Raised Bed Garden Accessories

Raised Bed Garden Accessories

Whether we are starting our own raised bed gardening or we have some in place already, the subject of accessories, very quickly comes into the equation. By accessories we mean all the extra equiptment that we may need over the course of a year in the garden. We are looking at items such as, raised bed covers, watering equiptment, slug deterrents etc etc. These extra neccessities are all part and parcel of a year outside in the garden. They will assist us in some small part, either in the beginning, somewhere midway or at the tail end of the growing calendar year. No matter how small or how insignificant these may appear, they will all combine to make our gardening experience all the more enjoyable and fulfilling.

In this review we will look at some of these accessories, what we use them for, how they will benefit us in the gardening raised bed experience and we will also look at the costs of some of these extras.



3 in 1 Chicken wire cloche;


This insignificant looking wire netted cage looks so simple in design, yet it’s so important to the gardeners who are growing certain vegetables, especially in the early days after planting. This is when plants and seedlings are most vulnerable, of course, they taste very juicy and sweet to some garden predators and will need some protection. This cloche will deter wildlife from eating our veggies, it will protect our plants from pets and other animals trampling on them and yet it leaves rainfall, air and sunlight to penetrate through to the garden. It looks so incongruous to the garden, yet it has a very important role, in keeping our crops protected. This cloche can easily be made from scratch, if we had the materials and the time. All that’s required is a roll of chicken wire and some strong steel wire to make the hoops.



Raised bed shelter accelerator;


This ingenious invention does an excellent job for our newly transplanted seedlings, especially just after planting out in early spring. It will protect them from frosts, from biting winds and will allow us to plant much earlier than normal, which gives us a great head start. This means that they will produce much earlier and with the effects of the raised bed system and this accelerator combination, we will have a much earlier harvest. This system gives a greenhouse/glasshouse or polytunnel effect for our garden, ie, it will act as a shelter during the cold and still leaves in sunlight and air to our plants all day long.  It also does the job of protecting our seedlings from wildlife pests and insects.





Wire trellis ‘A’  frame;


The next devise on our list is another very simple piece of kit, yet its equally important for some of our gardening tasks. This accessory is a two sided trellis and will help with all our climbing vegetables, like tomatoes, peas, squash, peppers and so on. Its made from heavy duty wire, its strong and sturdy, its coated with black matte so its rust-proof and weather-proof. It will allow allow our climbing vegetables to grow naturally and allows the air to ventilate through to all sides. It folds away easily for storage in wintertime and again is a really handy and necessary accessory for our raised bed gardening.


Perforated easy plant weed block layer;


How good is this cool accessory to all gardeners and the range of benefits that are to be got from this product makes this a must have for all raised beds. This is basically a plastic mulching sheet which is placed immediately on the raised bed soil. It has perforated 3″ holes which will easily allow for most plants and vegetables to be planted properly and nicely spaced apart. Ideal for raised beds in that we can put down a layer of mulch or tree bark over this to keep it in place. It conserves the moisture within the raised bed and also keeps the raised bed soil warm, all of which enables better growing conditions and will give a good return for our investment. Its ideal for strawberries, cabbages, melons and some varieties of peppers. The other great advantage of this accessory is , it will cut down enomorlously in maintenance, weeeding and is a great asset to elderly or senior citizens, who like the hobby of gardening, but don’t neccessarily enjoy the hard work.


Soft mesh bird netting;


If we have a raised bed garden planted and its now producing succulent fruit and vegetables, we certainly don’t want hungry birds feasting on our hard work. This is another necessary piece of equiptment that will come in very handy, just when our fruit trees are bearing and our strawberry plants are heaving with bounty. This strong robust netting mesh will easily cover a raised bed measuring 8ft x 4ft. The dimensions of this netting are 14′ x 14′, so it will easily cover a raised bed and its crop. Again it lets the air, light & water to filter through and will provide us with great protection from the birds.


To conclude;


The above items which we have just reviewed are just some of the necessary extras, which will help us in our gardening tasks and chores throughout the gardening year. They don’t cost the earth, but will over time repay our investment tenfold, make life easier and ultimately less stressful. These items will make up part of raised bed garden accessories over the years and if we are careful with how we use them, they will last us for decades. I trust once again that you have enjoyed reading this review and if you would like to add to the conversation, please use the comments box down below  and we will reply to all of your questions in due course.


Happy gardening to one and all,

Cheers……..Phil Browne.


“By plucking her petals,

you do not gather

the beauty of the flower”.


— Rabindranath Tagore.

6 thoughts on “Raised Bed Garden Accessories

  1. I’m planning on creating a raised bed garden soon and I’m looking for other things that I may need. I like the idea of the shelter accelerator because I need something to protect my baby plants from insects; to give them a fighting chance to grow. And the fact that it can allow me to start planting earlier in the season is even better. Right now I’m using small containers to grow my seedling but it’s not working too well. So, that is why I’d like to try raised beds. Where can I find the shelter accelerator to purchase?

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for dropping by, very much appreciated. Yes, I agree with you that raised beds will allow for earlier planting and gives us much more options especially in the springtime. You will be able to plant out your seedlings with this shelter accelerator, as it does two jobs for you in the garden. It will keep the plant seedlings protected at night from frosts, it will protect them from garden pests and it will also give us a glasshouse/greenhouse effect and thus serve to keep plants growing in a warm envoirnment, which is conducive to giving us an earlier harvest. If you click on the link here, it will take you to the suppliers, where its now available.
      Row Shelter Accelerator

      Thanking you again for stopping by and happy gardening,

      Cheers…Phil Browne

  2. I love the idea of raised bed gardens; but I have yet to do it. I’m still gardening the old fashioned way. These accessories look like they would work for regular gardens too. I liked the little thing that protects the plants. It’s funny. I remember my mother putting coffee cans with the bottom cut out on the new plants. And she used a cold frame for early starts. I like the ground cover that keeps out weeds. I hate weeding; but love gardening.


    1. Hi there Jeannie,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post. I agree with you totally, that these little accessories that will make all the difference and will make life easier for us during our gardening chores. They are so simple in concept and design and yet their importance cannot be overstated. As for your Mam, yes she knew all the tricks of the trade back then, they definitely made the most of what was available to them and the great thing about these ‘extras’ that they used, they proved functional and effective.

      Thanks again for stopping by and happy gardening

      Cheers Phil Browne

  3. Great review, thanks! I use most of these items, or a similar alternative in my gardens and agree that investing in gardening accessories is very cost effective in terms of saving time and yielding produce. Can you recommend a brand or supplier of the Shelter Accelerator? Will be looking to upgrade my current covers in the near future.

    1. Hi there, Joanne,

      Thanks for dropping by and offering comments feedback, these are very much appreciated. I agree with you totally that these extras will definitely make life easier for us in the short and long term. They are simple little devices, yet so important to our gardening issues that we may have with the various pests and other predators, who constantly test our patience. If you click on the link below you will see where this item is available for purchase.
      Row Shelter Accelerator

      Thanks for stopping by and best wishes in the garden,

      Cheers Phil Browne.

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