Garden Sheds for Raised Beds

Garden Sheds for Raised Beds

Once we get our gardens eastablished, up and running and fully planted, the next task is to accquire a shed for all our gardening tools and implements. This is a necessary accessory and is an item that’s very important. By having a garden shed for raised beds means that we have a safe and secure storage unit, that will make our outdoor gardening jobs more enjoyable and more pleasurable. Over time we will accumulate a number of these gardening tools and implements like garden spades and forks, watering cans, buckets and containers, seed trays, gloves, trowel and gardening forks and perhaps a wheelbarrow and a lawnmower as well. It is important and necessary to have these gardening accessories covered and protected from the elements, especially over the winter months.

Some of these implements will have cost a lot of money and by having a safe secure garden shed that can be secured and locked, will bring a certain amount of peace of mind to our lives, knowing that these are under lock and key. Naturally these sheds can vary greatly in price, but the thing is if we are only just starting out on our gardening adventures, these sheds need not cost the earth. The importance of a shed is underestimated at times, just like our raised beds they come in many shapes, designs, sizes and colours and their usefulness is often understated. We need only ask any gardener who has been gardening for years and they will tell you how important they are to their gardening lives. These garden sheds for raised beds are available in timber, metal and plastic mainly and are again available for purchase online and come with free shipping. Some come as a flatpack purchase and come with easy assembley instructions, depending on the size and type we are looking for.


Wooden Garden Shed;


Like we mentioned previously, garden shed units come in various guises, shapes and sizes like the example shown in the image above. This is just a flavour of what is available to us today and this fine storage unit is just a basic square storage shed with double doors and stacking shelves, which are adjustable. It will cater for most of our gardening tools and implements easily. This unit is covered in waterproof asphalt felt and again can be located in any corner of our back yard or backgarden. The dimensions of this storage unit are; 50″W x 35″H x 20″D and weighs just approx 50lbs. Assembley is required and would take approx 2 hrs. As it stands fully assembled, it looks very practical and functional, will keeep our yards neat and tidy and will offer a great solution for our gardening implements safe and secure keeping. Price for this garden storage unit is $180, it comes pretreated with a natural wood finish, is waterproof and is made from natural fir.


Outdoor Resin Storage Unit;


Let’s look at another option for our backyard storage choices. This is a resin or plastic type of unit and comes in various colours. Its a waterproof and weatherproof simple functional outdoor mini-shed, can be located in any area and will also enhance the appearance of our back garden. It is fabricated from sturdy polypropylene resin plastic and has steel reinforcement rods inserted for extra strength. There are brackets for storage shelves ( not included ) which can be easily inserted and will make some extra storage options. It looks very stylish in these neutral colours and will easily blend with our outdoor decor.



This unit has double doors for easy access and the roof  tilts upwards for extra manouverability and efficiency. It is a durable weatherproof unit and can be located in any area of our garden. With the fact that its made from resin plastic, it can be placed on any type of surface without worrying about it rotting or cracking from the outdoor elements. It will stand up to rain, wind , snow and it’s also UV resistant and its colours will not fade over time from years of exposure to the sun. It can also be padlocked for extra security and peace of mind and is just another option for our outdoor gardening accessories. At just over $100, it comes with free shipping and also comes with easy fabrication instructions.




Outdoor Steel Storage Shed;


This steel type of garden shed is another option which is becomming very popular with a lot of backgarden owners. Its a taller type of storage unit, yet it has a capicity of almost approx 100 cu. ft. This is primarily constructed from steel and is finished with a baked-on enamel coat to give a weatherproof rust resistant look. It is aesthetically appealing and with its tall structure, will give a decorative stylish appearance. It is a very compact unit with dimensions of 6ftH x 5ftW x 4ftD and offers terrific space saving storage capabilities.

This tall steel outdoor garden shed is available for purchase online and comes with free shipping. Instructions are included and all the connecting joining parts come with pre-drilled holes for easy sturdy assembly. This basic 5 ft x 4 ft  lean-to storage shed is a perfect addition to our outdoor yards due to it’s versatility and style. Its a perfect fit for long handled gardening tools and also will accomodate our step ladders because of the height it offers. It can be located again in any area of our garden or will look great in our backyards also. We may wish to install a concrete floor to place this tall structure on, due to its height. Pricewise this unit retails for $160 and comes with very easy fitting instructions. There are brackets built in for shelving and this is another option to consider. The shelving is not part of the purchase, but we could easily make these from timber ourselves.

Once again, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and thanks again for visiting our website. If have any questions relating to any of the above, feel free to leave any comments in the box section under here.


Happy gardening to all,

Best wishes          Phil Browne.


“I like gardening —

it’s a place where I find myself

when I need to lose myself”.

— Alice Sebold.


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    1. Hi there,

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  2. I am doing a little bit gardening in my house yard, and even if I am only growing small amounts of salad, tomatoes and herbs the accessories will accumulate as you said.

    I am also worried that my three years old boy hurts himself with the accessories so I really need to get a decent garden shed. I haven’t bought one earlier because I had only seen bigger ones that hardly could fit well to my rather small garden but the examples you give are very reasonable sized.

    I liked the most the first wooden one and the metallic was looking very easy to use and roomy.

    You covered up everything so well that I have no questions in my mind… I just wanted to connect a bit and say that I appreciated your article.
    Thank you and take care!

    1. Hi there Maria,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this article. I appreciate you taking the time to offer a great detailed feedback and its very welcomed.I am glad that you like what you saw and read and also that you found the information useful and interesting.

      Yes, I agree with you that a garden shed will be very useful in our backyard garden and it will keep the garden tools and implements safe and secure.

      Thanks again for stopping by and happy gardening

      Cheers         Phil Browne

  3. Nice page – I do alot of gardening and do use raised beds to get a little more control over the actual growing space. I find it easier for weed control. I like you images of sheds for the storage of all the stuff required and accumulated over time to take part in this hobby. Nice content covering the various types. I also like the images you use. I’m a big fan of the DIY type of storage (budget reasons) but these are really good alternatives. I especially like the images that show the inside with the doors opened.
    Now I want to read your other posts on this subject. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi there Louis

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and offering some great feedback comments, they are very much appreciated. I agree with you on the subject of raised beds, they definitely make life easier for us in the garden and also there is little or no maintenance as you rightly pointed out.

      I am glad that you found the information useful and beneficial and I agree with you that these outdoor garden sheds offer a great storage solution for our garden tools and equiptment.

      They will also make a great feature for our backyards if they are located in a proper location.

      Thanks again for dropping by and happy gardening

      Cheers    Phil Browne

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