes from the fact that we can plant our vegetables earlier and thus we can harvest a lot earlier than the traditional methods. The fact that we have an extended growing period would suggest that we can have a double harvest, but only with some varieties. Here’s hoping that this information is useful and helpful

      Thanks again for reading this post

      Happy gardening

      Cheers……..Phil Browne

  2. LOVE these! I’m for anything raised at my age! I’ve seen some of my farm friends use old livestock tanks for flower beds and they look soooooo cool ! Another friend got some galvanized tanks on raiser frames about 3 ft high. How do these hold up over the years for rust?

    1. Hi there

      Thanks again for dropping by and offering comments feedback, these are very much appreciated. I agree with you on the versatility of these galvanised raised beds, they will fit anywhere and will also can be used for any thing we decide to grow, ie, flowers, veggies, salads etc etc. They can also be raised off the ground by using concrete or cinder blocks, which would make life easier for some people. The fact that these beds are made from galvanise, they are now rustproof, which is an added bonus.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Happy gardening and best wishes

      Cheers…………….Phil Browne

  3. I’m so glad I found your site!
    My wife has been nagging me for ages to build her a raised vegetable patch because whenever she plants something in the ground our dogs take offense and rip it up (and or eat it) straight away!
    The only problem is that I am next to useless at building things, and super busy to boot.
    Your solution not only looks elegant but also hard wearing, which is definately what we need!

    I have bookmarked your page to show her when she gets back from her mothers later this week and hopefully this will be the solution that finally brings me peace 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its very much appreciated. I’m glad that you found this article useful and informative for your needs. Galvanized raised beds will make gardening a little more easier when fully assembled. They may be a solution to your pets issues also. It does’nt take long to get these up and fully functional, in fact I would safetly say that you could be up and running on the same day as you construct these.

      Thanks again for dropping by

      Happy gardening

      Cheers……Phil Browne.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post!!!!! What I liked more, was how beautiful the raised beds were!!!!! They looked so nice, neat, and unique. I also liked how easily done they can be and cost efficient. Great read!!!!!!! I also enjoyed how elegant they look. Its like buying something very expensive, but its not 🙂

    1. Hi there

      Thanks again for dropping by and offering feedback comments, these are very much appreciated. I’m glad that you liked this post and how informative that you found it. For sure, galvanized raised beds look just as good as timber or wooden raised beds. The ease with which they can be constructed has to be taken into account and as you rightly pointed out, they are also very inexpensive.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers………….Phil Browne

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