Raised Bed Gardening Books

Raised Bed Gardening Books

We all know that there are some great gardening books available to us at the moment, either in bookshops or available for purchase online. These books cater for all the different types of gardening, like vegetable gardening, rose bed gardening, fruit gardening and many more, too many to mention. These books were a great introduction for the novice or beginner gardeners, who were just setting out on their adventures in the garden and did’nt know the first thing about where to begin or how to begin. They relied on these for guidance and gradually learned all about growing vegetables and how to make a start at being self sustainable and learned how to cater for themselves in the horticultural arena.


The various gardening books taught us how to become self sufficient on a budget, how to grow roses, what to plant when facing the winter, how to make a wild garden, how to grow flowers for cutting, planting a fabulous lawn and many many more. People lived by these books and swore their lives by them. There were newspaper articles, which people cut out and saved into  scrap books and there were even journals which were also much sought after, back then. Today, with the advent of the internet in recent times, the principal is much the same, people are still searching online for information on how to grow a garden, how to build raised beds, what soil to use in raised beds, etc etc.


We are all aware that there is still a certain generation, who will still buy and look for the advise and instructions in book format and then there is the generation that came after them, who will always go online seeking the knowledge that they require for the same topics. Speaking of raised bed gardening, it comes as no surprise there are some great books in the bookshops and also online on this particular subject. We are going to look at one of these books, who the writers and authors are and how beneficial or educational they will be for prospective raised bed gardeners.



Raised Bed Revolution,  build it,  fill it,  plant it,

Garden Anywhere…..by Tara Nolan.


This is probably the best book on raised bed gardening that I have come across so far, its a great read for the novice or professional raised bed gardener and it explains everything in fine detail and everything that relatess to above ground gardening. Its a well written publication and going by the tag  line that Tara Nolan used, ie, build it…fill it…  plant it, she has maintained that simplicity and non-complicated advise throughout the read. She has repeated over and over that simple, easy as she goes, you can do it type of advise throughout this read and its so well written and scripted, it has won several awards in the gardening writers clubs and in some newspaper journals. This book has sold thousands of copies worldwide, it has been translated into French and German editions ( that we know of ) and is still growing in popularity , even as we write this review. Tara was a freelance journalist and part time traveller, but she had a passion for gardening and that’s where this gem comes from.



About Tara;

She travels a lot today, probably as a result of the success of her novel and she gives talks and lectures to gardening clubs, horticultural societies, municipalities and master gardener groups throughout her travels. She is very much in demand, due to her success in the gardening and writing sphere and when we will review the book, its easy to see why. Included in this book is a step by step guide to the basics of raised bed gardening right through to how and when to harvest our vegetables. She has some very detailed instructions on how to build raised garden beds, what sizes we should build these and where best we should locate these bed frames for optimum returns. There is a great chapter on what are the best materials, where to source these materials and how to make and create simple designer raised beds and how to use whatever materials we have at our disposal.


What’s in the book:


In other chapters, Tara shows how simple and productive raised bed gardening can be as she demonstrates how to create raised beds around corners, on slopes and using the most unusual of sources for her beds like farming stock and watering tanks. She talks about using old container wine boxes, that had been trown onto the thrash heaps, but recovered and transformed into the most stylish of gardening growing containers. There is a section on why we should endeavour to attempt and make our own raised bed frames, why we should be creative and construction orientated and she also instills a confidence and belief in our own abilities when it comes to gardening for ourselves. In her writings Tara attempts to remove the fear that may be preventing us from getting out in our backyards and has made this book so appealing, its comes as no surprise that it has been so phenomenally successful.


Highly recommended;


There are many colourful photographs of the designs, makes and shapes of raised beds, we have a very easy set of instructions on how to build these raised bed frames and there are plenty of useful ideas and thoughts of what to grow and how to grow. All in all a great read and comes highly recommended. The book is available online in hardcover format or we can download as a kindle edition and it retails for approx $20 as a hardcover and through kindle for approx. $12. Once again, I hope that you have enjoyed this review and if you would like to join in the conversation, please use the comments section below and we will get back to you promptly.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed,

Cheers…….Phil Browne.


“One of the pleasures of being a gardener

comes from the enjoyment you get

from looking at other people’s yards.”

― Thalassa Cruso,



6 thoughts on “Raised Bed Gardening Books

  1. I loved this post because you have combined two of my favorite things: books and gardening! I have a large flower bed that I’ve been busy filling up, but I’m interested in trying raised beds in the future. Thank you for recommending books that may help me get started! I’m excited to get started now.

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by, and offering feedback comments, these are very much appreciated.

      I sure am glad that you liked this post on ‘Raised Bed Gardening Books’. I agree with you that this book is a great read and will help you no end. Best wishes on your new adventures in the garden and I hope your raised bed experience will be a pleasant one.

      Best wishes again and happy gardening

      Cheers Phil Browne

  2. Hi Phil,

    I’m a huge fan of any type of gardening. Raised bed gardening holds a special place in my heart. This is because, like the tagline of the book says you can “grow anywhere.” I love seeing these in urban areas or neighbors with limited gardening space. Not to mention the beds can help a little with folks who can’t get all the way down on the ground.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Normally, I do go online, to site like your’s for info on gardening. However, you, even being a site owner, recommend this book.

    Do you think there’s an advantage to having a book over online applications? Should we use both? Does one tend to be more reliable than the other?



    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering feedback comments, these are very much appreciated. I am glad that you like raised beds and also like looking out for ideas with other people’s raised bed systems.

      The raised beds will make life easier for sure and especially for elder people, it will definitely assist them. I can’t say whether having a gardening book or accessing the information online is better. Its up to the individual themselves, I guess. Either the book or the online version will equally be reliable.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Best wishes and happy gardening

      Cheers………..Phil Browne

  3. Hi Phil.

    It sounds like this is an informative book. I will have to check on to it. I am particularly interest for what she would do with a bank.

    I have a bank that I want to do something productive with. I hate mowing it and I hate walking up and down it. Seems steps would cost me $3000 or more from landscaper.

    I loved the quote. I’m always looking at other people’s lawns. Lol.


    1. Hi there Jeannie,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering great feedback, its very much appreciated. I am glad that you liked this article and I agree with you that this book is a great read. I can’t really address your issues with the slope that you have, $3000 sounds like a lot of money to make a few steps.

      Best wishes on what you decide to do with your backyard and happy gardening,

      Cheers………Phil Browne

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