Garden Tower Review

Garden Tower Review

I suspect that not many of us have heard of the garden tower and what it can do for us from a growing perspective. We may have recently noticed the advancement and progress that we are making in the area of vegetable growing and horticultural endeavour, through perhaps, raised beds, wicking raised beds and all types of fancy planters and containers. However, from a growing perspective for the homeowner, this has to be one of the best inventions that has come our way, dare I say it, since the sliced pan.

In this garden tower review, we will look at how this container works, how efficient it is, the design and much much more. Like everything else that has been introduced to our ever evolving world, this container began with humble beginnings, from a beta testing apparatus to the Garden Tower 2, which we have at the moment. It has been streamlined and perfected for a simple, easy to use device in our homes, without any great deal of maintenance or upkeep, perhaps just a little watering.

What is the Garden Tower;


The garden tower is a self-contained, revolutionary, vertical and rotating growing system. It requires very little maintenance, little or no watering when set up, generates it’s own organic fertiliser and produces organic succulent vegetables. The Garden Tower stands on a steady sturdy frame which allows the growing vertical tower to rotate, it can accomodate 50 vegetable plants and requires no weeding whatsoever. It will also compost our household waste, which in turn will fertilize our plants through this intricate, inventive and fantastic invention. It takes gardening to a whole new level and as we go forward will be very hard to better, for some time to come.


Garden tower


Getting the Garden Tower set up;


These garden towers are available online and also from certain stockists. They come with free shipping, have an itemised and a fully instructional booklet with details of how to get the most from this tower container. Once assembled, it’s just a case of filling with good quality compost material in through the top opening, firm into all the pockets and we are good to go. Planting the vegetables herbs or flowers is pretty easy, just like we would be planting in ordinary gardens or flowerpots. Water in afterwards and we are all set. As in the video down below, its really easy to complete this process and we really can see how efficient and enjoyable working with this garden tower is.



What to plant in this container;


In this garden tower, we can plant pretty much everything that we would plant outside in our backgardens, raised beds or ordinary plant containers. It will accomodate most or all of the usual vegetables that we would grow throughout the year, barring say, tomatoes, peas, runner beans and those that need staking or trellis support. Not ideal for deep rooted plants like potatoes, carrots or parsnips, but apart from these, it will accomodate all the others. Even large cabbage plants can be planted in the very top compartment, as this can sometimes be a little overpowering when fully grown.


Household Garbage Waste


Composting household waste;


If we look closely, we will see that there is a centre tower within the main structure. This is where we will put all of our household kitchen scraps, where it will bio-degrade and transform into organic usable natural compost. This process is ably assisted by earthworms, which are placed into the centre tower, along with our household waste and they then work their magic, which will produce the natural compost material. This compost is collected in a bottom drawer after approx 2-3 months and can be emptied into the main tower, so its one continuous, recycling, growing,  self-contained process. Underneath the compost drawer, there is another compartment which collects compost liquid or any excess water that drips down through all the tower compartments. This nutrient rich liquid can be recycled into the garden tower compost on top straightaway, to further fertilize our planter.

The centre tower incidently is a perforated, pre-drilled tube, for want of a better description. The roots of our vegetables and plants will also be attracted towards this organic processor, which will in turn help to assist with the fertilisation of these eventually. Each of the five tiers have nine openings or compartments giving us 45 pockets in total and with the top tier, open plan, so to speak, we can plant another 6-8 veggies in this upper tier. The whole tower rotates on a sturdy ball-bearing frame, which makes working with this apparatus a breeze. Ideal for wheelchair users or those of us with mobility or standing issues.


garden tower planter


Grow throughout the year;


In this garden tower review we endeavour to cover all of the issues and concerns that may relate to this vertical gardening system. The beauty of this system is that it’s extremely versatile, in that it can be mounted to a castor Garden tower vegetable planterwheeled frame and that would allow us to move or locate this tower to whereever we wish. So depending on where we live, what types of climate extremes we encounter, this will in all probability, work for all or most of the year. We can wheel this into a porch or patio for example, it can be moved indoors to a cool room or hall in the house in the winter months or can be moved into a greenhouse or polytunnel.

If we live in an apartment or high rise buildings and have a balcony or outdoor patio, this would be an ideal way of growing our own natural vegetables and also of disposing of our household waste. It takes up very little space, requires very little or no maintenance and will cater for 50 or more vegetables, herbs or flowers. It’s a case of some or a little observation rather than maintenance and just maybe some watering if necesssary.


Garden tower review;


This product is fabricated from safe to use UV durable tough plastic, which enables it to endure extreme heat or cold conditions. The sturdy frame legs allow this apparatus to be secured to our decking, patio floor, portable frame or any sturdy surface. It comes with a five year warranty, unheard of in todays industry, so it comes with pretty good credentials. Price wise, it retails at just under $400, so therefore we are paying for the technology, scientific gardening expertise, design, convenience, craftsmanship and much much more. I hope you have enjoyed this garden tower review, if so, please feel free to contact us, through the comments section with any queries or questions, that you may have in relation to any aspect of this gardening device. We will be only too happy to assist or if you would prefer to contact us directly via email, you can do so here at ;

6 thoughts on “Garden Tower Review

  1. Hey Phil, 400 bones doesn’t sound bad at all. I mean.. just look at the size of that thing. It looks so cool. And it doesn’t take up too much ground space. It takes up air space instead, working with height and not width which is perfect for those that don’t have much real estate and still want to garden. Do you know if it comes in different sizes?

    1. Hi there Flowstash.

      I see that you are really taken aback by this gardening utensil and I have to totally agree with you, it is one of the best gardening containers that I have seen for some time.

      It really fits the bill as you say, takes up very little or no space and is a great idea for those living in apartments or high rise condos, etc etc.

      There are smaller versions of this type, but not near as efficient and do not have the composting unit built in. They are just basic planters, without all of the extras that the garden tower brings.

      When they designed and built this plant garden tower, they went all out and as we can see, it looks amazing and offers something totally different and interesting,compared to what we were used to, up to now.

      Many thanks again for dropping by and offering positive comments on the garden tower review, it’s very much appreciated.

      Cheers  Phil Browne

  2. that is one brilliant concept for a garden in small spaces Phil.
    How easy would it be to get the soil back out of it though once you need to change the soil?
    I really like the idea of a composter and planter in one.
    I can’t say i have ever seen anything like that before.

    1. Hi there Remy.

      I see that you are pretty chuffed with the garden tower review and I must say that I have to agree with you. It definitely ticks all the boxes as far as what we have seen to date, in respect of a garden planter or container.

      Kudos to those who came up with the idea and concept of this garden tower planter and I suspect that this will be hard to better, for some time to come.

      When you are finished growing and harvesting your vegetables or herbs and you need to empty this apparatus, it’s a simple case of removing one tier at a time and empty the used compost all the way down. The tiers are kept in place with a simple clicking devise and each tier fits snugly into the next, via this mechanism.

      I totally agree with you in that we have a composter thrown into the bargain also, which makes this apparatus completely unique.

      Many thanks again for stopping by and offering positive comments on the garden tower, its greatly appreciated.

      Cheers      PB

  3. This sounds like the ideal vegetable patch. My traditional one now takes up too much of my time with all of the maintenance. The results are also not so great due to pests and my loveable but annoying cats.
    The price tag does sound a little steep though.
    Can you tell me where is the best place to buy online? and the cheapest place would be good.

    1. Hi there Karen,

      I am glad that you liked what you read on the garden tower review and I have to agree with you that it looks superior to anything that we have seen previously, in terms of a garden container or planter.

      With this self-contained garden tower, its so versatile that you can locate it in any area of your garden, patio, decking or backyard. It does’nt take up that much room, the maintenance is very manageable and the results are amazing.

      Lest we forget, this is alos a composter for our kitchen waste and generates its own garden compost over time.

      The best place for to purchase this apparatus is Amazon and it comes with free shipping, so you can see all the details here, just click the link here: GARDEN TOWER

      Many thanks again for dropping by, happy gardening

      Cheers Phil Browne

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