Raised Beds for Wheelchair Users

Raised Beds for Wheelchair Users

Having raised beds for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues is very practical and necessary and this task is not that difficult to accomplish or achieve. There are several options available to us when considering this exercise and I would safetly say that primary access to the raised bed gardens is the most pressing of all considerations. Accessability is first and foremost to those who have a long term commitment to gardening and who like to be out and about in their backyards and back gardens

By access, we  mean a solid and sturdy terrain, whereby the wheelchair or scooter user can move freely around without the risk or fear of getting stuck in soft underfoot conditions or loose gravel, that would hinder or create obstacles for these people. Ideally a level concrete, tarmac surface, flagstones or paver slabs is the preferred envoirnment for these wheelchair users and they will ultimately feel a lot more confident travelling over this surface, knowing that their underfoot conditions are solid and well able to support their mobility devices or vehicles.


Wheelchair gardener


Height of raised beds;


In an ideal situation, when it come to raised bed gardening for wheelchair users, the height of the  raised bed frames is the primary concern.  The minimum height needs to be at least 24″ and rising to no more than 36″ and if we can achieve these measurements, anyone with mobility issues can be accomodated with these measurements.. The width is also of concern as we don’t want these people to over-extend themselves, for fear of injury or other stretching problems that may harm or injure them. A raised bed width of anywhere between 36″ – 48″ would be sufficient as they could easily move around to either side to carry out gardening jobs as they so wished. The distance between these beds would have to be at least 4ft, which would provide easy and safe accessibility, giving them freedom and space to manover, whilst doing thier planting, digging and maintenance.




Do we build or buy these raised beds;


This is a great dilemma for most people and the short answer is, we could do both. If it was possible to hire a tradesperson or contractor who would do a reasonable, inexpensive  and competent job for us, I would seriously recommend that option, for a number of reasons. Firstly, we can easily decide what height, width and the size that we would like our raised beds to be, which would be a great advantage and certainly would make life a lot easier for us.





Secondly, the location we would like to place these beds needs to be considered, but we  can always can ask the contractor for his or her ideas and recommendations before deciding the placement of these, always bearing in mind that we would have access to all sides of these beds and also that they would be accessible from any direction. Thirdly, I would always leave the option open to us and that would be that these bed frames can always be moved or rotated to whatever way we would like, ie, to a sunny or shade location, depending on what we were intending to grow or plant. One last point worth taking into consideration and if possible, to place or situate these bed frames near a water source as we do not need that issue to become a disadvantage to our gardening endeavours.




If we decide to purchase;


When it comes to ordering or purchasing these elevated raised garden beds over the internet, we will be spoiled for choice as there are so many options, different makes and sizes to choose from. We will have to factor in a number of concerns, before we eventually decide on what will best suit our needs. The price is always top of our budget agenda, after that we need to look at how practical and suitable they are for our needs and lastly are these bed frames adaptable for wheelchair users. I have looked and read through a number of the options that are available for purchase online and I have made a number of recommendations, based on the criteria, which we have discussed above. The beds that I have selected are sturdy, practical and the ideal height for wheelchair garden users. They also have that V shape design which allows for better access and comfortable working conditions as required for this type of gardening.



Grow easy to grow veggies;


For someone who loves the outdoors and have always wished to grow our own garden of either crops, plants, flowers or vegetables but for some reason we don’t think that that is possible because we are wheelchair dependent or have mobility limiting issues, there are always  solutions. Above, we have covered some ideas and methods that are easily implementable. When considering what plants or flowers to grow, its best to start with easy to grow flowers and veggies. After gaining some experience with these varieties, we can always expand as we go forward and our confidence will develope and we will be more confident in our own ability to continue.

As ever, please note that we are social here at buildingraisedbeds.com and would love for people to contact us with any issues concerning the above or indeed any gardening issues. We will be only too happy to answer any questions or reply to any comments that interested people wish to make. If you would prefer to contact us via email, you can do so here at


8 thoughts on “Raised Beds for Wheelchair Users

  1. Like you we are into gardening. Raised beds are the only way to go. I like not having to bend over to garden. It is not fun to get down on the ground any longer. The photo shows many plants together. How long do you think these wooden beds will last? Do they drain well?

    1. Hi there, Sherry and John

      Many thanks for stopping by, greatly appreciated. I would like to think that these beds would last for years as they come with waterproof fabric liner, so in effect the soil or compost does not come in contact with the timber sides or frame of this elevated raised bed. If looked after properly over winter etc, they will be a great asset to any gardener, for years and years. Hoping this helps

      Thanks agin and best wishes

      Cheers……..Phil Browne

  2. Hi there, I am curious about the Vegtrug raised bed shown on your post. I think its v shape design is ideal for wheelchair and walkers as it has enough space to be as close as possible. Usually, you need to stand aside of the raised bed which eventually gets uncomfortable. Is it available inCanada and how much does it cost?

    1. Hi there,Carolyn

      Many thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. I agree with you 100%, the shape and design of this elevated bed frame is ideally suited for wheelchair users. Yes this raised bed can be shipped to Canada, but there may be an extra surcharge of approx $10-$15, because its outside of the US. The small size retails at approx $189 and the larger frame comes in at approx $250. Heres hoping this information is helpful and useful

      Thanks again for stopping by…

      Cheers…..Phil Browne

  3. As an avid gardener I was very impressed with the products available from you.

    My brother was in a wheel chair and would have loved the raised beds in that featured photo on the cover. Wonderful therapy for us all.

    What do you normally use for stability in the ground between the beds?

    1. Hi there

      Many thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.Being out and about in the garden, with all that fresh air is definitely very theraputic, for sure. I have seen lots of raised beds with hard gravel, paving slabs nicely arranged, and the most popular of selections was a concrete pathways between the beds.

      Always ensure there is a minimum of 4ft between the beds, as that will give the users plenty of room for manoverability.

      Cheers and thanks again,

      Phil Browne

  4. I work with a woman in an electric wheelchair. I am looking to build a raised bed like the first picture with the cutout so she can wheel into the area. Can you give me a list of what materials I need to buy and possibly the dimensions you used even though I will have to adjust to the area she has available and the height of her chair? Thank you

    1. Hi there Kimberly,
      Many thanks for stopping by and visiting my website. My advise would be to get a carpenter or some handy person, who would be able to construct this to the specifications that you would like for your friend. Its a bit beyond my capabilities, unfortunately. I inserted the image/picture so that it would give people an idea of how these raised beds should look. I am more familiar with the basic ordinary raised beds that are more popular and the easy rectangle frames like 4ft x 8ft, etc etc. When sourcing the wood for the raised bed frame from your lumber yard or hardware store, it might be a good idea to ask in-store for some practical advise re the frame that you are looking to construct. They may know someone that may be able to assist you with this project.
      Thanking you as ever,
      Best wishes,
      Cheers……Phil Browne

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