Polytunnel Reviews

Polytunnel Reviews

We have written previously about polytunnels and what a great accessory they are for our gardening needs. A lot of people really liked the post and were enquiring if I would do some more articles on this topic. The polytunnel bug is catching and most gardeners that use these would find it very difficult to be without one going forward. We have covered the pros and advantages of gardening with polytunnels earlier on in this website, which can be read here. The demand from people today to be somewhat self-sufficient in as far as they possibly can and introduce their kids to the great outdoors, is gathering serious momentum. Parents and individuals are going back to nature in great numbers and that need is being driven by the lack of information, when they enquire as to where their fruit and vegetables originated .

There are alarming concerns in some quarters as to what countries their veggies and fruit were grown, what pesticides or chemicals were sprayed on these and were they grown naturally, organically or forced grown ( with artifical fertilizer ) etc etc. We ourselves can overcome all these issues and concerns by having our own gardens outback and learning how easy it is to start our own garden. With the help of a polytunnel, this exercise becomes far more exciting and really interesting. Today we are going to review the Best Choice SKY1917 walk in polytunnel.


Polytunnel Reviews;


When doing this review it’s important to stress that we wanted to select a model that is affordable, strong, sturdy, portable and easy to assemble. We have read other customers reviews, some Q&As sections, watched videos and have selected this model, which is roomy and a good option for beginner, starter, pro or novice gardeners. It will accomodate all or most of our gardening requirements, it has substantial potential for expanding our garden vegetable variety portfolio and overall comes with some good recommendations. The attached YouTube video, explains in detail from start to finish, every aspect of this poly unit in great simple detail.


Best Choice SKY1917 Details and Dimensions;

  • Measurements       15ft L x 7ft W x 7ft H.
  • Frame                       ¾” Powder coated tubular steel,
  • Fittings                     Nuts, screws, washers and bolts,
  • Cover                        Heavy duty PE threaded cover,
  • Extras                       Guy ropes and steel pegs,
  • Instructions            Assembly instructions included,
  • Shipping                  Free delivery,
  • Weight                     Overall weight 65lbs,
  • Rating                     4•5 / 5.
  • Price                        $115 approx.


Polytunnel assembly;


As we can see from the YouTube video, there is some work required for construction of this unit. It probably requires two people to complete this assembly and would take approx 2-3 hours to erect. The location and placement of this construction should be well thought out beforehand, as we don’t want to place this in an open windy site, for obvious reasons. This person conveniently located his polytunnel parallel to his outside garage and thus afforded his greenhouse a considerable degree of protection and shelter.  We also need to consider not erecting this polytunnel under trees or near power lines etc etc, common sense should also prevail from a health and safety point of view.


Polytunnel base;


If our budget allowed, it would be a fantastic idea to have a concrete solid base as a foundation for our polytunnel. This would give us serious benefits and advantages. For starters, this base would make a great working and operational platform for ourselves while using this tunnel and would offer sturdy, dry, and solid underfoot conditions. After that, if we could attach the frame of our tunnel to this base with brackets or hinges, this would really tie down and secure our unit, against strong gusty winds. The solid concrete base would also offer a strong sturdy platform if we wished to have raised beds in our polytunnel or perhaps a workbench of some description. The options and opportunities as to what we could do with the use of a polytunnel are numerous and endless.

Working a polytunnel;


Once set up, our first detail would be to familiarize ourselves with the workings and operations of a polytunnel like the one we have just reviewed. We need to remember that the insides of this unit can get seriously warm in the summertime and that factor needs to be taken into consideration. Loose sight of this issue and the consequences could be detrimential. However we have a front door which can be opened in full and this will allow heat to escape and also allow fresh air to enter. There are also eight air pockets or windows that can be rolled up and tied in the opened position, which will also allow fresh air to circulate and prevent the air inside from becomming stale and humid. If we have a solid base this could also be watered down and would help to reduce the inside temperatures.


In conclusion;


We can see from the dimensions of this particular polytunnel, the working height is 7ft, which affords a comfortable standing, walking and roomy envoirnment for our gardening exercises. The one other issue or detail that is worth mentioning here is the watering concern. In all of our planning and placement location, if we could pitch this tunnel near or close to a faucet or outside watering hose, it would be really advantageous. A thermomoter would also be a very important accessory and would help us monitor the inside temperature.

Our prime focus with this review was to inform and outline all or most of the important features of this polytunnel, so that you can make an informed decision, based on what you have read in this article. We have also included where to source this poly unit at the lowest price possible and also please note that the price quoted above is the cost it was, at the time and date of writing this review . As ever feel free to contact us at any time and we will be only too happy to answer any gardening questions or concerns that you may have.

6 thoughts on “Polytunnel Reviews

  1. Aloha Phil!

    Thanks so much for writing this great article on polytunnels! I live in Hawaii, so we get plenty of heat and humidity.

    I actually don’t know much about polytunnels or greenhouses in general… would these have benefits in a fertile location like Hawaii that has growing seasons year-round?

    I love what you said about getting back to growing our own food. We have a large organic garden outback and I pick all my greens from it… nothing from the store!

    One thing I have struggled to figure out is how to grow something like blueberries in a hot climate like Hawaii. Do you have any ideas that would make this possible?

    Thanks for all the great information. I love your site!

    Warmest Aloha,

    1. Hi there Bryce,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its very welcomed. Boy, you are lucky to be living in this type of climate, I guess it must be very near tropical conditions and as you have pointed out, you experience heat and humidity all year round.

      I am not sure what advantage polytunnels would bring to you especially where you have stated where you are living. We have polytunnels in our gardens, to bring about your outdoor growing conditions. If you were to start growing fruit or vegetables in a polytunnel where you live, I suspect that the inside of these would be like a furnace or an oven, so you would be constantly watering and irrigating, to keep temperatures down.

      As for the idea of growing blueberries etc, I would suggest that you drop into your nearest garden centre, where you would get the proper advise on how to grow these, if at all, it were possible in your country.

      However, I have come across an interesting article in relation to this question and you can read same here

      Cheers and best wishes.


  2. Hi Phil, thanks for the in-depth review of the polytunnel. My brother-in-law has quite a few raised gardens on his farm and some of us family members have been thinking about getting him a polytunnel for his birthday, as he has brought it up in conversation multiple times. I myself, don’t know a whole lot about them, but your bulleted spec list helped give me an idea of what we’re dealing with, and I appreciate that a ton! Again, good work on the review!

    1. Hi there Bill,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering thoughtful comments on my review of polytunnels and their great benefits.

      I would totally agree with you 100%, that this tunnel would make a great gift. It would last him for decades and the benefits of having one of these in his garden, would really enhance his gardening experiences.

      Regardless of what the weather throws at him, I’m sure that if he is a serious gardener, he will always find something to do inside these poly units.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers PB

  3. Wow! Great article I have seen a few of my neighbors with these poly tunnels but never knew they were not that expensive to make. I would like to start a home garden but the weather conditions where I live make it difficult at times. I think I will use this article to try a different way to grow where I live. Thanks for the helpful information

    1. Hi there Marquis

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its greatly appreciated. Yes I agree with you 100% and that is that a lot of people like yourself don’t realize firstly how inexpensive these poly tunnels are and secondly, how much we could do with them in the garden.

      They are a great accessory for sure and their benefit is very much underestimated. Like you are experiencing yourself, regardless of what the weather is doing outside, we will always find something to do inside these polytunnels.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening

      Cheers PB

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