Mulching Lawn Mowers

Mulching Lawn Mowers

We may or may not have a lawn of some description, either out back or perhaps a front lawn and sometimes the routine of mowing this gets a bit tedious and monotonous. Its the same old same old for years and often we have experienced the feeling of…I thought I had cut this yesterday and suddenly realised that it needs to be cut again. This is a regular occurence, especially in late spring and throughout the summer months during the vigorous growing period. There is no getting away from it and it sometimes this issue resembles the weeding problems that we have in our vegetable gardens, they just never seem to go away. The task of emptying the grass bag every five minutes or so is back breaking and then we have the mounting problem of disposing the grass cuttings.

However some homeowners take great pride in the cutting of their lawns and look forward to this exercise with great fervour and excitement. They are house and lawn proud and take special care and pay great attention as to how the lawn looks when they are finished the mowing. Then there are those of us that just want the grass to be cut and finished with the task as soon and as quickly as we can possibly manage. There is a solution that will go halfway towards relieving this dilemma and believe it or not, it does’nt cost the earth. There are now mulching lawn mowers which are available at all our garden centres and hardware supply stockists. These mowers have been on the go for about twenty years or so and are seen as a qualified success.


Is this a new invention;


Those of us that are old enough, remember the old type push lawnmowers. This was a model that definitely made usold style mulching push lawn mower physically fit to a degree, as it was a tough task to push this contraption around our lawn for a few hours. There was a series of blades in the front of this machine, which rotated as we pushed it forward and mulched and shredded the grass into tiny particles. The grass was not collected and was allowed to disintegrate into the soil, which fertilised the lawn in return. If by chance, we ever saw the sports pitches being mown, we will notice that they use this system all the time, but the mowers are ride-on mechanically propelled machines. So we can see that this system has been used for decades, but the benefits had not been identified until some time later.


How do mulching lawn mowers work;


This operation reduces the overall workload of mowing and maintaining a lawn by at least 60 – 70%. How is this possible…… I hear you ask. In this process, there is no grass bag or box, the cut grass is mulched underneath the hood and dispersed as shredded particles that are so small, it’s almost impossible to see them afterwards. We have totally eliminated the task of emptying and disposing the grass cuttings completely, so its just a matter of pushing the mower up and down the lawn and we are done. Along with this exercise the mulched grass acts as a fertiliser and thus eliminates the need to feed our lawns, up to a point. We may initially need to give our lawns a dressing of some description in the springtime, but afterwards the mulching will keep the lawn in shape there afterwards. If we are the type that don’t want grass to be growing vigorously, then we don’t need to fertilise the lawn throughout the summer, if we are using this system.


Mulching lawn mower


Electric or Gas;


Both the gas and electric lawn mowers are available as mulching models and both work equally well for this purpose. The only issue with the electric type is that, we are somewhat resticted and confined  as to how far from the power point we can travel. If we have the gas mower type, we can travel out and as far as we wish and are therefore not restricted whatsoever. The gas models have a  somewhat stronger and more robust engine and will probably give a better result or end product to our lawns, due to this factor. It’s a matter of choice and selection as to which particular preference suits our budget or perhaps the size of our lawns will also dictate this issue.



Making our own lawn mowers mulchers;


Believe it or not the lawnmowers that we have outside in our sheds or garages could be converted to a mulching model. There is a little mechanical work involved, so therefore we may need to leave this conversion to a qualified or technical operative, just for a health and safety point of view. In the above video we can see exactly what is involved and the operative demonstrating this process makes it look so simple, but remember that this person is qualified in this area. Basically what is involved is a change of blades and replace the existing ones.



We can purchase the required blades online, at some mechanical depots or hardware stores. There are universal blades available, but we need to ask and enquire, before we purchase, if the new blades will fit our specific lawn mower model. The new mulching blades have different shapes, some extra sharpness and curved contours, all of which combine to shred the grass cuttings into mulched material. There is a mulch plug which is inserted into the grasss chute and that is the sum of the required detail to convert our lawn mowers into mulching units. I trust that this information will assist greatly with all or some of our lawn mowing questions or concerns. Feel free to contact us at any stage, via the comments section below.

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  1. Hello Phil,
    I am happily drawn to your website. I never considered planting raised beds before now. You answer many questions regarding raised beds that I am excited to learn more about in the future. Your site is inviting and your delivery is easy to understand. This is important when your audience is not familiar with a particular area of expertise. This is a true winner. Thank you.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am glad that you like what you have read here at and that hopefully this information will be useful to you someday.

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      Happy gardening,

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  2. Hello friend,

    Thank you for sharing this post, in fact I want you to know that your post was very helpful and informative. I know something about mulching, that is by leaving cut grassed on our lawn, these cut grass act as fertilizer to mulch our lawn thereby helping them to grow well.

    I remember learning something in my Agricultural course about mulching, so I know it is a very good practice. In fact it will not even make sense to collected mowed grasses from your lawns since that will not help at all.

    And as you said, instead of going to buy a manure a chemical fertilizer for your lawn, which may cause them to overgrow, mulching them is the best option to choose.

    Again thanks for sharing this, it a good idea for all interested in gardening.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. I am glad that you agree with everything that I have written and that you have previous experience in this area.

      There are so many benefits to cutting our lawn with mulching lawn mowers. It definitely makes life easier and as you rightly pointed out,it eliminates the disposal of the grass cuttings completely.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Best wishes                PB

  3. I really love your facts about mulching. I will start mulching my lawn from now on. I like the idea of saving money on fertilizer and saving a lot of work by not having to empty the bagger bags. I am glad I read this. Thank you very much. I will have to modify my mower and install the mulching blades but after reading this I believe it will be well worth the time and energy.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, it’s greatly appreciated. I am glad that you like the information on this article and its definitely a great invention, for starters.

      We can make a great saving on some of our gardening exercises and also save money on fertilizer, as you rightly pointed out.

      The mulching blades are available online and also at some hardware or garden stockists, but its advisable to get someone mechanically qualified to change these for us.

      Thanks again for dropping by and happy gardening,

      Cheers  PB

    1. Hi there Mike,
      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post.
      I am glad that yoou have found the information useful and hopefully sometime it will reduce your mowing workload and also save you some money along the way.
      It’s a great idea and there are multiple uses and advantages by mowing our lawns in this fashion.
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      Best wishes

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