Raised Bed Kits for Gardens

Raised Bed Kits for Gardens

With the recent resurgence of people wishing to become more self-sustainable and peoples appetite to begin growing their own produce, the question they are asking is how do we go about this task and where do we start. Well, the answer is simple, start out back at home, begin small, baby steps first and get a feel for the garden and the great satisfaction thats to be got from growing our first crop of vegetables for the dinner table. There is nothing greater than the pleasure a small garden will bring us, especially if we have completed this exercise all by ourselves.

There is a misconception abroad that some people did not know where there veggies came from, what country they were grown or for that matter how they were grown. It was a case of roll on into the supermarket or the local store, stroll down the vegetable aisle and shop away to their hearts content. But now that is all changing and changing for the better, hopefully. A lot of urban dwellers who would like to grow their own plants and vegetables, but are constrained by the lack of space, need no longer use this as an excuse, thankfully. These urbanites may be living in apartments or similar residential areas, where it was illegal to grow plants or crops, can now do so, via the raised bed garden system.




Raised bed kits as flatpacks;


We now thankfully have some great choices when it comes to choosing how we would like to grow our own veggies, what size of a raised bed frame can we afford or maybe we would like to start with growing containers and progress on from those humble beginnings. There are unbelievable bargains in the raised bed industry available to us online at the moment, which are all different sizes and shapes and also made from different materials as well. These can be ordered as flatpacks in some cases, which are very easily assembled and will serve us very well for starters. There are various different sizes, mainly 4ft X 4ft,  8ft X 4ft and so on and each of these gardening bed frames will serve us very well, if we are just starting out on our gardening adventures for the first time.





Popularity of raised beds;


With this new found movement in the raised bed gardening addiction, comes a great social, occupational and completely different lifestyle change. Take the allotment gardeners as an example, which is another recent popular and very organised system, whereby neighbours meet neighbours and there is a great community spirit involvement, which in recent times was non existent, due to our very busy lifestyles. The raised bed idea is now being used in nearly all allotments and has been considered a great asset and innovation to their gardens as a result. It makes gardening and growing their vegetables much more enjoyable, it takes away the dredgery and hard work from what we were used to before and it removes the hours and hours of weeding, maintenance and other non necessary chores, thus freeing-up more time for other excercises in the garden.




Raised bed options;


Growing vegetables is the most common choice, but not the only use these raised bed frames are used for, we can also use these for fruit growing plants, flowers and maybe herbs or salads as well. So its a case of whatever we wish to grow, this raised bed system will accomadate our needs. The option of where we would like to locate these bed frames will all depend on how much space we can alott for these and we also need to consider locating these in a good airy sunny position also. If its for salads or herbs, its a good idea to locate these beds near the house for convenience, as we would be normally picking something for the dinner table almost daily.




Getting all the family involved;


What a great past-time being out and about in the garden would be for our kids. I’m pretty sure they would love to be out and about in the fresh air, getting their hands dirty mucking around in the garden and finding out about how stuff grows etc etc. It certainly would be a great education for them, just to explain how our vegetables and crops grow from small seedlings up to mature plants and get them involved in the planting and growing of these, which I have no doubt would be a great investment of our time. Another great idea for the kids would be for them to start planting some summer beddding flowers along the border of our raised beds and maybe we would plant our vegetables a bit inside these, thus explaining and showing the children how a garden grows. If time, space and budget allowed, I would suggest we allocate them a little raised bed of their own and give them responsibility for the planting, growing and watering of it, again I have no doubts that given the proper mentoring and explaining, they would relish the challenge, just as we adults would as well.

So today the only thing from stopping us from becomming rasied bed gardeners, is ourselves. There are no excuses acceptible any more,  the know how, knowledge and information is only the press of a button away from us and the interest has never been higher than before. I trust this information is useful and if you would like to comment on any aspect of this article, please use the box below, we are sociable and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy gardening to all,

Best wishes……Phil Browne.


“It was such a pleasure

to sink one’s hands

into the warm earth,

to feel at one’s fingertips

the possibilities of the new season.”
― Kate Morton



9 thoughts on “Raised Bed Kits for Gardens

  1. I have been considering the raised bed technique myself to start myself an herb garden, this would work out much better for me since digging a new garden plot would be very difficult for me with my health problems.

    Would the 4 foot by 4 foot be large enough for a herb garden, herbs to grow very wild and I am not sure if that is enough room for them or not?

    Is there a bottom to those raised bed kits, if not do I need to put plastic or anything down before filing up with soil?

    1. Hi there Jeffrey,

      Many thanks for stopping by. For sure raised bed gardens will definitely make life easier for you. They are so easy to work with and the beauty is you can place these or locate them where ever you wish. A 4ft x 4ft raised bed frame will easily cater for all of your herb and salad needs easily. If you are locating these beds over a garden or lawn, there is no issue with having to line these with plastic, but if you are situating them on a concrete or timber patio surface, then they need to be lined with a waterproof fabric liner of some description.

      I hope these addresses your concerns in relation to the questions that you raised.

      Happy gardening and best wishes to you

      Cheers……..Phil Browne.

  2. Hey Phil,
    Garden beds are a great idea for people who want to grow their own fruits, veggies, herbs, and whatever that they would like to grow. I used to grow my own fruits and veggies and it was not very easy because I did not have the proper help to achieve my goals. I think the raised bed kits for gardens would really help beginners. I always had a problem with how much water a small garden needed a week. How much water is needed for a 8X4?

    1. Hi there Kendrick

      Many thanks for dropping by, very much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you got all the information that y0u were looking for. I trust that this website will be able to answer all the questions that you may have in relation to growing your own veggies and plants etc etc. In reply to your question about the watering of an 8 x 4ft raised bed, its very hard to say. A lot will depend on where you live, what type of climate, what you are growing etc etc… You will know by looking at the soil at a glance, if it needs watering or not. A great idea is….. when the vegetables are established and starting to mature, lay down approx 2-3 inches of mulch around the plants and crops. This will prevent moisture loss and will also reduce the weeds in your garden raised beds as well.

      I hope this addresses your gardening concerns

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers…………….Phil Browne

  3. Thank you, Phil! This information on raised beds is very helpful. I always wanted to be able to have a way to grow some greens, vegetables, and fruits but I have always lived in apartments where that idea has been impossible, expensive, or too cumbersome.

    I like growing with organic soil too, so most of what I’ve seen available always comes in a kit that includes conventional products. Do these beds work with any soil?

  4. Thank you, Phil! This information on raised beds is very helpful. I always wanted to be able to have a way to grow some greens, vegetables, and fruits but I have always lived in apartments where that idea has been impossible, expensive, or too cumbersome.

    I like growing with organic soil too, so most of what I’ve seen available always comes in a kit that includes conventional products. Do these beds work with any soil?

    1. Hi there Lidia,
      Many thanks for dropping by. I agree with you that growing organic is a great way to grow our veg and fruits. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, you can always use little containers that would grow some herbs and green salads for the kitchen. These little containers could be put on a window ledge and with a little care would provide some of your household requirements. In reply to your question about the soil types….all beds will work with all different soil types. I trust this information is useful to you going forward.
      Happy gardening and best wishes
      Cheers………..Phil Browne

  5. Hi Phil!

    You have a lot of great stuff to say in this informative article. People need to know that growing their own food and reducing their dependence on the current unstable food system is important, as well as easy, especially with this amazing product you reviewed!

    Your article is very important in this day and age. More people need to know how to grow a garden and you’re helping them. Thanks.

    1. Hi there Holden,

      Many thanks for your great commnets. I agree with you 100%, more and more nowadays people are anxious and keen to grow their own garden as they see it as an important issue. The beauty about raised beds is that it makes this task so easy and also very enjoyable. I hope people get advise and take what they want from these posts, I also hope it will help them get started in their gardens and that they have great fun in doing so as well.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Best wishes……………Phil Browne

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