Garden Smarter Not Harder

Garden Smarter Not Harder

As we approach the harvest and the fall, now is the time to reap the rewards of all of our hard work, which we invested throughout the growing year. Although the general maintenance is ongoing, we should at this time, see the fruits of our labor. As we all know at this stage that gardening can be a great way of getting some exercise and freshRelaxing in the gardens air and is also a great way of relaxing and taking in the occasion or moment, whatever that may be. However in the course of our gardening tasks and exercises, it’s very easy to forget where we are and it’s rather easy to become complacent on health and safety.

We must remember that we are in a working envoirnment at all times and whether we are young, fit and healthy or we are in our twilight years, we still need to embrace and adopt a certain degree of safety awareness. There are all the usual obstacles and hurdles in the form of gardening tools, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows and or raised bed frames that may be part of our backyard or back garden layout. Work smarter not harder is a mantra that we all can adopt, regardless of where we are working or what we are doing during the course of our day. Its just good housekeeping guides to adhere to and also, it’s about avoiding getting hurt or injured, whether its at work or out in our back garden. Could we replace that affirmation with ‘garden smarter not harder’, I’m sure we could.


A gardener trimming hedge with trimmer machine


Dressing  for the occasion;


The first and most important steps to look at are how we dress for the occasion and have it in such a manner as that we are comfortable and protected at the same time. It’s always important to wear sturdy footwear as this will give us a strong foundation for whatever our gardening tasks are. Depending on what activities we are doing, ie, if its spraying chemicals or pesticides, we need to have a breathing mask, gloves and goggles. A work or boiler suit would also be a great addition to our gardening accessories and they so easy to work with and give a certain degree of confidence and assurdness when doing extra tasking jobs.

Its a good idea to wear gloves at all times, whether we are weeding with our hands or operating with a spade or fork, they make working that bit more comfortable and protect our hands. Depending on where we live and how hot the climate is, sun protection is another important issue, that we must not overlook. If it’s very hot, a hat of some description is always advisable and wear long sleeves if out and about for long periods. Apply suncream or sunblock to exposed parts and if we think its very hot, we are always reminded not to work or sit out during peak sun intensity times, ie, from 11 am to 4 pm.


Gardening smarter and not harder

Operating machinery;


Power tools and garden machinery are something that we all know can cause serious injury and as ever we need to be constantly alert and aware of what we are operating. These may be garden strimmers, lawnmowers, mulching and wood chipping machines or garden shredders. All of these devices have propelled moving blades and  sharp teeth, which would cause very serious injury if we did become in contact with these. There are always instruction booklets and leaflets which come with the purchase and it’s essential that we read these before operating or working with these. it goes again without saying, we need to wear gloves, goggles and ear muffs and adhere to operating instructions. Under no cirsumstances should children be anywhere near these machines and if we are operating these in our back gardens it’s a good idea to have someone nearby, tell them we are operating a machine of some description, just in case we need them for any reason.


Know our limits;


Gardening is an enjoyable occupation at all or most times, but we need to know our limits in so far as when to stop and take a break every now and again. Its important to drink plenty liquids, especially if its really hot and humid while doing maintenance and general work in our gardens or raised beds. Always take a break if doing something strenuous and change to some other activity. As an example, if we happen to be digging our garden, after 30 mins or so, try weeding or perhaps mow the lawn, in that way we exercise all our muscles and limbs in equal measures, thus avoiding repetitive inducing injury.


In summary;


The enjoyment we will get from our gardening activities is un-measurable and un-quantifiable in terms of health Garden smart not harderbenefits. We don’t have to live out there day and night, but if we could give 30 mins a day, if we are working a day job, that would bring untold benefits and relaxation. The fresh air on its own would clear our heads and give us a different perspective on our day. We will form a relationship with our gardens eventually and after some time it will become part of our daily chore to automatically visit our gardens.

The benefits of being out and about in our back yards or back gardens, we have covered in some detail in an earlier post and that can be read here. The purpose of this post is just to remind people about how we could be better prepared for our gardening work and maintenance. It’s a common sense approach on awareness and just to be better mindful of where we are, what distractions, dangers and other issues may lie in our paths.


8 thoughts on “Garden Smarter Not Harder

  1. Great information on what to wear for working in the garden. I keep a pile of gloves on hand, and I have learned to wear a good pair of shoes. I used to just wear my flip flops, because that is standard for me. But I found my feet would get filthy, so I decided to cover them up. Not for a safety factor, mind you. But you are right, and I will make it a good habit to do from now on. Especially when I am using the lawn mower and other gardening tools. I am bad at that too. And I know, it is not very safe to not wear a good pair of shoes. All the rest you list are good tips, and I do adhere to them 🙂

    1. Hi there Matt’s Mom

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering comment feedback, its greatly appreciated.

      Yes, as you have rightly pointed out, we can become complacent from time to time and forget where we are. We need to remember that we are operating machinery at times, so we need to be mindful of that and concentrate at all times.

      Hopefully this information will be useful to someone somewhere and remind them also that the garden is a place of work as well as a place of enjoyment.

      Thanks again for stopping by, Best wishes

      Cheers     PB

  2. As I was reading of this article this just reminded me of myself how careless I am to my gardening hobby, I am Not a skillfull horticulturists as a matter of fact my 2300sq. meter backyard is all I have to take care my heirloom tomatoes, beds of lettuce, green onions, herbs etc… and some breeds of giant roses, But to the point that I am abusing too much of my time devoting too much of my love in gardening, I should have known these that this will get me a Headache or injuries when going out to work as the sun is at the highest peak… when operating a lawm mower of Not wearing a proper clothing or shoes where I got my lower leg being cut from a tiny wood chip thats not fun! – and it seems so funny that somebody could write me a reminder such this … thanks to this article … such unawareness will just costs you a lot …

    1. Hi there
      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post. I am glad that you have found the information important and useful.
      Yes I agree with you on a few of the points that we take for granted, we can get careless from time to time and that is when accidents happen.
      Hopefully this post will offer some advise to someone out there.
      Thanks again for stopping by
      Happy gardening
      Cheers PB

  3. I’ve just stumbled across your site and I wanted to say how informative and exciting it is. I’ve struggled for years with my garden and growing vegetables – it’s hard work and the end results are always disappointing! I think you’ve got some great advice here – and I’m certainly going to keep your website as a ‘go to’ for advice and information to make my life in my garden easier and more productive! Thanks for the information – love it!

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I hope that this information is useful and informative and that someone out there can get some important tips and ideas, which will help them with their gardening issues.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Cheers        PB

  4. Hi Phil.

    I enjoyed reading this informative post. I must say, though that I am ashamed to say that I don’t always adhere to wearing the protective clothing that I should. My neighbor came over while I was weed eating and brought me a pair of goggles. 🙂 And I like to wear shorts when it is hot. I am careful about my footwear when mowing; and I do drink plenty of liquids and take frequent breaks. I also try not to work during peak sunshine hours; though sometimes it is necessary to be able to get done. Thanks for all the valuable reminders for the safety of all the gardeners out there.


    1. Hi there Jeannie,

      Mnay thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am glad that this site was informative and useful to you for your gardening exercises.

      I agree with you on the safety issues in that we can sometimes get complacent and forget where we are and that we are working with machinery from time to time.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers    PB

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