Gardening by the Moon

Gardening by the Moon

We may or may not know that today, there exist’s a practice, known as gardening by the moon. This is a method of planting and sowing crops and seeds that is slightly different to the standard gardening methods that we may be familiar with. The big difference here is, these gardeners are goverened by the different cycles and phases of the moon. Indeed there are many books written on this subject and still to this day, people will religiously adhere to the principals of this practice. The idea itself, history has told us, began approx 3000 years ago when the pharaohs of Eygpt started experimenting with this method of gardening and it has survived to this day in certain countries only. Some commentators and experts will always state that Eygpt was the cradle of christianity and we have followed thier ideals and practices in lots of ways.

The only similarity that we have to explain its existence today is that the cycles and different phases of the moon are probably the same as we had back then, so therefore it stands to reason that people would still be using this method of lunar gardening. There is also an astrological element and connection to this gardening method, in that the star signs are also factored into the equation.  As we all know the moon effects the tides and is their greatest regulator, they ebb and flow according to the different moons that appear throughout the calendar year. For instance, when we have a spring tide and that happens when the moon is aligned with the sun and the earth and as a result those particular tides are highest around that period. A neap tide happens approx seven days afterwards and that is when the high tides are the lowest and the low tides are also at their lowest.


Lunar gardening

Why gardening by the moon;


Just as we have explained above, when the moon effects our tides, the moon gardening experts reckon that this event has an affect on the moisture that is within the soil. They go on to state that when this happens, it’s the ideal or optimum time to plant our seedlings and plants, so consequently, our crops will be stronger and result in greater yields. During this event the moisture is drawn to the surface of the soil and irrigates the plant roots and seedlings just after planting.This encourages the seeds and plants to germinate, sprout and immediately begins the growing cycle for our vegetables. This phenonomen is best explained thus, the gravational effect of the moon coming into play. For our own benefit and to fully understand this gardening method and for those people that will still use this practice, there are several calendars and journals available at book stores and also available for purchase online.



Gardening by the Moon
Moon Phases. Image courtesy of Wikipedia


Moon phases or lunar cycles;

  • New Moon,
  • Waxing Crescent,
  • 1st Quarter,
  • Waxing Gibbous,
  • Full Moon,
  • Waining Gibbous,
  • 3rd Quarter,
  • Waning Crescent.

So as we can see from the above list there are so many different phases to the monthly lunar cycle, it’s really complicated and difficult to fully comprehend how this method works. Yet to those that use this system, it would probably come natural to them. Each phase represents a different time for planting, either before or after these events and also for the planting of different varieties of vegetables. In essence, we could easily write an encyclopedia about this subject and at that we could possibly omit some important elements of this moon gardening topic.


Other lunar productive methods;


Some people in the poultry business are also aligned with these ideals and will have their eggs primed to hatch during different phases and cycles of the moon also. They will stand their eggs up especially when a full moon is due and claim that chickens that are hatched during this phase will be a lot sturdier and better in stature. They also state that chicks hatched during a full moon will be much more productive going forward and will also be much more likely to produce better offspring.


Horticultural evidence suggests different;


Moon GardeningSeveral tests, experiments, research and other trials have been conducted over the years to look at this gardening theory in more detail. These scientists have followed the rituals and methods to the nearest exact precise detail and carried out their tests and research according to the instructions of these gardening by the moon journals and books. However they discovered that no advantage or disadvantage was evident from this particular method of gardening. If anything was evident it was purely coincidental and they could not support any of those theories, that if we planted crops during the different moon cycles, we would have a better harvest or yield. They did go on to state that conversely there were no disadvantages to this method also. So I guess that leaves the door open, so to speak and people who use this method of gardening will probably, strongly disagree with the scientists findings.


Available reference aids;

At all good bookstores there are numerous books available about this system of gardening, some of these are also available for purchase online. There are also calendars available from most outlets and believe it or not there are lunar gardening apps available from the  Google Play Store and these apps are available for free. So for those with an interest in gardening by the moon or lunar gardening as some people call this practice, there is no shortage of available helpful guides or journals. Even as we speak, the 2018 Moon Gardening Calendar is currently available for purchase at bookstore outlets and also online.

Click here for the free Gardening by the Moon App


Final thoughts;


Our focus and objective here was to give a brief overview of what gardening by the moon is all about. Like I said earlier, we could write a whole library of information about all the different aspects of how this system of gardening works and is still being used today. I trust that the information here is informative and helpful to all in attempting to understand what this method of gardening is all about. As ever, feel free to join in the conversation and if you have any thoughts or concerns on any aspect of this topic, please use the comments section down below. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us directly, you may do so via email here at;

6 thoughts on “Gardening by the Moon

  1. Hello Philip, I found your article very interesting. I love gardening and heard of the gardening by the Moon before, but never actually went into details as far as what and when to do, to be able to take advantage of all different cycles and phases of the Moon. I appreciate the explanation of the effects of the Moon when it comes to the seed planting. Thank you for all the information.

    1. Hi there Grace,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on how gardening by the moon works, its really appreciated. I agree with you 100%, this is something completely new and I suspect that not a lot of people would have heard of this.

      It’s really exciting and facinating how our ancestors and forefathers worked the land, without any books, computers, schooling or any other of the mod cons that we have at our disposal today. They really made the best of what they had and in essence, they showed us how to live in lots of ways.

      Thanks again for dropping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers         PB.

  2. Hi Phil what an amazing article, I have never come across moon gardening before and I am about to buy a book on it now.
    I have come across the 24 seasons in Chinese philosophy and lunar calender’s in Buddhism but it would appear here is more information on the subject thank you for opening my eyes to this wonderful discipline.

    1. Hi there Simon,

      Many thanks for posting positive comments on the gardening by the moon article, its warmly appreciated and welcomed. Yes, I would totally agree with you that this gardening method is very different to what we knew about horticulture and it definitely has made gardening a lot more interesting and intriguing.

      There is so much science behind this system of growing vegetables, I suspect that it would take some time and practice to fully understand how moon gardening works.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers   PB

  3. Hi Phil, thank you for the great article. I have never heard about gardening by the moon until now. My wife and I have been working on our gardening skills and will definitely give this a try and prove those scientist wrong! 🙂 I always knew about the moon and how it affects the tides but never thought about the water in the soil, it makes so much sense.
    Thanks again, nice website too!

    1. Hi there Alex,

      We greatly appreciate you stopping by and offering positive comment feedback on the gardening by the moon post, its warmly welcomed.

      Like I said in my post, we could still learn a lot from our ancestors, especially when it comes to the subject of gardening. Back then, they were so versatile, in that, they made the best out of what they had and passed on a lot of knowledge to ourselves, some of which we are still using today.

      Best wishes on your moon gardening exercises and hopefully you will be successful.

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne.

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