The Best House Plants for our Kitchen

The Best House Plants for our Kitchen

For those of us that spend a lot of time in our kitchens, or indeed for us that don’t spend time in there it’s important that this area is comfortable, inviting and above all, a place that we enjoy and relax. We create an attractive, ambient envoirnment for ourselves in this room, especially if we are homemakers, have a family to cater for and enjoy the rubber plant cooking. We will perhaps, have a fully functional kitchen with all of the appliances and utensils that are required to make a kitchen one of the most important rooms of our homes. If our family, friends or neighbours drop by for a chat, we will invariably offer them a cup of coffee or tea and we usually invite them into our kitchens.

Let’s look at in it in terms of visits to this place over the course of the day and count the number of times that we will actually  enter this location, we will see that the results are numerous, so therefore it makes total sense that this part of our residence is attractive and inviting and also a place of comfort and relaxation. First thing in the morning for breakfast, lunchtime and dinner in the eveings, plus all the other times for a cup of coffee and a snack, the frequency that we habitate this room is too many to mention, sometimes. One other item that makes our kitchens attractive and welcoming is, the types of house plants that we have growing in here, for our enjoyment and pleasure.


The best locations for house plants in our kitchen;


There are many areas that we can place indoor house plants, so that it makes and improves the decor and sorroundings. The windowsill is a favourite area for decoration, there are corner shelves in our kitchen design that are suitable, a sideboard, countertop and even the kitchen table will all accomodate attractive house plants, so therefore we have numerous placements for these. We will even see some taller house plants standing on the ground in an out of the way area, so that it does’nt interefere with our entering and exiting the kitchen.


Pots of herbs on a kitchen window sill

House plants or herbs;


Ocassionally there are instances where some homeowners grow some or most of their herbs in the kitchen, as these will equally thrive in this envoirnment just as good as if they were grown in the outdoors or even a glasshouse. People who cook, bake and prepare meals on a regular basis, sees it more convenient and efficient to have them near to hand, for this purpose. Naturally these herbs would never be too overpowering, in terms of scent or aroma, so therefore, would naturally be more neutral in these respects. Even house plants that have strong aroma or give off strong scented smells are not considered to be popular choices in the kitchens, for similiar reasons as the herbs.


The benefits of house plants in the kitchen;


Some of the benefits of having house plants in our kitchens are not all that well known, yet there are very important advantages for having these in our midst. Firstly and most importantly, is the ability of these plants, flowers, herbs or cactii to cleanse and purify the air and atmosphere in our homes and kitchens. This is a system known as photosynthesis and without going through the mechanics of this process, it’s easier to describe this exercise as air filtration or purification of sorts. Naturally in the kitchen, there are often baking and cooking smells that often linger for hours and sometimes days, so this system or process helps with the elimination of these unwanted odours.

The other pros of having house plants is the aesthetics of the exercise. They really help and assist with the decor and if located in the right area or space can become a focal point and a topic of discussion, if the plant is attractive and colourful. They help to fill open empty spaces and also help with the the blank window sills, so there are numerous reasons for having these. It’s similar in some ways to bringing an element of the outdoors in to our indoor envoirnment.


House plants on a window sill

Feng shui in our kitchens;


We have all heard of the practice of feng shui in sometime or another and without going into detail, briefly, this is a process of harmonizing with our sorrounding envoirnment. It basically means being comfortable with where we live and work and happy imnwardly and outwordly with our immediate sorroundings and embracing all the people, decor, buildings, places and so on. So for instance, a bowl of fruit on a table, a vase of flowers or a selection of house plants in our midst would all contribute to our happiness , mental and physical health.

The best house plants for our kitchen;


To be honest there are hundreds of plants that we could choose from, not only plants, but we could also choose a selection of succulent cactii or flowers as well. The most popular of the house plants would be as follows:

Snake plant or mother in law`s tongue -

  • The Rubber Plant,                                                                           
  • Geraniums,
  • The Jade Plant,                                                                                                          
  • Pelargoniums,
  • The Spider Plant,
  • Orchids,                                                                                                                    
  • The Snake Plant,
  • Aloe Vera,
  • English Ivy,
  • White Jasmine,
  • Bird of paradise.


Caring for our house plants;

Potted cactus plant

In essence most of the house plants that we have listed above are pretty much maintenance free, except for a little watering and perhaps a little liquid feeding every now and again. Some of these types like to be placed in the sunlight, others like partial shade and others then like complete shade or part darkness. The cactii, which are grown outdoors in arid dry hot climate, will obviously thrive in a window sill and naturally need very little or no watering, so therefore its relatively easy to cater and look after these varieties.


In summary;


Depending on where we live, there are native species and varieties to that area, so therefore not all of the listed plants above may be available to some of us. By visiting our local garden centre or nursery, we can enquire as to which best suit our climate and envoirnment, what maintenance or detail is needed to look after these. As ever, if you need any further information about any aspect of the above, please feel free to contact us via the comments section down below. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us directly through email, you can do so here;


6 thoughts on “The Best House Plants for our Kitchen

  1. I didn’t know before reading this that house plants can help to eliminate kitchen odors, and i think that’s really cool. Besides the comforting look and atmosphere of plants, they are also helping to clean the air we breathe. This post was very interesting and informative and I learned a lot from reading it.

    1. Hi there Brooks,

      Many thanks for stopping by and reading this post on the best house plants for our kitchen, its warmly welcomed.

      Yes, plants are amazing and pretty useful sometimes, especially in the kitchen, as the post describes some of their benefits.

      I agree with you 100%, in that sometimes plants look so attractive and create awesome decor for our kitchens, they smell nice and will add greatly to the ambience overall.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

      Cheers  PB

  2. I have always wanted to put plants in my home. However I can never get them to live. Even the ones you mention that are care free. It looked so lovely in the store but once I get it home it wilted and died.

    I have tried rubber plant, snake plants, and orchids even the zz plants. How do you manage to Keep them thriving?

    1. Hi there Keylee,

      Many thanks for reading this post on the best houseplants for our kitchens and offering positive comments also. Yes, I know and agree with you that sometimes it’s difficult to keep our plants from fading. Its all about getting used to having them in our presence and observing how they behave and react to certain conditions.

      I know only too well what it’s like to lose some of these houseplants, mainly through neglect, perhaps forgetting to water them or maybe overwatering in some cases.

      It takes a bit of getting used to and trial and error sometimes, as to which plants will thrive and which ones will not. Moving them to shaded areas, partial shade, window sills or maybe dark shaded corners of our kitchens or sitting rooms, will decide what position best suits them.

      Geraniums are a great houseplant to manage as they require very little watering or maintenance, just a little deadheading from time to time.

      Thanks again for dropping by.

      Cheers    PB

  3. Hi Phil,
    My wife, my children, my grandchildren, and I use our kitchen as the center of our lives. Meals aren’t the only things that happen in the kitchen. We use it for discussions, for making plans, for business and a multitude of other activities.
    My wife loves plants and has pots all around the house as well as flowers in the garden and yard outside. Her favorites, however, are found in the kitchen area.
    Thanks for the great article describing our lifestyle exactly. And you have some wonderful advice on your other pages as well. Loved browsing around.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi there Ed,

      I am delighted to read that you and your good wife are plant lovers in a big way. i suspect that if your wife has flowers in all these areas as you described, she has to be a great gardener and likes nature and also indoor plants.

      I totally agree with you, that the kitchen is the nerve centre of everyone’s house and whether by choice or habit, we are constantly drawn to this area, time after time.

      That said, it comes as no surprise that your house is loving decorated by wonderful house plants and all things green. It definitely makes for an attractive setting to have plants located in all of the interesting and open spaces, they add to the ambience and mood of people’s lives, in a positive way.

      Many thanks again for stopping by and offering comments on the best house plants for our kitchens, it’s warmy welcomed.

      Cheers Phil Browne

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