Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews

Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews

There is nothing nicer than a well groomed lawn and for those that pride themselves in taking great care of their lawns, so a good quality lawn mower is an essential gardening accessory, in order to achieve that special professional appearance. The truth is that one can really improve the appearance of their properties and also add to their value by just having a well looked after and manicured front or back lawn. That will apply also for those that may not have a flower bed, or rose bed or even a normal standard border. However for some people that task of keeping their lawns cut and trimmed is often a chore that they wished they never had. It may be that it was too big in size, it may have overgrown a little or perhaps the job of disposing of the grass cuttings also added to their woes.

We have written previously about lawn mowers that will cut the grass into tiny particles, so small that they don’t have to be collected and will eventually fertilise the lawn. These are known as mulching lawn mowers and are an ideal solution for those that wish to eliminate the task of collecting and disposing of the grass cuttings. The mulching lawn mowers can be purchased individually or, if we had recently purchased an ordinary lawn mower, there is a possibility that this mower could be converted into a mulching unit, by simply changing the blades and adjusting the grass chutes. Today however, we can go a step further and we now have an automated robotic lawn mower, that we can operate from the comfort of our sitting rooms. In this overview, we are going to review robotic lawn mowers, how they operate and how much they cost.


Robotic lawn mower


Robotic lawn mowers reviews;


With the technology that’s available to us today, it comes as no surprise that this change was going to happen in the area of lawn mowers and as we go forward these robotic lawn mowers are becomming more and more popular. These devises were invented some years ago and doubts were cast as to their durability or longetivity success, but companies persevered and thankfully, they are now technically updated and modernised for our needs. These are robotic in nature and need no human interaction whatsoever, once set up and automated.These machines are battery operated and make little or no noise. They have no carbon footprint or emissions, so therefore they are esssentially very envoirnmentally friendly. Please see the video below for a quick demo on how this robotic lawn mower works.


How do robotic lawn mowers work;


After purchasing one of these mowers, there is some work initially in getting the boundaries, docking stations set up and established. The boundaries are primarily set up around all the outside edges or borders of our lawns and this is done by laying down a strand of electric wire cable underground, which the robotic lawn mower will recognise and will not travel outside this newly established boundary. The docking station is then located within this boundary in an area of the lawn that is not obviously visable, say under a tree or shrub, but still within the established wired boundary or perimiter. The docking station is a base or an area that the mower will return to after cutting the lawn for re-charging and in some cases if it is raining. The mower can be programmed to return to its base, if we do not wish to have our lawn mowed, while it’s raining.

Some robotic lawn mowers demonstrate and show that some models have built in sensors that will detect objects or items like flower beds, water features, children’s trampolines and so on, so they will manoeuvre themselves around these obstacles and continue on as normal, without causing any damage to the mower. The lawn mowers cut the lawns in a zig-zag fashion, so that the lawns character and appearance is preserved and enhanced after every cutting.


Automatic lawn mower


Activating the robotic lawn mower;


Once the initial groundwork has been carried out for the robotic lawn mower, it’s now time to adjust and set up all the required settings and adjustments on the control panel of this device. All devices have a set of easy instructions and also some health and safety warnings for our own personal usage and welfare. The controls vary from model to model, but there are standard settings on each device like height cutting adjustments, frequency of mowings, ie, everyday or perhaps every second day etc etc, plus other settings like retun to dock station if raining and so on. In more expensive models there are apps that we can download and install on our smart phones. With these apps we can possibly control every aspect of this lawn mower or if we prefer we can use the manual control panel which is located on the robotic lawn mower.

Benefits and advantages of robotic lawn mowers;


As outlined above there is no human interaction except only when setting up. So we have completely eliminated the grass cuttings disposal as these lawn mowers really shred the grass into small tiny particles that are barely visible to the naked eye. These grass cuttings will feed the soil and fertilise our lawn to a degree, but not completely. Our lawns will still need a feed in early spring and every so often afterwards. For people with mobility issues and other challenges, these lawn mowers are a godsend. As stated earlier, we can monitor and operate these robotic mowers from the comfort of our sitting or family rooms. There is no gas or petrol to purchase and no electric cables to worry about when operating these devices.


Robotic lawn mowers costs;


The cost of these mowers will again depend on a number of factors, like size of lawn, spend budget and type or strength of model etc etc. For a standard average sized lawn like say 200sq m, an outlay of approx $500 would get us a basic mower, that would suit our requirements initially. We can use this mower acording to our hearts desire and can adjust and change the settings as the needs demand, like using on a daily basis or every third day and so on. After that price, the sky is the limit. They start at approx $ 5-600 for a basic standard model and go all the way upwards of $4-5000 and higher. Naturally the more we spend the better quality our lawn mower will be and ultimately the more advanced and technically capable it will be also.

In 2012, the growth of robotic lawn mower sales was no less than 15 times that of the traditional styles, so we can see what direction these devices are heading. I hope and trust that you have enjoyed this review and as ever, we are social here at, so if you would like to get in contact with us, please do so via the comments section down under. Alternatively feel free to connect with us directly by email at…



7 thoughts on “Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviews

  1. I have been looking at getting a new lawn mower and this seems ideal. I do love to mow, so I would have to get used to the fact that this would do it all for me. I do have a few questions as I am a perfectionist. Will it miss any areas of the grass while making the pass, and will it use a particular pattern, and not just haphazardly mow the grass? I am not familiar at all with these. I do have a few Worx tools, and they have great customer service ( I had to return 2 chain saws ). So I guess, I am curious as well if anyone has had any initial trouble with the Worx robotic lawn mower?

    1. Hi there Matt’s Mom,

      Many thanks for dropping by and reading this review of robotic lawn mowers, it’s greatly appreciated. This mower is pre-programmed to cover the whole lawn space within the pre cabled area that is initially set down around the perimeters of your lawn area.

      So after setting down the cable , we need not worry about these mowers missing any area of our grass lawn.

      Previously we cut our lawns in straight lines, but these devices cut every other way and direction, but straight lines. They will cut in a zig-zag fashion and no two mowings are ever the same. The reason for this idea is, it has been proven to be a superior exercise, gives the grass a chance to recover and as a result our grass lawn will thrive and flourish there afterwards.

      The beauty about this Worx robotic lawn mower is it comes with a three year warranty, which is pretty generous. Normally lawn mowers have only a 12 month guarantee, so therefore Worx manufacturers are really standing over all their robotic lawn mowers.

      Here’s hoping that this information is helpful and useful,

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening.

      CheersĀ  PB

  2. I have been looking for a lawn mower. Since I moved and left all the outside tools behind, I am in need of one. I have a guy come do it for now, but I love to mow and work in the yard. I am kind of a perfectionist. Does the robotic lawn mower do a particular pattern, and it doesn’t miss little spots of tall grass? Also, it will stay on the grassy area, and I would just need to move it to a different section that is not connected?

    Also, I just recently purchased a Worx chainsaw. Only to get it and have it not work right out of the box. They send me a second (customer service is great), and now the second one does not start right out of the box. I have never used a chainsaw before, so it could very well be operator error. I am just curious if anyone has had any initial problems with the robotic lawn mower?

  3. Futuristic – these are super cool. With the cost considered, which model would you recommend for a smaller suburban lawn, only a few meters? I find keeping a huge mower just for a few meters of grass is really inefficient – I’m thinking one of these little guys would be a great alternative, and considering the cost of fuel currently, likely worth the cost!

    1. Hi there Kegan,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on robotic lawn mowers, its warmly welcomed. I agree with you totally, these machines look super cool as you rightly pointed out and for a small sized lawn, these would be perfect.

      If as you say that you have a large lawn mower for the size of your lawn space, it does seem a waste and if you could perhaps do a trade-in at your local lawnmower stockist, that would make the exercise really worth while.

      The size and cost would really be down to people’s budget, ie, how much they would be prepared to spend on these. For starters we are looking at $500 minimum and these robotic lawn mowers can go all the way upwards of $2000 thereafter.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy mowing,

      Cheers PB

  4. I’m really excited to learn about this new technology in lawn mowers, and most excited that they do not produce any emissions, have a low carbon footprint (post-production of course), and are quiet. I would absolutely invest in one as a gift for my parents. Are grass cuttings easily collectable for compost after the robotic lawnmower has completed its task? Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi there Ciara,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on robotic lawn mowers reviews, its very much appreciated. The technology that’s available today, is unbelievable. Who thought, say, ten years ago that we could have a robotic lawn mower that we could control from our sitting rooms with a remote control and that this device would mow our lawns without we having to lay a hand on them.

      Its a great idea for sure and it’s something that’s becomming more and more popular. The beauty about these robotic lawn mowers is, it cuts, mows and shreds the grass so fine that its barely visible once its finished. The grass cuttings do not have to be collected and will eventually de-compose into the soil and will fertilise our lawns for us.

      A robotic lawn mower would make the perfect gift for your parents, for sure and would be a great source of conversation and excitement amongst their friends, family and neighbours.

      Thanks again for dropping by, happy gradening,

      Cheers PB

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