Levitating Flower Pot

Levitating Flower Pot

Levitating flower pots may not be top of most peoples’s shopping lists when they are thinking about how they could improve their indoor decor. Standard flower pots are more likely what most people would be looking for, when they go to their garden centres, with a view to decorating their sitting rooms, kitchens or hallways. We all know what the most popular of these houseplants are and some of these flowers would beIndoor Geraniums more widely know as Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Oxalis, Begonias, Cactus, Orchids, Aloe Vera and many many more, which would fit the household category.

Earlier on, we covered the Parrot Smart flower pot on this website and this is indoor flower husbandry taken on to another level. This smart intelligent flower pot can be controlled from an app on our iphones or smartphones. We can monitor the growing process from this application and it gives information like lack of nutrients, lack of light, soil condition, watering issues and much more. Its something quirky, to say the least and I guess, like everything else in our lives, we are moving in an age where IT plays a big part in everything that we do nowadays.


Indoor cactus



Levitating flower pot;


Not to be outdone by this advanced piece of technology, we now have a flower pot device or container, that will float or levitate indoors and this invention is creating quite a stir in most gardening circles. Not only is this new scientific discovery asking some questions among the horticulturalists amongst us, but everyday folk who know little or nothing about gardening are also quite interested in this levitating flower pot. The science behind the mechanics of how this flower pot can float has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s only recently been improved upon and streamlined for our benefit.


How does this levitating flower pot work;


Basically its a series of magnets that is the secret and key to how these flower pots float. Its a set of inbuilt magnets pushing up against an electromagnetic field which causes the magic to happen. We need to plug in this device and that activates the levitating process, whereby the flower pot will hover and float, as it rotates 360° for as long as it remains plugged into a power source. So the magneticism has been around since it was first discovered and now has been transformed into this delightful scientific and fantastic levitating plant pot.


Lyte Levitating flower pot


What plants do we use;


As we can see from the video, this container will take relatively small sized flowers, plants, herbs or cactii. It was designed for air-plants initially but on further research, it was discovered that it will take plants in soil also. Air plants use particles in the air and sunlight to grow and flourish, rather than the traditional root system, whereas plants or flowers potted in soil need watering and feeding every now and again. Cactus need very little water whatsoever and thrive normally in dry soil and in very dry climates, so these would be an ideal plant for this floating flower pot. So as with this process plants grow from getting sunlight from all sides as it levitates and rotates, suspended in mid-air.


Who makes these levitating flower pots;


The company behind this discovery is a Swedish company called Lyfe. They are a group of intellictual creative individuals and engineers, who have an interest in design and in certain areas of electromagnetism and also some interest in horticulture. They previously invented a similar type of process whereby, a lightbulb placed over this electromagnetic base would light up like an ordinary bulb, except it was not connected to any sockets or wires. They then researched further into this process and arrived at the levitating flower pot. Who knows what direction or what they will come up with in the future, so let’s hope that its something as innovative and as interesting as the levitation device container. Through Crowdfunding, Kickstarter and a Go Fund Me set-up, they financed these projects and were eventually able to bring them to market.

Lyte levitating flower pot unboxed;


The base of this device is oak made and measures 6″ x 6″ x 1½”, so its a sturdy and stylish looking piece of decor. The container is fabricated from silicone, has a watering well reservoir built into this, so it really looks the part. The watering well is a fail safe measure, just in case we overdo the watering. It has geodesic or aerodynamic design, so it looks attractive and mesmermising as it floats on air in our kitchens or sitting rooms. Once unboxed, place the oak base on a shelf, window sill, hall table, sideboard or office desk, plug in and then place the silicone container directly over the base. Immediately you will notice the gravity push from the magnets activation and it stays in place immediately. Give the flower pot a twist and away it goes, its that simple.


In conclusion;


The idea of this post is to give an overview and informative account of this Lyte levitating flower pot. It is something totally different from the mundane gardening exercises as we know them and it is a different take on how innovative and versatile indoor house planting has become. Who would have thought say, ten or twenty years ago that this was possible, well now we see it for ourselves. First the Parrot smart flower pot, that can be watered and maintained from our smartphones and now this, a levitating floating flower pot. These devices would make the perfect gift and would create a fantastic buzz with our family and friends, as it makes for a great conversational piece. Pricewise, it retails at approx $280, but its great value, for the innovative invention that we are getting.

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6 thoughts on “Levitating Flower Pot

  1. This looks like it would make a really cool gift for someone who has a modern style or even if you are looking for something for the person who has everything. I mean, who would already have a levitating flower pot? It looks like it might be a bit large in the pictures but the dimensions you list make it seem more manageable. As a person who over-waters frequently, I’m also sold on the watering well reservoir. Aside from being plugged in, is there any maintenance the pot requires?

    Christmas is right around the corner and I bet everyone has someone on their list who would love a gift like this – thank you so much for bringing it to our attention!

    1. Hi there Leslie R

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its warmly welcomed. I am glad that you liked what you read on the levitating flower pots and as you rightly pointed out, this would make a fantastic gift and now that Christmas is just around the corner, it would be ideal for this occasion.

      Remember that we have two choices when selecting plants for this container, one being rooted plants and the other air-plants. The air plants need no watering whatsoever as don’t the cactii, but the root plants may need a little every now and again, depending on which type we choose.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Cheers Phil Browne.

  2. Wow, this is so cool! I was looking online for some indoor flower pots for my new home. Now I have a really unique idea…well not my idea…but this is going to be a conversation piece as well. I like how it will rotate 360 degrees. I wonder, do you know what makes it do that? I understand the magnetic force making it float, but what makes it spin?

    1. Hi there again,

      I am so grateful that you have stopped by once again and also for leaving positive comments on the levitating flower pot post, they are warmly welcomed.

      It is a fantastic topic and one that will create some interesting conversations with our family and friends, that’s for sure.

      The creativity and science behind this flower pot is amazing and the inventors must be congratulated. As to how the levitating flower pot rotates, I suspect that it has to do with the polar magnetcic force that exists between the poles, ie, both pulling from opposite directions, thus causing it to spin continuously.

      I am glad that you liked what you read on this post and thanks again for stopping by.

      Cheers    PB

  3. Hello Phil,

    This is really magnetic news! I have never heard of such a thing like a levitating pot before. Our world is more and more turning into a digital world – even “normal” things like a flower pot is getting interlaced and digitized. It is kind of scary and fantastic at the same time.

    However you will be the hero of the day by handing over such a present to the hosts of a party! A very positive thing is also that you can’t overdo the watering, because I usually tend to want to give the plants too much water. Though, I wonder if not the plant or the house inhabitants will get harmed by the magnetic radiation?

    Happy to have found this very interesting post!


    1. Hi there pernilla,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on levitating flower pots, its greatly welcomed. I am glad that you have found this article interesting and its really an unusual topic, for sure. Its a really facinitating invention and the creators of this floating flower pot, have to commended for their creativity.

      It as you rightly pointed out would make a great gift and present and I suspect that we would find it hard to better this device as we look for unusual presents this Christmas.

      As for the magnets issue, they are no different to any other electrical devices that are found in our homes, like our fridges, TVs, washing machines etc etc.

      Thanks again for stopping by and I am glad that you liked the post

      Cheers     PB

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