Parrot Smart Flower Pot – Review

Parrot Smart Flower Pot – Review

Believe it or not, there are now gardening apps, which will enable us to garden with a relative amount of ease to a certain extent. This concept is probably not for the purist gardener, but nevertheless, its worth mentioning. This review will bring us up to speed an what’s new and what is available to us in the gardening world of technology. Who would have thought say 10, 20 or 30 yrs ago that this was possible, but now we have an app that will allow us to monitor and water our plants from our, laptop, ipad or cell phones. We have mentioneded this fact previously that there are now watering or irrigation systems, that are battery operated and we can also monitor these via our Wi-fi systems. So I guess it was only a matter of time that someone somewhere, thought up this idea and have brought this technology to our attention. These technical devises are not that widely known as of yet, or neither are they readily available at our hardware or electrical stores, but the fact is, they are coming our way.

So for now this is not an accessory for our raised garden beds, but, I suspect that it will only be a matter of time before  inventors and entrepeneurs will have something fidgity, that won’t need physical labor to work it and it may help us to some degree going forward with our gardening. In fact this devise is for indoors or outdoors, we also may place it on our decks or patios,  in offices or reception areas of buildings. So what is this great surprise that I am talking about, I hear you ask…Lets cut to the chase, peel back the layers and dive in.



Parrot Smart Flower Pot;


Parrot are a great electrical company, who over the years, devised bluetooth systems for our cars and have recently been manufacturing hi-spec drones, have now devised the first ever self watering, self fertilising plant pot. This is a flower pot that automatically waters our plants, via our smart phones or tablets and basically tells us what is happening around growing and developing  of the plant, instead of the other way around, where we should be doing all the thinking and deciding for the plants requirements. Its new, innovative and well thought out for something that is uniquely different and this is possibly one for the tech savvy gardener. But I suspect it won’t be too long before we all will have one of these and I would also safetly say that if we ourselves accquire a smart flower pot, we will be very eager to tell our family, friends and neighbours.



How does it work;


First and foremost, this is available online and if we purchase one of these, it will come with a ‘how-to’ set of  instructions, which are relatively easy to follow. Then we need to fill the reservoir with water and the add some compost and then add our plant, flower, vegetables or whatever, we decide to grow in this vessel. There are five critical monitoring sensor nodes built into this system which are;

  • Sunlight sensor                                                                                
  • Temperature
  • Fertilizer levels                                                                   
  • Soil moisture
  • Water level reservoir.

Download the app;

The next step is to download to our smartphone the required app. which is,  ‘Parrot Flower Power App’. We then select the plant you have decided to grow, from their data base of hundreds of plants, take a screenshot of same and enter the details of our selection. The phone app does the rest in terms of telling us what to do from there on out.


More of how-to;

This smart pot uses an extensive plant database  to decide if our plant is getting enough sunlight, fertilizer feed, temperature and of course, water. If the plant is not growing or thriving, then move the pot to a sunnier or shadier place and we are done. Not enough fertilizer? Add some liquid fertilizer or push a few fertilizer pellets into the soil. Too cold… move it indoors etc etc.  All of these are basically a once off exercise. These issues have only to be attended to in the beginning and it works pretty much on its own there afterwards, except for the irrigation. The pot reservoir holds two litres, which is enough for one month, approx. Now the thing is, we all know how to look after our indoor or outdoor potted plants, ie, we look at them every so often and if they need water, we duly water them. The situation is  slightly different  with this smart pot, we will be informed of all the plants requirements, by logging into our smart phone and here we can see all the data, which is readily available on the app. How cool is that…



In conclusion;


All the technical details and instructions are contained within the packaging and are very easy to understand. Once we get set-up, ie, have our plant potted and water in the reservoir, we are good to go. The rest is monitored via the wireless micro computer technology contained within the devise. It definitely is something different and makes for a nice conversation piece with our family and friends. Imagine lying out on a beach and suddenly a text alert message comes to your phone…’the pot needs watering’, Just press water in the app and you’re done, its as simple as that. Another cool feature contained in the app is a mode called ‘Perfect Drop’, whch automatically waters the plant according to the data base instructions of the plant selected. Colour wise, we have a selection of three; black, white or brick. Pricewise, coming in at $130, we are paying a bit extra for the technology and the software contained within this devise, but it still rocks. For all the plants and flowers of the world out there, its the pot to be in. I hope you have enjoyed reading about this fantastic innovative gardening accessory and if so, please use the comments box below and join  the coversation.

Happy gardening to all out there,

Cheers…….Phil Browne.


“This garden is your life.

Of course, there are the occasional weeds

—but more than anything,

this garden is filled with so much life!”

― Seth Adam Smith


8 thoughts on “Parrot Smart Flower Pot – Review

  1. This is very interesting. I had no idea that this technology existed. It seems that everyday there are more and more devices coming online that make our lives “easier”

    It seems very easy to use. I know that anytime I have tried to raise any kind of vegetable in a pot I don’t do it very well. This pot would make me a much better gardener.

    You post is very informative and I believe that your readers will be in a good position to make a decision about doing this.

    1. Hi there Frank

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this post, its very much appreciated. Yes the technology is everywhere nowadays and its becomming more and more an element of our daily lives. Whether we like it or not, its here to stay and we have to go with it or be left behind. Who would have thought that this technology would be part of a gardener’s chores, ie, to water their plants from their smartphones. Yes it’s definitely unusual to say the least, so I thought I would create an article on this devise and post it here on my site.

      It has generated quite a bit of interest as you rightly pointed out. Thanks again for stopping by and happy gardening

      Cheers…..Phil Browne

  2. Technology is great. I would never have thought of this idea. It sure make things conveinent. What are the dimensions? It’s hard to tell how tall or wide it is. Is the app free? The article is good but could use a few more details. You may want to add a personal touch, for instance, your experience with it or someone you know.

    1. Hi there Candice

      Many thanks for dropping by. Yes I agree with you that this is a great way to make life easier for us with our plants and vegetables. Its a new and innovative idea and this is a concept thats not that widely known and has only recently hit the shelves. Measurements wise, its 12″H X 8″ X8″, so its very compact and sturdy. The technology is the interesting and exciting part of this devise, especially when we can monitor all the elements from the free app.

      Thanks again for dropping by and happy gardening

      Cheers.Phil Browne

  3. A plant pot that can be controlled and maintained via a smartphone is a brilliant concept. We are in the age of automation but I would have never guessed that this would extend to a plant pot.

    $130 isn’t cheap but if I was getting a high maintenance plant like a Bonsai tree then it would make sense to buy a smart flower pot that can look after my Bonsai whilst I’m traveling or at work. Great idea.

    1. Hi there Jay,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering comment feedback, its greatly appreciated. Yes, I agree with you that automation and hi tech gadgetry is everywhere nowadays. Its even in the gardening world as you say and how its going down with that community is pretty good according to the feedback. I guess we will all have to embrace this tecchie innovation sooner or later.

      At $130, it’s not cheap, but the thing is we are paying for the technology in this case. A Bonsai tree would be a great start for this exercise and I would love to see the results of your experiments

      Thanks again for dropping by

      Cheers and happy gardening

      Phil Browne

  4. Hi. I haven’t got a green finger on my body so this helps a lot as I would like to start growing plants etc and to teach my children about it rather than them being stuck in playing computers all the time.
    Is there anywhere I can get a free starter pack that you know of?

    1. Hi there Matthew

      Thanks for dropping around and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. Yes it would be great to show our kids the great outdoors and all that goes with it. How stuff grows, how to plant veggies and flowers, how to water them and all those other great adventures that’s available out in our backgardens. You would be doing them a great servise if you could get them out from those screens, even if it was only for an hour or so every day.

      I guess if you tried your local garden centre or nursery, they would likely advise you on where you could get some free starter packs, hope that helps.

      Thanks again for dropping by

      Happy gardening…………..Phil Browne

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