Gardening Trends for 2018

Gardening Trends for 2018

gardening trends for 2018New Year, new beginning, new resolutions to be adhered to, but for the gardening community and aficiados amongst us, we cannot wait to get started outside in our gardens. All the journals, gardening experts and websites have articles and pieces about the new gardening trends for 2018 and beyond, with a whole plethora of new ideas and suggestions as to how we can get the most from our gardening tasks and exercises. New ideas are great in moderation and small doses, but where the regular gardener is concerned, they are chomping at the bit and cannot wait to roll their sleeves up and get busy with a spade and garden rake. They just cannot wait to pick up from where they left off in 2017 and get back into their routine as soon as possible, without all the fuss.

The one new gardening trend for 2018 that caught my attention was ” Mindfulness in our Gardens”. I am all for it and I think its a great idea. Mindfulness, according to Wikipedia, ‘is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training’. This form of therapy comes from the Buddhists’ traditions and practices and we would be wise to listen and take note of what they had to offer the western world. Basically its doing some meditation outside with nature, embracing our outdoor garden sorroundings and appreciate what we have in our backyards and backgardens. As we know gardening by it’s nature is theraputic, relaxing and so this mildfulness is another positive element, benefit or extension, of what awaits us in the great outdoors.


Mildfulness gardening


Gardening trends for 2018;


One trend that people could embrace would be to start a garden of their own for the first time and this would be one of the best New Year resolutions that they could possible imagine and continue throughout the year. What a fantastic hobby or experience to begin with and the satisfaction that could be accquired from this exercise would pay us back handsomely. It’s never been easier to get started and with all the advise that’s currently available, such as online videos, downloadable gardening apps and not forgetting our local garden centres, we cannot but succeed.  I was reading a recent survey on the topic of gardening lately amongst young people ranging in age 25 – 34, and they have really caught the bug and are also so educated today on the importance of being able to become self-sustainable to a degree. Such is the popularity of gardening in large towns and cities, we now have long waiting lists for allotments as a result of this upturn.



Giyers is a recently newly formed gardening community that have started up their own business in their own communities here in Ireland and are getting some rave reviews for their foresight and endeavour. We have all heard of the term DIY and now GIY, which stands for ‘Grow it Yourself’. This organisation is pretty similar to already established allotment groups or community gardeners, in that they advise locals with their workshops on the subject and topic of gardening. Along with that, they also go around to schools educating and informing young school kids about the joys of gardening and help them getting their own school gardens get up and running.




They are a strong minded, intelligent organisation, with degrees and diplomas in their back pockets for good measure and have set their sights high, right from the off. This group and organisation, to me, can be considered as a gardening trend for 2018, which would definitely tick all the boxes. I suspect that we will see a lot more groups and organisations like these in future, all preaching and advocating the love and joy of gardening that they are embracing themselves.


Arid planting;


Arid planting is another gardening trend for 2018, that some garden designers and horticultural experts are emphasising and encouraging us to embrace. This is a type of gardening whereby, we plant shrubs and flowers that require little or no watering whatsoever, yet these plants will thrive and flower throughout the year and also more Lavender Arid Flowerimportantly, demand no maintenance. I suspect that this issue has something to do with climate change and this is their answer or solution to this problem. It ties into the low or no maintenance category and I guess a lot of people would welcome this system , especially senior citizens or mobility challenged gardeners.

This type of garden is not to be confused with the rockery garden that we are pretty familiar with. Rockeries are basically flower gardens that are created where part of our backyard is unsuitable for planting vegetables, there are a lot of rocks and stones in a particular area and hence the name. Its a great way of landscaping an area that would otherwise be unsuitable for a traditional veggie garden. After the planting has been carried out, its a great idea to lay down a layer of 3-4″ of coloured stone pebbles which would really add to it’s appearence.

Some of the arid plants and shrubs that are used for the this outdoor feature would be Geum, Lavender, Sage, Verbena, Sedum, Euphorbia, Bouganvilla, Lantana and a host of others that will also fit into this category. These will survive in arid dry conditions and as we have stated above require no watering. All of these are multi-flowering, so therefore will attract all sorts of hummingbirds, butterflies and all types of insects. So from an aesthetics appeal, this type of garden system will look very professional if done to a high standard of workmanship.


Final thoughts;


As ever, I trust that this information will appeal to those people out there, who might like to do something for 2018 and are looking for ideas or inspiration. If you would like more details on any of the above or would like to join in the conversation, please feel free to offer any thoughts or ideas in the comments section down below. Alternatively if you would like to contact us directly, you may email us here at

6 thoughts on “Gardening Trends for 2018

  1. Hello, this is an excellent page – thank you! Last year I made the resolution that I would create a garden and I did! I took great pains to care for my beautiful little garden. However, this year my resolution needs to be “Keep this garden alive!!!”. It is starting to look a bit sorry for itself. You may be able to help me – I have limited space so the garden is in the shade. It actually receives no direct natural light. Do you have any tips for me?
    On another note, your page taught me something – I had not heard of GIYers before. I like it! That might need to be a resolution for next year if I can keep this year’s.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s greatly welcomed and appreciated. I am glad that what you read here about gardening trends for 2018 will be useful and beneficial to you as we go forward into 2018 and beyond.

      As for your own backgarden, its not easy at times to keep on top of things and if it does’nt get any sunlight, chances are that not too many things will grow here. The problem is….sunlight is one of the main ingredients that plants and vegetables require for them to thrive and flourish, the others being water and soil.

      if you could, say, plant some containers, hanging baskets, window boxes or planters like these, that you could move or position towards any ray of light, that’s available, that may be the solution for you.

      here’s hoping that this works, happy gardening.

      Cheers Phil Browne

  2. Hi phil,
    I found your page bright, well laid out, easy to read and navigate, and the basic information on this page had me browsing through your other pages.
    I think you might want to think about adding a short paragraph on the problems of using painted, stained or preserved scrap woods, especially for vegetable beds

    1. Hi there Douglas,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s warmly welcomed and also very much appreciated.

      I am glad that you liked what you saw and read on this post and hopefully, if you are stuck with and gardening issues or concerns, you can always refer back to this website.

      As far as the issue with painting and staining the wood and timber for raised beds and other gardening containers, I already wrote a post on this topic, which you can read here. I hope it’s informative and will be able to offer some solutions for this problem.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Cheers PB

  3. What a wonderful website to come across in early January in Canada when there is one foot of snow on the ground and more to come!

    My thoughts gor to your “raised beds” for gardening and “arid planting” techniques!

    I have bookmarked your site to definitely refer back to when the time is right!

    Here’s to wishing for an early spring!

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s greatly appreciated.

      I am glad that you liked what you read on the latest gardening trends for 2018 and hopefully it will become useful to you for your gardeningtasks, later on this year.

      Hopefully the snows won’t last for very long and we all know that Spring cannot be far behind.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers         Phil Browne

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