Raised Beds for Balconies

Raised Beds for Balconies

If it is the case that we are living in an apartment and we have an outdoor balcony, that should not stop us from having a raised bed balcony garden or raised bed planters, which if we desire, could plant some greens, some veggies or perhaps flowers. Plants of any description look well in flower pots, window boxes or hanging baskets, so would’nt it make sense that we plant our vegetables in these containers and place these on our decks or apartment balconies, that would serve our needs for all our kitchen requirements. As these raised beds for planters, in all probability will not be fixed structures, we can always move these from time to time to whatever part or side of the patio we desire, depending on weather patterns, ie, to a sunny or sheltered area.




Planters, Boxes, Pots, Containers, Mini-Raised beds………


There are numerous and various planter boxes  and containers of all sizes and descriptions available for purchase online and also available at our local garden centres. These pots, planters, baskets and mini-raised bed frames come in a variety of colours and look aesthetically pleasing when planted up. This is dependent on the size and space area we have at our disposal, so if our area is very confined, we need to take into account what would look best and fit in with our sorroundings. It is not that difficult to put together a square box or mini bed frame that would fulfill our needs and requirements for this project. If we know a local tradesman or woman they would only be too glad to help out with this idea and would be more qualified to offer some suggestions as to what would go well with our ideas.




Balcony maintenance….


We need to look at the watering issue of these balcony planters and bear in mind that water leakage may be an problem to take into account. I would suggest that if we are using timber framed planters or boxes, that we would line the insides of these with a waterproof membrane or fabric. This should solve the issues with seepage on to our deckings or balconies and prevent any unruly or unsightly stains going forward. If it’s the case that we find ourselves living up on the third or fourth floor of an apartment complex, we certainly don’t want any water dripping down onto our neighbours patios or balconies. If we purchase other containers that are waterproof and won’t leak, take care to ensure that we don’t over-do the watering.





Make that start;


The idea here with this article is to give people ideas and information as to what to do, if we are faced with this scenario. Our planters or mini-raised beds do not have to look professional in design or concept by any means, they just need to be functional and will duly cater for our needs.  Once we have something in place and we have planted-up with flowers or vegetables, give ourselves a pat on the back. We have made a start and that is the most important factor. We will always improve as we go forward, maybe next year it will be bigger, better and broader, higher, longer or whatever. By being creative and imaginative, we will improve on our first efforts, we will be more authorative and experienced after our initial attempts and any mistakes that are discovered, ultimately solutions will present themselves as we go forward.

Happy gardening to all.

4 thoughts on “Raised Beds for Balconies

  1. A well-written article from an expert (as I can clearly see). I’ll be buying a house in a few years, and there’s no doubt that I’ll be wanting a balcony. But after reading this article, it looks like I should get one of these raised beds for it as well. I’m an avid camper and enjoy the greenery, so it should come as no surprise that this stood out to me a lot.

    Thanks a bunch for this helpful post 🙂

    Take care,

  2. We’ve always had a problem with water leaking out to quickly. My dad went out to home depot and bought some kind of fabric that helped trap the water easier. Do you have any brands you could recommend? I’m interested in the waterproof membrane stuff.

    1. Hi there Mike,
      If you search websites like Amazon or eBay for ‘Waterproof Membrane Fabric’ you will see numerous options. Failing that any hardware store or your local garden centre would be able to help you with that enquiry.
      I live in Ireland…so the products that we have here may not be available where you live..Hope that helps

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