Raised Garden Beds for Patios

Raised Garden Beds for Patios

Often its the case we dont have a backyard or backgarden and we may have a large patio area or decking front, then what is wrong with having the raised bed located in or around that area, especially if we are keen to have a little garden of our own.  It will certainly work and also for people that may have mobility issues, is’int very convenient to have it located nearby. It may seeem like a difficult exercise, but if we break it down into segments or ideas, this concept is very practicle. In the long run it can be very beneficial and again like everything else in life, it has numerous advantages and a lot of convenient benefits. The advantages in the main are the proximity to the house and we can also, if we are competent enough, build it as an  outside extension or place it up against an existing wall and fit it nicely into the sorroundings, so that it looks as if it was always part of our house from day one.



Build a patio raised bed as a fixture;


This requires a carpenter, contractor or trades person to assemble and construct this raised bed against the existing house, so that it will fit in aesthetically, symmetrically and will not be an obstruction for anyone living in the house. We see sometimes that we may have a bay window or there may be a corner jutting out here and there, so therefore the raised bed frames that we may purchase over the internet, may not be suitable or ideal for this project. The other interesting detail worth mentioning is, we can build and make the patio raised bed to our own specifications and liking, which will be a great help. We can decide what size, how long, wide, deep or whatever measurements we would like, again depending on our budget or how much space and room we have to work with.




Raised beds against a retaining wall;


This exercise is no different than to having a raised garden bed outside up against a garage or dividing wall, the only difference here is that we are erecting it against our dwelling house, for convenience purposes basically. Pick or select a good sunny location within the vicinity of our house and before we begin, always imagine what or how it would look in this area. If we are happy with our selected area, again like above, we may need a tradesperson to construct or erect this raised bed frame. Locating this bed frame under a window is not a good idea, it would be more appropriate against a large wall area and the reason I’m saying this is, if we ever need to grow vegetables or flowers that have a tendancy to climb, we can easily attach a trellis on this wall over the patio bed frame for these climbers. These would grow and look very well if looked after properly and will thrive if, we could locate this bed frame on a south facing wall.




Patio raised beds on legs;


This is another useful idea for those of us that would like to have a raised bed garden in the vicinity of our dwelling house, again for similar reasons as listed above and also the extra advantage this type of raised bed would give, which is the convenient height that may suit people with mobility issues or who don’t like the task of kneeling or bending to tend to their garden needs. Whether we are growing flowers to enhance the appearance of our patio or house or we wish to grow vegetables, this system will work very well also. The fact that none of the raised bed part of this frame will not come in direct contact with any part of the house is an added bonus for some people. People are particular about how they would like to protect the structure and appearance of their houses, so this system will be very appropriate and suitable for them.

Patio raised beds on casters.


We have another option for our patio raised bed and that is to be able to wheel a raised garden bed into any position or location on our patio, as we desire. These are another efficient and relatively new method with which a lot of people are working with as we speak. As we mentioned above already, the option of being able to have a raised bed on our patios is a great benefit, but being able to wheel or roll these to whatever position is another fantastic adavantage. We can locate these beds on wheels towards the sunshine or alternatively roll these away from same and into the shade. Whether we wish to have these constructed in situ or purchase these online, at least the option is available. The size, height and shape of these patio raised beds, not forgetting our budget, is again very much dependent on how much room we have available to us, for manoverability. The option of painting these patio beds, say the same colour as our house or patio decking is another bonus. If we purchase these bed frames and they come without the casters, this is not an issue as these wheels or rollers can be attached later by a good tradesman. These casters can be purchased seperately from all good hardware stores, if necessary.



Nothing is impossible;


We can if we are determined enough, have a garden of any size, shape or height in whatever location we desire. The costs of these patio garden beds need not prevent us from being successful gardeners or neither should the lack of a suitable location prevent us from setting up a functional growing area. The ideas and plans for these pation raised garden beds are coming at us from all angles, all we need to do is select one that we are happy and comfortable with and go with it. Making a start is key and once we have put a plan into action, we will succeed. I hoped you liked this post and as always feel free to use the comments box down below, if you have any questions.

Happy gardening to all who try and succeed

Cheers……..Philip Browne.


” Gardening requires lots of water,

most of it in the form of perspiration.

-Lou Erickson “


6 thoughts on “Raised Garden Beds for Patios

  1. I make use of pots and raised beds in my garden. The raised beds are a wonderful option for growing herbs and veggies. If you live in an area with very poor soil quality raised beds is an excellent investment. Instead of trying to correct the soil quality, you can fill raised beds with the correct soil mix for the plants you intend on growing.

    1. Hi there, Liezel

      Thanks for your website feedback, this is much appreciated. I agree with you 100%, that raised garden beds make life easier. One can definitely increase the quality of the soil by adding compost on a regular basis and that improves the overall quality of the soil aftertime.

      It makes gardening a pleasure now with the raised bed system and no longer a chore, like it used to be.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers……..Phil Browne

  2. Thanks for all of the great info on raised beds! I am planning on adding several raised beds to my yard. My main thought process for using raised beds is that they look really nice, can create more control and organization of what is grown in the beds, and their higher and easier to tend too.
    Right now I am still thinking about design and materials that I want to use. Your site provided some great options and gave me more to think about. Thanks again!

    1. Hi there Angela

      Many thanks for stopping by. I agree with you totally that raised beds can change the whole appearance of ones’ garden completely. It also makes life easier and the work is no longer a chore as you rightly suggest, but rather a labor of love.

      The work is eaasier and the maintenance is almost nil, plus you have great control over what you want to grow, without the worries of having to weed everytime you want to plant something

      Cheers again and happy gardening

      Phil Browne

  3. Oh this is a perfect addition needed at my apartment. When I was young I grew up with gardens and so miss the taste of fresh veggies.
    Your information about a raised garden allows me to think about space and what I size I could have on my patio. Great information that I will be using in my future planning of having a raised garden.


    1. Hi there Kelly,

      Many thanks for feedback comments, much appreciated.

      I am glad that you are having positive thoughts after reading this post on patio raised beds. I agree with you, that we can decide on the size, shape, length, depth etc. depending on how much space we have at our disposal and thats the beauty of gardening with this system.

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Cheers and happy gardening…Phil Browne.

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