Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

On this  particular subject we will look at some of the various plans, outlays, shapes and designs of raised beds, that may entice us to take action and construct our own raised garden beds. If we are deciding to build and construct our own bed frames, we need to slightly think outside of the box so to speak, get the creative juices flowing here, ourselves can be the greatest designers to build and bring this concept to whatever conclusions we desire. Visualise for a moment, a picture of what or how you would like your raised bed garden to look like. On a sheet of paper, its a good idea to sketch a few drawings or designs of what comes to mind, make a few tweaks here and there depending on the location and positioning of where you want our raised bed to be situated or located.

If we are happy with what we have thought of, its time to go ahead and bring all of this together. We need to put our theories into practice, so to speak. Imagine if you will, the satisfaction of planning and designing our own raised beds and how proud we would be to showcase them to your neighbours, friends and family. When all of this is complete, a nice idea would be to arrange a barbeque for some evening and invite the whole neighbourhood around. Who knows, we may be asked for advice and help on this matter, as a result we may eventually become an authority on raised bed garden designs.





Steps to remember;


If you have an existing structure of say a dwelling house, garage or boundary wall, this would be a great place to start with our construction. Build thebed adjacent or parallel to these fixtures and we can always expand from there. Be creative and innovative. The location of our raised beds is paramount, ie always position these in a sunny position and if at all possible have the longest part of the frame design facing southwards. The reason for this theory is, we will be able to get the most benefits from the sun.

Different designs;


The most common of raised bed designs is the standard rectangle bed frame which nearly always measures 8ft x 4ft. For starters you could divide that into two equal parts leaving you with a 4ft x 4ft box type plan. Imagine positioning say 3 or 4 of these along the back wall of your garden for starters, then begin to plant-up a variety of vegetables, plants or flowers in each giving you an assortment of colour and choice. Leave at least a space of 2ft approx or more between each raised bed, this will allow for walking room, space to wheel a barrow or push a lawnmower if you decide to have a grass path surrounding the raised bed gardens. Another good idea is also to lay down a nice decorative layer of coloured stone between the beds. This makes the whole concept a lot more attractive and pleasing to the eye, our shoes will be a lot cleaner and we will enjoy the experience all the more.





Taking action;


Nothing can be more rewarding than making a plan of our own raised beds, constructing and assembling these and then commence the gardening afterwards. As we go forward and become more creative, ideas will come to mind during assembly and construction, we will be pleasantly surprised at how easy a task this was and we will never look back and have regrets. We can be enormously proud of our construction skills, having the foresight to make a plan and take action and eventually bringing the whole idea to fruition.  To design and build your own raised bed garden frame is the ultimate achievement for the novice or the professional gardeners. As we drive to town or take a trip out into the countryside, we should be observant, see what ideas other people have come up with and adopt or change to suit. Countless plans, ideas and designs are available for download from the internet, the raised bed frames are also available  for purchase online, so we need never be short on ideas for this project.




In summary;


Regardless of what time of the year it is, we can begin the construction of these at any time, summer or winter. The whole ethos of raised bed gardening is the simplicity that comes with this system and also the rewards at the end of the year, ie, the harvest. The concept is completely different to what we used all along, there is less of the intensive labor and maintenance that was always a part of gardening and we now can begin to enjoy this new experience all the more. The yields are greater and the opportunities that will come with this concept will make gardening more enjoyable.

The design and layout of our backyards and back gardens will improve over time as we become more creative, more knowledgeable, more informed  and these raised beds will enhance the look and appearance of our homes immensly. While we travelling to and from work, a little observation as we drive through town and country will yield some great ideas and inspiration, see what is happening around us and also drop in to our neighbours and see what they have been up to in their gardens. I’m pretty sure they will be only too happy to share with you their own thoughts and ideas on this subject. Thanks again for stopping by, as usual we are sociable, drop in and say hello, using the comments box below.


Happy gardening to all who try and succeed

Cheers…..Phil Browne.


“A story is a garden you carry in your pocket.

The stories we tell ourselves

and each other are for pleasure and refuge.

Like gardens they are small places in a large world.

But, Jinhua, we must never mistake the stories

we tell for truth.”

― Alexandra Curry,


6 thoughts on “Ideas for Raised Bed Gardens

  1. I think raised garden bed are the best, you can control what kind of soil to put in. I have a couple raised garden bed in my yard with fresh vegetables. It’s great to just go out to your yard and get fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions. and peppers.

    One garden is made with wood another is with cinder blocks. You can make raised garden bed out of almost anything. Great information.


    1. Hi there karden

      Many thanks for feedback comments. Yes, I agree with you totally, you can absolutely make raised beds with almost anything that you can get your hands on. They are so easy to construct and will make life that much easier for us in the long run. Well done again on reading this article and taking the time to drop by

      happy gardening and best wishes

      Cheers..Phil Browne

  2. Quite magical a garden is. We always had a garden, normally it was also huge in size, with various berries at different parts of our big yard and fruit trees throughout. We always had a dozen chickens and a couple of ducks and a goat to keep down the weeds at the back of the yard. This was part of my upbringing. My mom made her own berry wine and used our apples for her own apple pie. Duck eggs were used in baking and eating whole warm tomatoes with the salt shaker; I truly miss all of this history. Things aren’t like that anymore and both of my parents and grandparents are gone.
    Your raised beds post brought it all rushing back, especially when you can get creative in making your little yard into a little piece of heaven.
    I would love the ability and yard to do everything that you have described in your post/page at BuildingRaisedBeds. What a great idea and I know that there are thousands of people out there that still want this kind of life. I entertained at one time trying to build a site for people that lived in high apartment homes that could build these kinds of gardens on their roof. The taste of fresh vegetables pales what you purchase in the grocery store. Tomatoes taste like water, cucumbers taste like tomatoes and nothing entices like home grown lettuce.
    Good luck to you; hopefully when the baby boomer crowd is gone, people will still find pleasure in building raised beds because our earth is running out of ground space.

    1. Hi there Rene,

      Many thanks for dropping by and taking the time to offer such a great feedback, its very much appreciated. I enjoyed immnesely how you described what it was like when your parents and grandparents were alive and how great it was to be living out in the country. Being from the country and brought up in a farm, I can readily identify with you, when you talk about what it was like.

      I hope that these posts and articles will be helpful in assisting people build their own raised beds, get creative and enjoy the fruits of their work. They will make life better for them and the taste of the vegetables will be all the sweeter, especially when they will have grown them themselves.

      Once again I appreciate the feedback comments you have given and many thanks for taking the time to offer same.

      Happy gardening and best wishes,

      Cheers.Phil Browne.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say that your site on raised bed gardens is great. Very informative and very in debt, the site is very well put together and looks fantastic. This is great, because this is exactly what my wife has been asking me to build for her at our house. Thank you!

    1. Hi there Mike,

      Many thanks for taking the time to read this post and offering great comments, very much appreciated. I hope this article is helpful and useful to you on your gardening adventures. I am confident that you will build a great raised bed system and you both will enjoy these for years to come.

      Thanks again for dropping by

      Happy gardening

      Cheers.Phil Browne

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