Garden Waste Shredders

Garden Waste Shredders

We have covered a lot of important gardening accessories here previously and one other item that may be one to consider is the garden mulcher or leaf shredder. The value or importance of these devices is very much underrated as they can make short work of all or most of our gardening waste. However we must not confuse these machines with wood chippers or shredders, while both doing the same line of work are still somewhat different. The woodchip chipper or shredder is for hardwood branches and timber mainly, while the standard shredders are for leaves, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, garden plants and stems and other soft items like these.

The waste shredders that we will look at are those machines that will eliminate most or all of our garden waste at the end of the year in our backyards or backgardens. If we are living in urban or suburban areas, we will notice that we have a lot of rubbish lying around especially during the fall, like fallen leaves and twigs etc. We could spend hours brushing them up and putting them into waste sacks, for either disposal at landfill bring sites or for collection by the waste disposal contractors. Some people place this garden waste on compost heaps, which is fine, but not everyone have these facilities set up for themselves.

Garden waste shredders for beginners;


These machines come either as gas or petrol propelled or electrically driven. The gas option would be considerably more powerful and would be the preferred option from a health and safety aspect. However the electrical type would do the job just as good, but we may need some electrical extension cables to be able to work this shredder outside where we would need it. The electric leaf shredder as per image above would make quick work of our garden waste and are really easy to operate. The opening hopper is at the top for our leaves and garden rubbish and the shredded waste is then passed through the shredding blades or mechanish, which we can collect with bin liners. This garden waste shredder would render 5-6 bags of leaves into just one bag of shredded mulch, which then could be easily disposed of on our raised beds, gardens or perhaps our compost heaps.


Advantages of a garden shredder;                                                              Leaf shredder

  • Cost efficient,
  • Recycle the material into organic compost,
  • Avoid burning,
  • Avoid having to bring to green sites
  • Keep our neighbours happy,
  • Reduce rubbish disposal fees,
  • No need to pay for removal,
  • Waste reduction ratio of 5/6 : 1,
  • Reduces garden maintenance,
  • Beautifies our Backyard,


The main benefit of using one of these shredders is, it will solve a lot of our garden waste disposal issues in an efficient and timely manner. These mulchers or shredders will dispose and transform our waste material as fast as can draw it to them. They are a super efficient solution to the ongoing watse issues that we as gardeners will experience on an annual basis. If we have a hedge say that needs trimming maybe twice yearly, this shredder will dispose of the trimmings pretty efficiently and cost effective also. Previously we disposed of this material in landfill, put out in wheelie bins for collection or perhaps even attempted to burn this waste. The burning of our garden waste will become more and more restricted as we go forward, due to ozone and carbon emission issues. With the shredder machine we can eleiminate all of those concerns and make our garden pretty and tidy once again.


Garden leaves for shredding


Operating a shredder;


Obviously there are certain safety issues when using a shredding machine in our back gardens. We must remember that there is a series of shredding blades which are operating at high speeds and great care needs to be observed when operating one of these machines. On purchasing one of these units, there would have been an instruction booklet that came with this, which would have contained a series of warnings and safety precautions that we would have to heed. Keeping children away from these would be top of the list, wear gloves, goggles and also ear muffs. This machine may get clogged up from time to time, so it would need to be switched off, disconnected from the mains and freed up again.


Garden leaves in the fall

Do I need a shredder;


Obviously that is a question, that only ourselves could possibly answer. There are numerous reasons for owning one of these machines, however the cost  factor may come into the equation. These range in price from $100 upwards, but at that cost, they will easily repay our investment in the space of a year or two. If we are gardeners and we would like to have an organic garden , we will probably applaud the fact that leaf mulch will not remain leaf mulch forever. Garden leaf mulch is just compost waiting to happen, so we automatically know, its safe to use and also we accquired this for free.

I have seen people use a lawnmower to do this job from time to time and indeed I have done this myself, but that was years ago, before shredders were invented. How much demand would we have for a garden waste shredder….the problem is, if we used it once, we would find it very hard to be without one. I trust that this information is useful and informative in your decision as to why we should have a garden shredder. As ever we are social here and would love to hear from you through the comments section down below.


6 thoughts on “Garden Waste Shredders

  1. A lawn mower has always been my go-to garden tool for getting rid of my garden waste.
    Though the prices on this shredder are not friendly, like you said, after using the right tool one might just get used to it and then my lawn mower could be used for the lawns.
    I might be giving this a try when possible.

    1. Hi there Excelle,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I too was like you with the lawnmowers  and have been known to dispose of the leaves with this machine and will admit that it did a fine job also.

      However the shredder will really make this task a simple and easy exercise for disposing of the leaves especially. The cost is relevent to what the the purpose of the machine is for and when we see how easy they will make our job in the garden, it will pay for itself in no time.

      Thanks again for dropping by, happy gardening

      Cheers    Phil Browne

  2. This is a very informative page on Garden Shredders. I don’t know the first thing about gardening but as an ex mechanic, I love tools. The details of how to use a shredder and what the advantages are of having one were very helpful for someone like me.
    Cheers Helen

    1. Hi there Helen,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post. I am happy to hear that you are mechanically minded and you will appreciate the benefit of having a garden accessory like this shredder for disposing of our garden waste.It will make quick work of all our grass trimmings, hedge trimmings and tree leaves, but the added advantage is we will have great compost for our garden afterwards.

      Many thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening

      Cheers    Phil Browne

  3. I’ve not owned a shredder, but it does seem very helpful for gardening purposes and for easier landscaping. Your article is quite thorough, but I do have a few questions.
    You suggest that a gas powered shredder is safer than an electric model; why is that the case?
    I’m also curious about the design specifications for shredders, and whether the size of the cuttings that it produces should be considered when purchasing one?

    1. Hi there Stevie,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am happy that you have been greatly informed by what you have read her and hoprfully you will be able to use this information in your gardening tasks someday.

      The reason I have slightly advocated the gas shredder is, firstly with the gas shredder you can locate and move it to any part of your garden or backyard that you wish. Secondly the electric shredder is somewhat restricted as to where we can have it in the garden because of the cable length etc etc.

      The size of shredder will not have that much of a bearing on the mulching or composting, its rather the cost is the issue depending on what size we wish to purchase.

      Thanks again for dropping by and happy gardening

      Cheers    Phil Browne.

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