How to Water Hanging Baskets

How to Water Hanging Baskets

It comes as no surprise to us if we have hanging baskets or flower pots, one of the main maintenance tasks is to waterHanging basket Bloom these containers. Naturally these grow and flourish mainly throughout the Summertime which is the warmest and hottest times of the year, so watering is a must. Depending on what plants and flowers we are growing, what area we live in and the prevailing climate, some pots and tubs will require more attention than others. There are several issues regarding watering and irrigating, ie, how often, how to do it and what are the best times of the day for these exercises. Despite the work involved, the upshot of all this maintenance is, we will have a fantastic attractive display and a great show of colour, scent and healthy flowers for our troubles.

These hanging baskets will attract all sorts of insects, butterflies, humming birds and moths and other creatures that will be drawn by their colour and nectar scents. Despite all the steps and measures that we will take in the potting and planting of these flowers initially and the guarantees that the compost providers give us, the reality is watering is going to be top of our agenda going forward. There are several methods that we can use when carrying out these exercises and we will look at these and how we can achieve this task and get fantastic results. Earlier on this year, we wrote a post on how to plant hanging baskets, these baskets are the images that you now see on this post.


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How to water hanging baskets;


The easy way is to get a hose with a sprinkler and aim at the baskets for 10 minutes or so and move on to the next one and so on, but unfortunately that will not work. Even if it rains consistently for a few hours or so, we might think that will do the job for us, but alas that won’t work either. The best indicator or sign that we will need to water our hanging baskets is to attempt to lift them upwards gently and if we feel that they are light to lift, that is a sure sign that they are afte rdrying out considerably. As a rule of thumb hanging baskets need watering every other day and need feeding once a week. If we adhere to these steps as much and as regular as we can, we will be guaranteed a  colourful display and something that we can be very proud of. The feed comes in powder form and all we need do is to follow the instructions on the box. A well know brand is Miracle Gro, and the mixture ratio is as follows: one spoonful (15ml) will make 4·5 litres of mixture, which is a typical watering can.


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Why do we water and feed hanging baskets;


The location of our hanging baskets means that they are situated on a high perch, ie, hanging under the eves of our house, on a balcony or patio veranda, attached to a wall bracket and perhaps we may have a dedicated pole to display these baskets. With this placement, the problem is that they are prone to drying out much faster that say an ordinary flower pot or container that is placed at ground level. Just like we hang out our washing on a clothes line to dry, the same principal applies to these hanging containers. In fact the drying process is expediated by the wind drying element and also that fact that the flowers and plants will consume as much water as is available to them in the compost and soil mixture. So to that end, watering and feeding is so necessary as we have just stated, these trailing summer plants are voracious and very vigorous feeders and will have to be maintained for this purpose.


What is the best feeding method for hanging baskets;

When we initially planted these flowering hanging baskets, we may have used compost that was pre-treated with all Hanging Baskets in bloomthe trace elements and nutrients needed to sustain these plants throughout the growing months, but that will have dissipated after a few weeks, so this soil has to be replenished. Some people use slow release feeding pellets and that will do up to a point, but my own preferred method is a liquid feed. The fact that our feed is liquid, it will spread through the soil much faster and will have an immedite impact. There are several brands available at our local garden centres and all will be adequate for these purposes.

Taking down hanging baskets;

I have done this on a regular basis, whereby I got a step ladder and physically took down these baskets and placed them on a large bucket. This is a secure system of holding them in position, while I carry out the watering duties. On other occasions, I would climb the step ladder and water them on high with a watering can. With this method, I can aim the nozzle into the soil and thereby ensure that the water is distributed equally around the basket. Its not a good idea, just to water the flowers liberally as the water falls off to the sides and is gone to waste. It is imperative that we attempt to get as much liquid into the soil as that’s where it will become more beneficial and will have more of an effect, in our efforts to get that display of blooms that will wow our family, friends and neighbours. Feeding will ensure great displays of flowers and bloom, it will yield healthy strong plants for a continuous performance of colour and show.



Hanging baskets plant food


Water in the morning or evening;

The best time to water our hanging baskets is either early morning or late evening. The reason for this is, if we water during the daytime it could be harmful to the flowers and may cause the blooms to become scorched. It could also result the watering to be evaporated during the midday heat. Deadheading is another issue and this job could be done at the time of watering. This is where we remove all faded flowers and prevent them from going into seed. The flowers in these images are the ‘Trailing Flowering Petunia’ and are recognised as the best for these types of display. I hope you find this information useful and if so, feel free to contact us via the comments section down under.

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  1. Hey Phil – excellent post. As an avid gardening “nut” I always enjoy reading about and talking about the subject. I have never really gotten into basket growing, but it is still gardening and, as such, draws my interest.

    I noticed that you advise watering in the early morning and early evenings which, of course, applies to all gardening, as the droplets of water can act as magnifying glasses and scorch the plants during high sunlight hours.

    Also, of particular interest to me, was how you “deadhead” flowering plants. Since I’m more of a vegetable gardener, never really grow flowering plants (except for some select ones that repel insects, grown around my raised beds, for protection of my growing veggies), this was one of those “learn something new everyday” things, lol.

    Love your site, too – always good to share experiences and knowledge with a fellow gardener!

    1. Hi there Marvin,

      Great to meet you and many thanks for dropping by and reading this post on hanging baskets. All the tips and ideas about growing flowers for show comes with years of experience, as you probably have yourself, just reading from your comments on gardening in general.

      As we go along we pick up ideas here and there and its all really a big learning curve.

      I have read with interest also, how you plant some flowers amongst your veggies, to repel some of the unwanted insects and butterflies. I would guess that some of these flowers are ‘marigold’, which are probably the best variety for this job.

      Many thanks again for dropping by and happy gardening

      Cheers          PB

  2. Hello. I have looked over your page and read the content. I like the layout. You have plenty of vibrant pictures to look at. Your content is thorough. I would suggest putting some of your Amazon picks throughout page or link the item to a phrase inside the paragraph. Overall I like the simplicity of the page.

    1. Hi there Amy,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post. I am glad that you liked it and also found the information useful and beneficial.

      Thanks again for stopping by.

      Best wishes               PB

  3. I LOVE to do gardening, and I think the tiered raised bed frames would be perfect for an herb garden I have in mind for next year. I though raised garden beds were an invention of something fairly recent.I’ll have to check out the apps for gardening. I love the quote by the author unknown! So true, lol.

    1. Hi there Jessy,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its very much appreciated.

      I am glad that you liked the page and have found the information useful and informative. Yes as you rightly pointed out, gardening is a great [pastime and is so good for our health and wellbeing.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers               PB

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