Potting Benches for Raised Bed Gardens

Potting Benches for Raised Bed Gardens

Once we have established our raised beds the time is now about right to start gardening on a regular basis. Along with all the tools and accessories that we need to achieve success in our gardening adventures, some other important items that will be of great assistance to us are, potting benches for raised bed gardens. These are a great help to us where we can attempt to gain greater experience with our gardening tasks. It does’nt really matter whether we have raised beds or just an ordinary garden, the potting benches will be a great accessory for our health and safety, as they will eleminate some or all the bending and stooping, when preparing our plants and vegetables for planting and sowing.

They are a wonderful starting point when we want to do something in the outside or backyard garden. It’s a place where we can store our gloves, gardening hand tools and flower pots and all the other implements that we use during the gardening year. Depending on our budget and how big a gardening potting bench we require, the thing is nowadays we are simply spoilt for choice, when it comes to selecting a bench that will suit our needs. Some people call them potting tables, other benches, either way we will look at some of these tables and how they can work in our favour as we attempt to gain more experience and knowledge in the great outdoors of our back yards and backgardens. We are all familiar with other trades people and how they use a workbench of some description or other in their daily lives, like a carpenter, fitter or welder, bakers and other such occupations. We as gardeners are no different in that we need a work table also to assist us with our gardening jobs, every now and then.


Potting benches for raised bed gardens;


The above image of a potting bench, is what every gardener would love to have. It has everything that we would need from the bench shelves, sliding table sections, hooks, upper shelves and many more extras. It is made of cedar and comes as a flatpack purchase. Given the size and dimensions of this potting bench, it is actually packaged in two parcels, for shipping and delivery purposes.  Assembley is easy, it comes with how-to instructions and should be erected in 1-2 hrs easily. When we see the whole unit assembled in full, it really makes a great statement and will undoubtably enhance the look and appearance of our backyards and backgardens.

Click here for further information:  GSC Potting Bench with Shelves

The minute we start working on a table like this, we will wonder how we struggled all along without a bench like this. Its the perfect work envoirnment for potting up seed trays, potting up seedlings and flowers and a great place to take notes, if we are keeping tabs on what we do in the garden. The slatted worktop opens out both ways to reveal a sink underneath, which we can use to hold our compost.  It is constructed from red cedar, so its rot resistant. This potting garden bench is a very sturdy and durable work table and will definitely last for years.


Other uses for this garden bench;

This table can also be used for an outdoor party or barbecue, by stowing away all the pots and tools into a shed, as it has a lot of shelves and could be used as serving area for this purpose. Price wise, it comes in at $379 and is well worth the money, as this potting work bench will last for years. This bench can be located to any area that we desire, ie, our backyard or backgarden, on our porch, on our patio, if we have a greenhouse or any other part of our outdoors.




Basic potting bench;


This is a very different potting bench, that is very practical, much more inexpensive and at the same time, its very functional for our outdoor requirements. It has a steel frame and the slats are made from recycled materials. We only need a screwdriver to assemble and it takes approx 45 mins to get fully operational. The under shelf is adjustable, ie, leave lower for heavy items and raise for other items, if necessary. It comes again as a flatpack online purchase and is very easily assembled. It has a hanging compartment for compost and is again very useful for potting and transplanting seedlings into bigger pots or planting them outdoors. Height wise, its very satisfactory for working with as again, it helps with our demeanour greatly,ie, no bending or stooping.


The frame is rust proof, weatherproof and is finished with powered coating, which will ensure that this potting bench structure will also last for years. We again can locate this garden work bench in any area that we desire. It will look great on our patios, decks, balconies or in a greenhouse also. Its so lightweight, but very robust and will also serve as a flower stand or will also assist if we are having a party or outdoor event.  If we are the outdoor type and have regular barbecues or have a grill system, it will also assist as server table for these uses as well. Price for this work bench………$70.00, well worth the money.

I hope you have enjoyed our review of potting benches for raised bed gardens and you have found this post informative and useful. These are just some of the potting work tables that are available for purchase online at present. The choice is as usual, unending and again its all down to what we require, what is best to suit our needs and what will fit within our budget. Like all the other gardening utensils and accessories, this is a devise or part of our gardening furniture that will always come in handy at some stage of our outdoor gardening adventures.

As usual feel free to comment or contact us, with any questions ot queries that you may have in relation to any of the above.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers           Phil Browne.



“The greatest fine art

of the future will be

the making of a comfortable living

from a small piece of land.”

― Abraham Lincoln.

6 thoughts on “Potting Benches for Raised Bed Gardens

  1. I loved your potting benches. They would be a great asset to any gardener and would also assist older gardeners to continue gardening even when bending becomes too difficult for them. Raised garden beds and a well laid out potting bench would make it so much easier for everyone. I particularly liked the GSC Potting Bench. It has everything a gardener could hope for.

    1. Hi there Margaret

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering great comments, these are very much appreciated.

      I agree with you 100%, these potting benches would definitely make life easier for a lot of people and indeed for those people, who find it difficult to kneel or bend.

      They also would enhance the look and appearance of any garden or house, such is their great design and finish, they indeed would be a welcome accessory to any household.

      Thanks again for dropping by

      Happy gardening Phil Browne

  2. These are really cool! I have been working on a vertical garden lately so anything to fill my creativity jar is much appreciated! What are the benefits to using these potting benches? When looking to purchase, what are the top aspects of the product do you look closely at? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there Courtney,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading this post, its very much appreciated. The potting bench in question is very attractive and appealing. They look so professional and attractive and would add a lot of style and to any garden or home for that matter.

      It depends on the person an what they are looking for, ie, is it enhancement of the garden or is it functionality and efficiency. I think this potting bench ticks all the boxes.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne.

  3. I have always wanted a potting bench, but they were always so large — and so when i came across this article, I was so happy to see that I could have one that doesn’t take up my whole patio area. I love the fact that all my tools, pots, soil, gloves, can all fit perfectly on the bench, and look amazing, too! So glad to see that I can get a potting bench and not break the bank.

    1. Hi there Amy

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering kind comments, very much appreciated.

      I agree with you that this potting bench looks like the real deal. It looks so attractive and appealing. It also caters for all of our tools and implementss that we would need in our gardening duties. Pricewise as you said, its very affordable.

      Thanks again for reading this post

      happy gardening and best wishes

      Cheers Phil Browne

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