Wheelchair Garden Tools

Wheelchair Garden Tools

The fact that we may be in a wheelchair and have restricted mobility should not stop us from enjoying what we love, especially if it’s out and about in the garden. As we all know, gardening by its nature is theraputic and relaxing, so therefore its still possible to garden from a wheelchair or scooter. This exercise is now possible, due to the fact that some of the gardening tools are modified and specially designed for our needs and requirements. Previously on this site, we wrote a post about making our gardens wheelchair accessible which can be seen here. As long as we know our boundaries in the garden and I don’t mean the perimeter boundary, I simply mean knowing our capabilities and taking stock of how far we can reach, stretch or other exercises that we might like to do from a wheelchair.

We still can use standard gardening implements as wheelchair garden tools, mainly due to the fact that the tools are long handled and allow us some great reach. However, we can always adapt and design some of these tools to suit our gardening needs. We could always add some padding to the handles and this allows us to have a better grip. Some of the timber handles can be shortened, add a rubber grip or make a T at the end for better handling. However, the greatest tool that any wheelchair or scooter user can have in their armoury is the grabber or folder pick-up tool.

Foldable reacher grabber pick-up tool;


As we can see from the image above, this gardening accessory for wheelchair users is one of the most important devices that we could ever wish to have. Not only is it important in the garden, but it will always come in handy in the home, kitchen, office or even in our car, it’s really a multi-purpose tool. It’s made from sturdy aluminium, so therefore it’s seriously lightweight. It has a rubberized and moulded grip, so it easily fits the contours of our hands perfectly. Fully extended, it will give us an extra reach of 32″, so that in itself is a bonus. It then folds away to a very manageable 16″, so that makes it easy to store and carry around on our wheelchairs or scooters. For all wheelchair, scooter or mobility frame users, it has got to be their perfect helper or assistant. This device is available locally at some hardware stores, but its certainly available online. It retails at just over $13  so it is really affordable and is a must, due to its awesome versatility.


Garden claw

Garden weasel claw pro;


The next recommended gardening tool is the garden weasel claw pro. This is also very popular with a lot of gardeners due to the fact that it is another multi-purpose tool of sorts. It is again made from carbon steel, so it’s sturdy, strong and reliable. It can be used for a variety of purposes like weeding, aerating and cultivating heavy soil, so again a very useful and versatile wheelchair gardening tool. It will give us a reach of 38″, so this garden claw will reach almost all of our garden beds. It also has a really comfortable grip, which gives us extra strength when using.

The interesting part of this tool is the head, which contains tines or claws. The claws or teeth are great for cultivating the soil, removing unwanted weeds and general garden soil work. The tines or claws are adjustable with an allen key, so again we can move and adjust these to suit our requirements. The CLAW by the way stands for…cultivate, loosen, aerate and weed, so again an all rounder for the garden. Retailing at just over $35 its well worth the money. I suspect that it is not available at local stockists, but again it’s definitely available online.

Gardening tool set;


Rather than buying our small gardening tools seperately, there is a whole set available that saves us time and money. As we know these little garden trowels or weeding forks are available seperately in our hardware stores and garden centres, but the above gardening tool set really stands out as a must, in that it has all the required components for great gardening satisfaction. It’s like a mechanics toolbox for all intents and purposes and as we can see from the above image, it has all the components that we would need in the garden.

There are gardening and weeding forks, trowels, secateurs, a carry bag for easy transport and storage, heavy duty gloves and more. There is also a durable waterproof apron with pockets for holding some of our tools, so all in all it makes the complete set. Price wise, it comes in at $35 and is well worth the money.


Wheelchair side bag;


Thankfully nowadays we have all sorts of accessories and extras for wheelchairs, like carry bags, that allows people to go shopping and be able to safetly bring their messages home with them. However, one issue that caught my eye was, most of these carry bags were the type that fits over the back of the wheelchair. That is so convenient for people that have a helper with them who will easily be able to remove the carry bag from the wheelchair. If the wheelchair user Wheelchair side baghad to remove this bag by themselves, it would prove rather difficult and awkward for them to attempt to negotiate this task.

But with the wheelchair side bag, we can remove all these issues and fears, as it attaches neatly to the side of the wheelchair. This particular bag is also adaptable for the scooter or mobility frames. As we can see from the above image, it is roomy, waterproof and is easily attached by the straps to the arm rests of our wheelchairs. It has one big compartment and three side pockets. These pockets are suitable for smaller items like house or car keys, glasses or sunglasses and perhaps most importantly our phones, especially if we are alone outside in the garden. Cost of this carry bag is just $23, clearly great value for money.


To summarize;


I trust that this information will be useful and beneficial to all our wheelchair gardeners and that the details will be helpful in deciding which or what are the best wheelchair garden tools for your requirements. If you would like to contact us here at buildingraisedbeds.com, you can do so via the comments section down below. Preferably, if you would like to contact us directly by email, you can do so here;


8 thoughts on “Wheelchair Garden Tools

  1. Hi Philip,

    Gardening is very therapeutic and relaxing for me also. I do not need a wheelchair but I think your article is very inspiring. Raised Gardening Beds are great for many reasons.

    These tools are also great for older and younger gardeners. Garden tool sets are the way to go because they are usually less expensive. If you have to reach over other plants or garden decoration the tools are helpful.

    Great article keeps up the great work.

    Ann & Alex

    1. Hi there Ann & Alex,

      Many thanks for dropping by and offering positive feedback comments on the wheelchair garden tools post, its greatly and warmly appreciated.

      I am glad that what you read here on this article that you agree with and I see that you are also a raised bed fan. They really make life easier for us healthy gardeners and for those with limited mobility also.

      The tools reviewed in this post are just a sample of what’s available out there today, that can help and asist the wheelchair gardeners with their gardening exercises.

      Thanks again for stopping by,

      Happy gardening,

      Cheers Phil Browne

  2. It was very enjoyable to visit your attractive and thoughtful website. Thank you. The tools you review are all so simple and well-designed. It’s like they are keys to being able to enjoy all the positives of the actual garden. I agree how therapeutic gardening is …it can change a stressful day into a day filled with amazement. And these tools all seem like great affordable ways to do it.
    I have had many difficulties with ground hogs and pests. Do the raised beds help reduce these invaders? Thanks for sharing your love of gardening.

    1. Hi there Nancy,

      many thanks for stopping by and offering positive comments on wheelchair garden tools and how they can make life easier for those people with mobility issues.

      People have thought of everything that will make life more satisfying and enjoyable for the wheelchair and scooter users in our communities. These hand tools are specially adapted and designed with that whole purpose in mind.

      As for the garden pests that are making life difficult for you, we recently wrote an extensive post on how to keep wildlife out of our gardens. Hopefully it will be of assistance to you…you can read it here.

      Thanks again for stopping by, happy gardening,

      Cheers    PB

  3. Hi Philip,
    I have never thought about making my garden wheelchair accessible. Thanks for sharing your comments on what people can use to make gardening easier.

    I broke up my older garden, and I am about to build a new one next spring. I am a huge fan of raised garden beds. I had them in my previous garden and I am planning for them in my new garden as well. I think it is a good idea to make it wheelchair accessible, because when I think of my mom, ho has been on a wheelchair for the past 12+ months, I can easily imagine how being able to come into my garden would be enjoyable for her and therapeutic as well, as you state.

    I also think those accessories would make a huge difference for someone in a wheelchair.


    1. Hi there Oscar.
      Many thanks for dropping by and offering positive comments on the wheelchair garden tools post, its warmly welcomed.
      I totally agree with your assertion that raised beds make gardening so simple and that method really takes out a lot of the hard work associated with gardening in general.
      Your idea of making your back garden wheelchair accessible is really honourable and I have no doubt that your mother would really love to be able to spend some time in the garden. Its so relaxing and theraputic as you have suggested and also to be able to use those specially designed garden tools, would really make the experience much more enjoyable.
      Thanks again for stopping by,
      Happy gardening,
      Cheers Phil Browne.

  4. Hi Phil,

    I enjoyed your insights on the size of the raised beds and the type of timber to use or you can purchase a kit. Having more than just one. The types of soil to use for flowers shrubs or vegetables.

    Those tools will certainly assist those wheelchair users, who like gardening and they will also make like more enjoyable for them.

    The important of having fresh vegetable right out of the garden without all the pesticides or chemicals. Also, the placement for watering and getting the proper sunlight. I enjoyed your sharing.

    1. Hi there Ken,

      Many thanks for stopping by and offering positive comments on the ‘Wheelchair Garden Tools’ post, its warmly welcomed and appreciated.

      I am glad that you liked what you read here on this website and that the information will become useful to you and others somewhere soon.

      Thanks again and best of luck for 2018

      Cheers  PB

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