Raised Bed Gardening Keeps us Healthy

Raised Bed Gardening Keeps us Healthy

Today, we have scientific evidence, to prove that gardening in general keeps us healthy, active, alert and happy. These gardening activities have been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress and other like similar type illnesses and can in some cases, enhance and improve our personalities, demeanour and overall wellbeing. For years specialist doctors and psychiatrists dealing with people that have special needs and other emotional difficulties, have always endeavoured to factor in a little gardening activity into their curriculum and as a result have noticed considerable improvements in these individuals that have taken part in these outdoor chores and activities.

So for all of these benefits that can be gained by being active out in the garden, is’int it worth spending time out there getting our hands and feet dirty, being at one with nature and familiarising ourselves with our outdoor envoirnment. Other areas that raised bed gardning keeps us healthy are, in the area of planning and thinking about what we would like to grow in our garden, without actually doing any physical work. The positive thinking about what we would like our backyards and back gardens to look like, indirectly has an uplifting effect on our mental well being.




Reducing the risks of Diabetes, Heart Disease and more;


This unbelievable advantage of improving our basic health and fitness levels, by being out and about in our gardens must be taken into consideration and the beauty about all of this is, we have it all for free in our backyard and back gardens. The fact that we can be physically active, whilst digging and forking the soil and engaging our brain in contemplating and wondering what will we grow here, or contemplating if this plant would be better over on this side, etc etc, will definitely make us considerably more sharper and alert. These facts stand to reason and can be generally backed up by making comparisons to what people do on a regular basis and that is basic exercise.

By being physically active in the garden, we are stretching the muscles of our hands and feet, we are pumping the lungs by shoveling and forking the soil, we are breathing in awesome fresh air and all of this will burn unwanted calories, all of which contribute to our overall health. The calorie burning effect will help to reduce cholesterol, will help to lose unwanted weight and this will contribute to reduce the risk of Heart Disease and further preventing diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Dimentia and many many more. The fact that we are doing a serious ‘workout’ without being in an expensive gym and breathing other peoples used oxygen, can only be positive and everytime we are out and about in the garden, we are doing a strenuous cardiovascular exercise without even noticing it.



Gardening Contributes to Happiness;


Further studies show that being active and out and about in the countryside or being busy in the garden show that we as a person are sustantially much happier in ourselves, our minds are sharper and the stress levels are considerably reduced as a result. After a busy day at work in the office, in the home minding the kids, or anything else that takes up most of our working day, there is nothing quite like unwinding and relaxing out in the fresh air. All of the emotional mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, stress etc etc, can be staved off by spending at least thirty to forty minutes daily outside in the fresh air. Whether we are just going for a walk or a stroll in the countryside, or giving some of our time to our raised bed gardening, the net result is we are breathing in fresh air and re- oxygenating our blood, which has to be positive.


Helps our Sleeping Patterns;


The fresh air always helped us to sleep better and this is a well known fact, so imagine what a few hours out and about digging in the garden, would do for people who find it difficult to sleep at night. Sometimes we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, we have all the woes and troubles of life on our minds, we have worries and daily problems to contend with on a regular basis, as a result, it is quite easy to believe that stress is a hugh part of our lives today, unfortunately. With that in mind, rather that prescribed medication as a cure all for these ills, or a trip to a psychiatrist, Mother Nature provides us with the greatest medicine known to the world, and its right outside our backdoors for us to enjoy.

To achieve one accomplishment out in the garden, say like planting a shrub or some flowers, can you imagine the happiness and satisfaction that that would bring to people who suffer emotionally from anxiety and stress, perhaps we all need to get out and about in the garden more often. I would further add that if we did nothing out in the garden, but to observe our surroundings, take in the colours of the outdoors, listen to the sounds of the birds, inhale the fragrances and smells of the plants and flowers, we would have done ourselves a great service. So not only is the soil and garden benefiting, but we ourselves are also indirectly experiencing enhancing and theraputic positive benefits.


To summarize;


I trust that this information on how raised bed gardening keeps us healthy will offer some important and informational advise on how we can be happier and healthier, by doing just a small amount of work in our gardens. As ever, please note we are always interested in people commenting and interacting with us here at buildingraisedbeds.com and if you would like more details on any of the above, feel free to use the comments box down below. If you would like to connect with us directly, you can do so via email at


6 thoughts on “Raised Bed Gardening Keeps us Healthy

  1. Great post! I have always thought of gardening as therapeutic and I think it is great to not only grow your own food but also gain mental wellbeing in the process. I always wondered why my grandmother loved gardening but as I grew older and developed a love for gardening I can understand how relaxing and peaceful it can be.

    1. Hi There

      Many thanks for feedback comments. I agree with you that gardening can be very theraputic and relaxing. Being outdoors as well is an added bonus and I guess we can always learn from our elders, they knew what was best and what was a healthy way of living.

      Cheers and thanks again

      Philip Browne

  2. I believe it’s many health perspectives included in gardening activities. Both in the possibility to healthier food and in all the good with beeing out doing the “work”.
    I myself has started to get more interested the last years, even if my life puzzle only allow me to experiment with a couple of small raisedbeds. But every choice morsel of own grown vegetable is a blessing for the mouth.

    Thanks for a great post, with the reminders and inspiration!

    1. Hi there Marika

      Many thanks for website feedback comments. Much appreciated. I agree with you 100%, its beneficial both from a gardening point of view and also from a health benefit as well. The fresh air, the exercise and the opportunity to grow and cultivate your own harvest of fruit and vegetables is a great feeling .

      Best of luck in your gardening adventures,

      Cheers and thanks again for stopping by,

      Philip Browne.

  3. Hi Philip,
    What a great post. Heartily agree with all you say. The pleasure from fresh air and healthy exercise is very uplifting, particularly following any sort of illness or incapacity. You can pace yourself and sit in a garden seat or greenhouse for a time out. I can’t understand why people concrete their gardens over when they could enjoy the greenery and grow some healthy food for themselves. Keep sending your positive message out. Best wishes, Chris.

    1. Hi there Chris

      Many thanks for your kind comments and I totally agree with you that it is very theraputic to just sit outside in the garden and to take in your surroundings. The fresh air alone would do wonders for a person, even if it only helped with their recovery after a bout of illness, it would be so beneficial to them.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers………Phil Browne

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