How to Attract Birds with a Bird Bath

How to Attract Birds with a Bird Bath

The idea of having birds in our backyards and backgardens is something that a lot of people would love and some homeowners go to great rounds to make this possible. It’s nice to watch them feed and flutter about as they go about their daily quests to either feed or wash themselves. Not a lot is known as to why birds love to splash and frolic about in water, but we must assume and surmise that it is for hygienic purposes to a lesser degree and more importantly to cool down, especially during the hot weather. Wildbirds will find a water source at will and if we have this facility in our backgardens, they will find it Attracting birds to our backgardens with a bird bath is a great idea and if we go to the trouble of this exercise, we will be pleasently surprised by the frequency this station will be used.

Despite what people think and say that its only  a handful of birds wash themselves, the fact is that nearly all species of birds need a bath from time to time and do so at least once a week. Larger birds will source out a river or lake for this exercise and unless we were observing them on a regular basis, we would not be aware of this fact. Having birdbaths in our backyard will definitely attract a lot of the well known species like house sparrows, jays, robins, blackbirds, finches, blue tits, hummingbirds, cardinals and so on. The placement and positioning of a bird bath is also very important and critical for this exercise.


Attract birds with a birdbath


How to attract birds with a bird bath;


There are many methods with which we can accomplish this task and indeed we can, with a bit of creativity, invent and design our own ideas for these waterers. Birdbaths come in many shapes and sizes, there are some very interesting designs and makes with which we can choose from and like everything else, the price can vary a little also. These devises can be purchased online, they are available at most garden centres and also at all hardware outlets or stockists. If we have a feeding station in our back yards, this is another great method of attracting wild birds to our homes. We covered this topic in an earlier post which can be read here. So its about having a combination of facilities and a measure of goodwill, that will attract these wild birds to our gardens.


Birdbaths for backyards



Types of bird baths;


The most common type of a bird bath that we will see in our stockists are those made from concrete or hewed from solid stone. These receptacles are strong,  sturdy, robust and well made to withstand all of the elements. Depending on where we live, these bird baths will have to withstand extreme heat and also extreme cold. So it’s important that we look at how enduring these are before we buy them. There are other types that are made from plastic, ceramic, cast iron or metal and these are also readibly  suitable for this purpose. The important issue with these waterers is, regardless of what they are made from, we need to ensure that there is sufficient water for the birds to drink or wash and also that the water is clean and usable. Prices for these birdbaths range from as low as $25 for a basic model all the way upwards of $200  for a top of the range, solid stone, ornamental decorative type bath.


Where to locate the bird baths;


There are several places that we could locate these birdbaths and common sense would suggest, where not to place Backyard birdbathsthese. We could locate these under a tree or big shrub, but there is a danger that the birds could be predated upon, by cats or larger birds. Birders often locate these out in the middle of a lawn for a number of purposes. The reasons for this placement in the lawn are, birds could see a cat approaching and would be able to make their escape, a nice attractive stone bird bath would make a standout feature in our gardens and finally if we can position this bath in such a way, so as that we could see this from our sitting or living rooms, then that is where we could really enjoy watching these creatures splashing about. These, being part of the reasons why we would have set these up in the first place and our objective would have become much more enjoyable, as a result.

These bird baths are often located in the centre of our flower gardens, the reason being if any great amount of splashing and frolicking about is taking place, then the water don’t go to waste, as it goes to watering the flowers. Another issue worth mentioning is that if these are in an open windy location, we need to ensure that they are firmly entrenched in the groundand don’t get blown over rather easily. Often a large stone or rock is placed in the centre of these baths for the enjoyment of the birds, as they like to dive in and out of the water.

Is hygiene an issue;


Yes, absolutely, hygiene is a big issue when dealing with these waterers, both for ourselves and the wild birds. Its important that these baths get cleaned out and washed down every now and again. Wild birds are wild, first and foremost and can carry all sorts of threats or risks to our own health. All types of insects may use this facility and who knows what sorts of threats they may carry. So as we would be handling or cleaning these ourselves, we can see from the aforementioned that it is paramount that we observe and take good care when dealing with these bird bathers.

In this detailed overview of how to attract birds with a birdbath, we can see how easy it is to set these up and have them functioning for the birds and not forgetting our enjoyment and pleasure. If you would like to get in touch with us here at, please feel free to contact us via, the comments box down below.

Happy birding and gardening,

Cheers  Phil Browne.


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8 thoughts on “How to Attract Birds with a Bird Bath

  1. Hi there,

    We love birds! I found this post very informative and helpful. I can see how, with just a bit of thought and care – wild birds could become part of our everyday lives. I noted that you featured a veggie garden, do you think it would be in danger from birds eating it?

    1. Hi there Tabsmark

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post. I am glad that you liked what you read on this article and that you also like the idea of having birds flying around your garden. It makes a great sight to see them flying around the watering station and to see them diving in and having a bath, every now and again.

      As for the vegetables in our gardens, we will always have that threat and issues with birds coming and going. If we have nice juicy strawberries or something like that, I suggest that we cover these with a bird mesh and hopefully that will solve the problem.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Cheers     Phil Browne

  2. Hi Phil, like your article. I live in UK and I find I need to be cleaning any bird bath out frequently as I am concerned about hygiene. My experience is that birds don’t like to be too exposed, but as you say, also don’t like to be too near trees or fences because of predators. Water soon gets dirty and discoloured. Ok for washing but not too good for drinking. Best Regards, Chris

    1. Hi there Chris,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s greatly appreciated. I am glad that you like what you read in this article and I see that you too are also have an interest in having birds around your garden.

      Yes, as you say there is some work and maintenance involved in looking after and caring for these wild birds. But still it only takes a few minutes and the work will have been worth all the effort.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Cheers  Phil Browne

  3. Great article! Well written and interesting perception on why birds are attracted to your garden. We have a bird bath and feeder and love to see beautiful birds such as Cardinals, Bluejays, and Nuthatches. Our bird bath is situated under a lilac tree and the birds seem to enjoy the low branches.

    1. Hi there MJBarrelet
      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly welcomed. I am glad that you too, like to have birds fluttering around your garden and that you enjoy their company.Its great to see them and its even better to see them diving in and out of the birdbath. The amount of work and maintenance in havinhg this facility set-up for them is definitely worth the effort.
      Thanks again for dropping by,
      Best wishes,
      Cheers Phil Browne

  4. Hi Philip,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    I have a big garden and plenty of birds coming every day to search for food. The problem is that I have two cats that live in my garden. SO, I am a bit afraid that if I place a bath, the cats will catch them. I feed the birds every day by throwing old bread on the roof where the cats cannot reach to. The bath would be a great idea, but I still haven’t figure out where to place it:)
    I’ll check in my garden, there must be a place for the bath:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi there Daniella,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its greatly welcomed. I am glad that you are keen to have a bird bath and that already you feed the birds. The cats are an issue in this circumstance and there are a few ways around this problem. My first advise would be to place the bird bath in an open area, that way the birds could see the cats coming and make their escape.

      If you could see the bird bath from your sitting room or kitchen, that would bring you hours of enjoyment, watching them dive in and out.

      There are hanging bird waterers that you could attach to a tree or from the eve of a roof, that would make it more difficult for the cats.

      Thanks again for the comments and best wishes,

      Cheers     Phil Browne

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