Raised Beds – Product Review

Raised Beds – Product Review

We have spoke a lot about what size is best for these raised bed frames and everyone that I have spoken to so far is in total agreement that the standard 4ft x 8ft bed frame is adequate for most backgardens and beginner gardeners. Regardless of what we are planting, this size bed frame will and should be sufficient for all our requirements in the early stages of our outdoor gardening adventures. Whether we are novices or professional gardeners, the excitement of  planting and growing in these bed size frames will always excite and amaze people, we cannot but succeed.

I guess that is the beauty and simplicity that has attracted people to this type of overground gardening, the more we experiment with it the more attached we become to it and it never fails to deliver. With that in mind, today, I have decided to do some raised beds product review of some of the most popular raised beds that are on the market today. As we know all these raised garden bed frames are available for purchase online and come with easy assembly instructions, plus free ship

4 ft X 8 ft Cedar Raised Garden Bed;

  • Product:     4ft x 8ft x 10″ Raised Garden Bed.
  • Price:    $68 approx ( can vary )
  • Cheapest place to buy:    Amazon.
  • Type of bed frame:    Cedar wood.
  • Weight:    40 pounds.
  • Rating:    9.5 out of 10.


I have reviewed this product as being the best on the market at present for a number of reasons , not only as we can see above, but also for the added extras that this raised bed frame brings, like the aesthetically pleasing appearance and the professional design and overall finished concept. It will fit in well with any type of backgarden or background, it is so easy to assemble and I like the fact that it is rot and insect resistant, which only adds further to my above recommendation.This raised bed is so versatile also, in that if we are not happy where we initially located this framed bed, we can always relocate it to another more suitable location.

As it comes with set instructions, assembly can be completed in one hour approx and we can begin gardening that evening if we wished. Another added option is , say we purchased two of these bed frames , we could make a higher raised bed frame of 21″ and that would give us another extra dimension to our gardening choices. This can be easily achieved as the frames are cut and tailored to fit into each other, a bit like a jigsaw and the beds simply stack on top of one another.


Why do I recommend this;


Given the awesome description that we have reviewed above, I like the fact that anyone can assemble this raised bed frame in little or no time and the only requirement needed, is a screwdriver to complete this task. The bed frame is so profesionally constructed that it comes with decorative corner post tops which add another element of elegance to this. The boards are stained with a chemical free solution which addresses a lot of concerns that some people may have, especially if they are considering growing vegetables in these raised beds. There are lots of reviews on the website from people who purchased this product and their overall approval rating was 4.2 out of 5, which is pretty near enough to my own rating.


Enjoy the gardening experience;


The only requirement now is to go ahead and plant-up this raised bed frame and  to enjoy the experience. As most gardeners will have selected an appropriate area for this bed frame prior to purchase, we may like to address this little task and just mention what is required for this job. Its relatively easy to mark out an area of 4ft X 8ft, where we would like to place or locate this bed, we then need to dig the hard ground or remove the grass lawn sod within that area and loosen the soil a little. Place the frame over this area and we are almost ready. Fill the bed with a mixture ofRaised bed garden frames good quality soil, compost and moss peat, mix well with a spade and we are ready to start planting. It’s always safer not to locate these beds close to a tree, as this will only cause problems with roots, issues with shading and branches overhanging.

My focus and objective of this raised bed product review was be to give you a clear understanding of its capabilities and potential, so you can make an informed decision, if this raised bed can meet your expectations. I trust you have enjoyed this raised bed review and if you would like more details on this, click here for more information. As ever, please feel free to drop by and say hello at buildingraisedbeds.com, where we would only be too happy to assist with any enquiries that you may have. Preferably, if you would like to contact us directly, you can email us here


6 thoughts on “Raised Beds – Product Review

  1. Hi Phil,
    I love the look of these raised beds. I’m just wondering if it is possible to use them on compacted ground rather than soil if there is no bare ground available? I have an area of concrete where I would like some plants and I would like to put a raised bed on it. Would I need to put something in the bottom of the bed to assist with drainage or do you think it would drain well enough if I just filled the bed with the soil, compost and moss peat? I suppose the other consideration is whether I need to make the bed higher to cope with deeper rooted plants since they have to stay within the bed. I’d like to grow tomatoes in it but how tall would I need to make the bed to grow them? Thanks for any advice!

    1. Hi there Rachel

      Many thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. In reply to your query, I would suggest that you line the inside of the raised bed frames with a waterproof fabric membrane, which is available at all garden centres or hardware stores. It is inexpensive and is easy to insert or install. That would prevent leakage and seepage onto the concrete surface and prevent ugly and unsightly stains appearing on the ground.

      You probably would want a deeper bed frame for tomatoes, ( 10 – 14″ ) as these are a deep rooting plant and need a good size area, in order to grow well and produce a good crop. Heres’ hoping that this information is useful to you going forward.

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers…………Phil Browne

  2. Hi Phil.

    I love these raised beds. They are beautiful and also functual. I really like the idea of raised bed gardens. I didn’t know how to make my own; so I dug up the lawn and planted a regular old fashioned garden; but I still want the raised bed.

    I seems like it would really nice to be able to work in the garden without getting my feet all dirty Lol. It is great that you can reach everything from outside. Plus, I would think that there would be less problems with weeds, etc.

    I am bookmarking your set; in case I decide to invest in one of these closer to planting season.

    Thank you for a great post. Now I am all excited for spring to come.


    1. Hi there Jeannie,

      Many thanks for website feedback and comments, very much appreciated. I am glad that you liked the idea of raised beds for your outdoor gardening ideas. They certainly make life easier and as you say, you will definitely have less weeding and less maintenance, which frees up more time to give to other jobs in the garden. it will make a big difference to the gardening tasks and will ultimately yield greater returns.

      Cheers and best wishes in your gardening adventures

      Phil Browne

  3. First off, this is a very cool thing that I would have never thought of. I used to live in the country where I had my own garden that I boxed in but it was a different situation. You mention that the wood on the boxes is rot resistant and insect resistant but doesn’t use harmful chemicals. That’s impressive, what kind of coat goes over the wood to protect it?

    1. Hi there Zack

      Many thanks for feedback comments, very much appreciated.The solution is a standard weathering formula that is non toxic, non-harmful and is used in all raised bed frames, garden fences, kids swings etc etc. It has been tested and approved by envoirnmental departments in most countries.

      Hope that explains the issue and hope that you like the idea of raised beds

      Thanks again and best wishes

      Cheers…..Phil Browne

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