Trellis for Raised Beds

Trellis for Raised Beds

Equipment required for a raised bed trellis;


  • Lengths of wood  2″ x 1″
  • A roll or length of  wire mesh ( chicken wire )
  • A hammer and some pin nails.
  • Spirit level
  • Handsaw

Assuming the raised bed is already in place and flourishing, again depending on the location of same in our back garden for instance, some people decide to situate their raised beds along a garage or boundary wall – this will give us an extra dimension to work with and enhances  the overall picture. Let’s look at this example for a moment. A raised bed, running parallel to an existing wall is in most gardener’s eyes is a godsend. The trellis frame can then be attached to the wall with screws or nails, thus making for a very secure, sturdy structure. The vegetables can then be attached to these trellis frames and gives a strong robust area for our trailers or climbers. As we can see from the image below, they are really simple to construct and if we had any maintenance skills, we could easily make one of these trellis frames ourselves.


A trellis can be assembled in approx less than 1 hour, or alternatively can be purchased online. To make a trellis , all we need is a few lengths of 2” x 1” and 1″ x 1″ timber and a handful of pin nails to construct this frame. It is best constructed on a level surface. Place several lengths of the wood in a horizontal position firstly and then place some on these vertically, we then nail all in position. (giving you a crossword appearance ). Another idea we could work with is to make a square frame with the same types of lathes as above ,ie; 2″ x 1″. We then attach some chicken netting wire to cover the frame of our trellis square and attach to the frame with little wire staples or pin nails. As there won’t be a great deal of weight or pressure on the trellis frame, its just a case of securing this to the frame of the raised bed and we are done.


The many advantages of a raised bed trellis;


First and foremost as mentioned above, whether we are a vegetable or a flower grower, these trellis frames will  enhance greatly the appearance of a raised bed. For a raised bed flower grower the main purpose of such a frame is to secure climbing plants such as roses, clematis and the loveliest of them all, sweet pea. Picture if you will, a row of sweet pea plants in full bloom and carefully trained upwards and interwoven to a wall trellis frame, it makes a pretty picture. Then for the vegetable gardener who grows the vining plants such as melons, cucumber, peas, runner beans and tomatoes – a trellis is the only option and solution. It will ably assist the growth and formation of these vegetable plants and help greatly in their formation and growth.



Similar to the flower grower as mentioned above, these plants will grow vigorously and as they reach upwards for more sunlight, they also need to be tied for extra sturdiness, because  they will become fruit bearing in a short space of time. The main purpose of the trellis is to provide support for climbing plants basically, also to ensure that they can flourish and reach upwards as is their natural direction. On some instances bamboo canes are used to support these climbers, but it is not a success – they become loose after time and need to be repositioned and or replaced. Often people use lengths of string or twine attached to a frame, this system works sometimes and would be seen as a cost effictive measure….but it does’nt last. The twine will rot after a short period, thus creating more work.

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6 thoughts on “Trellis for Raised Beds

  1. This is a good idea and a new project for me. I recently moved to our new house and with limited garden space, I wanted to use the perimeter drain as part of the garden plot.
    The raised bed trellis will give it a more ‘professional and well landscaped’ look. The cost is not much and pretty easy to do. Thanks, Phil.

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for your comments feedback. Yes the raised bed system with trellis will work very well hopefully for you, If done properly, it can become a standout feature in your backgarden.

      Cheers………….Phil Browne

  2. Hello Phil!
    Thank you so much for sharing this information!
    I love gardening, And one of my passions is the agricultural sciences.
    You gave me some great ideas to grow tomatoes and other vegetables that need that upper support.
    Thank you again for motivating people to learn about agriculture.
    I think its the most important branch of science of them all.

    Best & Wishes

    1. Hi there Santiago,

      Many thanks for site feedback and comments. I’m thrilled that this post was useful to you and hopefully it will motivate other people to begin gardening for themselves. It sure is a great hobby to be involved with and it’s a topic that is getting more and more popular everyday.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Cheers……….Phil Browne

  3. thanks Phil for this very informative post. you have some great ideas when it comes to gardening and I’m sure it has given people many ideas. I actually grow tomatoes and other veggies each year and will definitely look into something like this! I’m glad you talked about which way to face the broad side because frankly I never would have thought of that. again thanks for the info

    1. Hi there Weston,

      Thanks for stopping by, Many thanks for your comments. I’m glad this post was useful and informative for you. Best wishes to you in your gardening adventures during the year.

      Cheers again……Philip Browne

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